Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Saturday Spent Mostly Outside. Plus, A Beautiful Video

And that's my good wrist, oh ye people of young years. I sent that picture to a friend with the accompanying text, "I am doing yard work and self-flagellating at the same time. Multi-tasking."

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to just get into the dense places in the yard and do away with a few thorn vines, a few invasives. I'd read an article in the paper on Friday about an invasive called Ardesia Crenata and looking at the picture I said, "Oh. Well. So that's what that plant is."
It's all over my yard.
It's a very pretty plant and was exported from Japan and Northern India as an ornamental. It does have a medicinal use which is that if you get bit by a cobra, chewing on the root can help. We don't have many cobras here.
So anyway, I got out there and started yanking up that crap and then I got distracted by thorn vines and that's where I got my wound. I don't really care to clean out all of the yard's border areas because they are safe havens for birds both wild and domestic. But still...a little tidying seemed in order.
I soon grew weary of this impossible (for me) task and moved on to trimming roses. I have no idea if this is the proper time of year to trim roses nor do I know how to properly trim roses but fuck it- I have clippers and gloves and so I did my best. They always seem to survive and they don't get enough light anyway so it doesn't really matter.
I also trimmed up some sago palms which have needle-like fronds which, when they pierce my old skin, cause an allergic reaction.

So, all-in-all, it's been a great day!

No. Really. I just loved being outside and feel the better for it.

And now it's Saturday night so you know what that means. Yep. My beloved Garrison Keillor.

I went out a little while ago and picked a nice bunch of salad greens and actually pulled a few carrots. CARROTS! The first time I've ever had any success with them. They are still very much baby carrots but golly, they're pretty.
And Maurice nibbled on the tops which I have saved in a baggie in the refrigerator for soup.

I love the winter garden so much. You can have cooked greens or raw and they're better than anything you're going to buy at the store. I wash my greens in a sink full of water and then put them on a towel and wrap them lovingly and put them into the refrigerator for them to crisp all up and I'll make salad in a little while. The best salad. Ever.

And tomorrow morning Jessie and Vergil are coming out for pancakes and bacon and then Jessie is going to sleep in our bed because she's working all night tonight. If there is anything more precious to a mother than feeding her grown-up child and then tucking her into bed I don't know what it is. Hell, I'll even read her a story if she wants.

Mr. Moon is sitting in his chair, relaxing a little bit because he worked hard all day. Bug came over and between the two of them, they took a fender off a car.
Surgery on Monday, taking a car apart on Saturday.
It's sort of a drag having such a workhorse of a husband. It makes me feel guilty if I malinger. Which I've been known to do.

Anyway, yes, it's been a good day and being outside worked a charm and Bug posted the video he made of pictures of Kathleen for the service and I'm going to share it here. Watch some  of it. See how gorgeous she was. Notice how, in almost every picture she is holding on to someone with such love. Mostly Bug.
I still can't believe she's gone but in a way, she never will be. If it's true that as long as there is someone who keeps you in their heart after you are gone, she will be here for a long, long time.

As long as I'm around and that's for sure.

Celebrate it while you can, people.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. She does shine, Mary. So.

    Your carrots are beautiful too.

  2. what a beautiful video......a beautiful woman with a radiant smile that lights up the world. Tears and smiles watching it.
    And yes, your carrots are lovely ;-D

  3. My dad always said to cut the roses back on Valentine's day but my sister says that that's too late because by then they will be putting out new growth so she cuts hers back Feb. 1 and they both grew/grow beautiful roses. I don't cut mine back on any kind of regular basis, just when they get too big a scraggly. It sure seems like spring out there but if so its early even for here. I need to get out there and start cutting all the dead foliage back.

  4. What a beautiful smile ... and you're right, she was hugging everybody in those pictures. A lovely video.

  5. Oh, your friend Kathleen--- beautiful, so beautiful.

    That's a mean scrape. I'm into gloves.

  6. That was beautiful & heartbreaking. It has left me a weeping mess. I miss her and don't even know her. I want her back in Bug's arms, smiling her amazing smile. I want her back telling you stories on your porch & yall making luscious smelling soaps together. I miss my son. Terribly. On a cellular level. I threw his toothbrush & razor away yesterday. It has been 7 months. I could not do it before now. Yesterday I just walked into his bathroom & did it. It had to be done. I then spent the whole day fighting the urge to dig it out of the garbage can & put it back...where it belongs. In his 36 yrs I never went this long without seeing or talking to him...some days I think I can't do this anymore but somehow I keep on breathing. I'm sorry for spilling my sorrow all over your comments. I'm wishing for peace in Bug's heart & yours & all of us that are missing someone we love tonight.

  7. Angie- Oh honey. Bless you. Bless you. He was your son and as such, there is no way you can ever be comfortable with any step towards grief resolution. If something tells you to go throw away a few of his things, then that is the next step in what you had to do. My god. The courage you are having to display. We are all doing the best we can.
    Loving you...M

  8. What a beautiful person she was. So much love and her smile just lights up every picture. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ouch, your arm. My roses have gone to the neighbors, good riddance.

    Blessings on your dear friend Kathleen. They leave their marks too.

    XXX Beth

  10. That video was amazing. I'm certain there aren't that many pictures of me in existence!
    I envy your winter garden. If I dug in my yard, all I'd get is snow and frozen dog turds.
    Reading Angie's comment above made me ache for her. Does she have a blog?

  11. A winter garden sounds delightful, especially as I watch the snow fall. Thank you for posting the pictures of your beautiful friend. A reminder to smile and hug as often as we can. And live as long as we are living.

  12. I have tears streaming down my face! Maybe because I never had the privilege of knowing her; definitely for the loss Bug and you must be feeling, but surely because she's flying high now. Such a beautiful video!

  13. Mary, thank you for holding your hand out to me last night. I felt it. I read your response but was too far into my darkness to respond. But I was touched & felt a presence with me as I cried & cried. Don't know if it was you or Ben or just a projection of my mind, doesn't matter, I just did not feel alone.
    Today is a new day. I feel cleansed & a wee bit healed. I don't know if your awareness & compassion was forged by fire in the horrific events of your childhood or if it is just the essence of who you are at your core but you are a truly beautiful human being. Your kindness & empathy made me feel cared for. Bless *your* heart.
    With love,

  14. Angie speaks true. And Kathleen, she lit up the world. She still does.

  15. Killer plants. Watch out.
    That slideshow is killer too.

  16. Magnificent video, magnificent woman. The music, too.

  17. Kathleen lives on in the memory of those who knew and loved her. Wonderful video.


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