Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life's Graces

Up early for me and we're going to town to do the pre-op appointment.
Sign this, consider your mortality, etc.
I don't know what all.
Whatever. I have a very full day ahead of me and I may wear my boots in order to walk through the world as if I knew that my steps carried weight.

I am thinking about how, if Kathleen were preparing food for this event, she would be candying violets and so forth.

No one did things the way she did.

She did 'em pretty. She was grace-full.


  1. Hope your busy day goes well. It always helps to have known some grace-full people. It's inspiring. :)

  2. You're grace-full, too. Even in heavy boots.

  3. Your menu for Kathleen's memorial sounds fitting. I think every day should be a memorial to those loved ones who are physically gone. Today I'm missing my mama more than usual. Could be the Tylenol 4 the dentist gave me after three hours in the chair yesterday.

  4. Your recent posts have got me to thinking about Kathleen again. I hope Bug is doing ok.

  5. Steve Reed- They teach us what grace really is.

    Elizabeth- Some days more than others. Thank you.

    Denise- I wore them. For sure.

    Catrina- Dentists do have the best drugs. I'm sorry that you are especially missing your mama right now.

    Anonymous- I think he is doing very well or at least, as best he can be.

  6. when I returned to the dermatologist about my little cancer spot on my nose to get it cut out again only deeper I had to sign a permission to treat form. what? I thought making the appointment and showing up was consent.

  7. Ellen Abbott- Glen had to sign a living will yesterday which I guess is a good thing. I mean, we should ALL have one. But when the hospital makes you sign one before you go into surgery, it does give one pause.

  8. I often think about Kathleen and her soap making. Sounded fascinating.


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