Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And It Was Very, Very Good

I sat in front of the TV last night and knit as our president made his State Of The Union speech. I thought about how I used to try to listen to Bush doing his and how after about ten minutes of his marble-mouthed destroying of the English language, not to mention his deceitful gaze and blatant lies, I would change the channel or go wash the dishes or go take a bath with plenty of bleach in it.

But last night I watched every moment. I watched Obama's face, my knitting laying in my lap, I watched the faces of Biden and Boehner behind him. Biden looking as merry as he always does, Boehner looking as if his head might explode at any second. I watched the members of Congress do their aerobic dance of standing up and sitting down to applaud. Well, the Democrats. Not so much the Republicans who mostly refused to stand even when Obama said things that no one in their right mind could find fault with about our people, our country, our planet.

No one in their right mind being the operative phrase here.

I've seen a few presidents. I've lived through some administrations. And if I've ever seen a president who represented the people I know and love better than President Obama, I do not remember.
Even Bill Clinton and god, I loved him.
Still do.
And beyond that, the man can speechify. And he's just a damn good looking man. And he makes sense. And he calls 'em as he sees 'em. And he put the ball in the Republican's court. And he is the very essence of cool. And as this article says, he is out of fucks.
Which may be a beautiful thing.
The most beautiful thing of all.
Yeah. He ran two campaigns.
And he won both of them.

Good morning from Florida where the things he proposed could certainly change a lot of things around here for the better. Were the Republicans listening at all or were they trying to merely keep their heads from exploding, trying to keep their shriveled excuses for hearts from expanding by one molecule of human kindness?
We shall see.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. He seems so genuine, I just love him too. It's too bad he's been thwarted by republicans every step of the way!

  2. We watched too; we both love him and think him brilliant. Had to switch to Netflix when GOP Puppetwoman came on... Sigh...when will the sheep wake up???

  3. I love him too. I don't think I have ever heard a better speaker. I watched every minute of it, I did nod off during the republican rebuttal. Gail

  4. I still love him. He's been given some hard cards. But I think he's done a damn good job despite them. He's the only politician that appears to have the people at heart. And all people, not just his party people. I worry about the next guy, maybe gal?!

  5. The shrivelled thing. It's such a pity, the efforts they went to to stymie him. Think what he could have achieved without that blockade of shit headedness in the way?

  6. A lot of us in Canada have been silently rooting for President Obama as well, and weeping at the Republicans' actions. I also find it scary that politics here seems to be starting to echo that in the US - conservative religious factions gaining ground.

  7. Here is what I woke up to:

    Obama is such a fucking TOOL!!!!! Can you get any less intelligent life on this planet?

    This is how most people from my hometown feel and it is disheartening to say the least. I thought he killed it. Love my president!

  8. He is a wonderful president and a great man. It's shameful what he has had to put up with during his administration. I loved that zinger he got in about winning twice! Of course all my conservative friends said he was being smug and rude.

  9. Can you even believe that the damn white men of the Republican party - and some women, too - just sat there when the President said that women should be paid the same as men for the same work? And, they still sat when he challanged them to raise a family on $15,000. per year! Old, white men who are too tight-assed to even fart!

  10. What more can I say? Between your words and these comments, it's all covered. GObama! It brings me great joy that those who hate him can just miserably grumble about him for another two years.

  11. Haters hate. Some hate Dems And some hate repubs. A pox on all their houses. A president of the USA is to be respected. Bush or Obama.

  12. He was indeed awesome. I think he is a great man and President. Love your description of the Repubs and conservatives. Would it hurt them to be reasonable?


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