Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hearts And So Forth

Somewhere out in the world, Sarah Palin is not-too-coyly stating that she, with her "servant's heart" would not rule out a run for president. That she is "seriously interested."
Her servant's heart which told her to quit her term as governor of Alaska.
I tell you what- this part of the election cycle for the Republicans is just like walking into a roach-infested kitchen on a dark night and switching on the light.
Watch 'em scuttle!
For the money.
Backers are what it's all about and trust me- I am under no delusions that this is unique to the Republicans but Lord, the candidates that they throw out there to test the waters is just the most, well, interesting, to be kind, collection of human cockroaches I can even imagine.
Yeah, Mitt! The USA is ready for you NOW so get those suits out and brushed and tell us how concerned you are with poverty, the middle class. Did your god provide you with a change of heart? An epiphany?

Fuck alla y'all.

Anyway, I'm not really upset about any of this. Mildly and sharply amused. So to speak. Interested to see who really does get the title of Republican Daddy (or Mama!) To Run For President. Put some damn lipstick on those bulldogs and let's get this party rolling!

Here in Lloyd tonight it is calm and fine. Mr. Moon is cooking chicken outside and I'm going to make us a salad and maybe some sweet potato biscuits. We went to the grocery store together today which is something we never do mostly because he doesn't care to and I don't have the patience for his price comparing shopping. But today I felt patient and loving and merely perused the tea selections while he checked the price per ounce on all the cereal boxes. It was almost like a date. Then we drove home the long way, slowly, like Sunday folks out for a drive in days of old. We looked at houses and land, driving down the country roads. He's always wanted a place on a river or a lake or better yet- with a spring-fed pond on it. A place with plenty enough acres to hunt on, fish on. It's a dream and it's always nice to indulge a dream's consideration on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
He is also looking out for a place for Lily and Jason.
"I want my boys to have a yard to run around in," he says.
And I know he does.

We came home and napped and now it's dark and I feel as if I am more worried about getting up at some ungodly hour to get to the hospital at six than his surgery. The hospital, as we all know, is the Temple of Doom for me but when you get right down to it, it is the Temple of Doom because people have to undergo things like surgery there and yes, I am concerned that he has to undergo this knife, even though it will be welded by a surgeon who has been doing this for so long that he could no doubt do it in his sleep and that it is, relatively, an uncomplicated thing.
He's not getting a heart transplant, for goodness sake.
But you know- this is MY man, my lover, my darling, the father of my children, the grandfather of my grandchildren, both present and future, and as such, I have to worry some. He is so damn precious to me. He cut his hair very short the other night and I helped him with the back part, clumsy as always with the clippers. But cupping his beloved head in my hands, feeling his arms around me, I can't help but hope with all of my heart that I go before he does because let's face it- he is the anchor which holds me to this world. He is the safe haven of my life. He is quite simply, why I am still here.

Listen- older age does nothing to pale the passion of love. It only makes the colors of the passion more and more intense. It is a sharp knife which cuts away the bullshit of petty grievances and annoyances. It reveals that which is truly and surely and honestly important.

Well, that's all I need to say about that.

I'll report in tomorrow after all is well. I need to make up a bag with my knitting, my book, my magazines, the Sunday crossword, some almonds to take with me.

This morning when we were going over the pre-op instructions, when we got to the one about leaving your valuables at home, he said, "I need to leave you here."

Corny as hell. And I will never forget that. Hopefully.

He is my valuable, better by far than all of the diamonds and rubies and emeralds in this world.

He is my heart. I can't say it more honestly than that. I do not have a servant's heart. I have a woman's heart which fills over and over again with the love in my life, the love of my life.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You have a beautiful marriage, and your descriptions are so exquisitely tender and grounded. My parents had a very strong marriage, but I never did, and I can only imagine the profoundly nurturing joy of such a partnership. I'm sure I join all your readers in sending energy for smooth sailing tomorrow.

  2. A- I am so fucking lucky. And I know it. Thank you, baby.

  3. Wishing Mr. Moon an easy, uncomplicated fix up tomorrow, and that you remember to breathe through it all till the one who is your home is home again.
    P.S. I believe Mick J. may be a blue and gold laced Wyandotte. If so, he is gonna be a pretty boy.

  4. I will be thinking about you and Mr. Moon tomorrow. I know you both will be glad to get it over with! As for Sarah Palin, I say let her run. That would be great because then the Democratic candidate would be a shoe in. I just hope she knows that in the unlikely event that she might win, she really should "serve" the whole four years.

  5. Mick Jagger looks like he is going to be beautiful. Wishing you and Mr. Moon an easy day tomorrow. Gail

  6. I'm sure it will all go well. What a relationship you two have! You're both very lucky, as I know you know.

    As for Sarah Palin, I can't believe she'd stand a chance after quitting her previous position. But you never know. Voters have such short memories!

  7. You and your valuable will be close in my thoughts tonight and tomorrow. I send healing vibes and lots of love. I look forward to when his procedure is over and he is recuperating. Love, Sweet Jo

  8. I don't know what the op is.....perhaps you haven't said? I hope it all goes well anyway.

  9. I love A's comment and can add no more. I'll be thinking of you in the wee hours of the morning, wishing Mr. Moon well.

  10. Mr Moon saying he needed to leave you at home. My heart! Thinking of you and him for a smooth operation.

  11. Oh man, I missed something important here. Hope that Mr. Moon will be okay. You and he are great examples of a loving marriage. I hope that C and I are too.

  12. I just read some reporter described her as the rodeo clown that makes the real cowboys look good after her latest, I hesitate to call it a speech, incoherent ramble. and the other usual contenders...well, all I can say is they think mighty highly of themselves.

  13. It seems to me that, the older we get, the more intense my love for my sweet man gets, too. And I have even told him that I hope I go first, too. He asked if I was being a bit selfish, and I have to admit that I am. But the thought of going on without him is more than I can fathom. As for Mr. Moon, did he have the hernia repair laparoscopically? If so, make sure he walks as much as possible when he gets home. The anesthesia tends to settle in the shoulders, and if you don't 'walk it off' it can result in bad back pain. Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery!

  14. I am sorry I wasn't here last night to add my voice but I am so glad all went well. This is a beautiful post.

  15. This post choked me up like no other. I want to be you when I grow up. I love how you love.


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