Friday, January 16, 2015


Do you see it? Sunshine! And the sky is the color of perfectly faded old Levis.
I woke up on a different planet today. One which is infinitely more cheerful and the birds are talking about it and Elvis is crowing and I think I'll stay home today and take care of stuff here. And one of the things I hope to do is figure out what is taking my chickens.
Missy never did show up and so she must be gone. And last night when I put the chickens to bed, I realized that Miss Ozzie was not there and she is not here this morning and what the hell? She is old but I don't see her body. Again, I haven't really searched.
This is horrible and I hate it.

Well, for the moment all seems peaceful. I need to take trash and recycle. I need to walk. I need to mop and sweep and wash sheets and make order and cleanliness or at least make a stab in that direction.

I need to let my soul unfold in this sunlight. It has been curled up, a pathetic thing. Perhaps I will hang the sheets on the line and the sight of them will be like a prayer flag of white, sending clean thoughts and hopes up to this good blue sky.

A scarlet cardinal sits in the wisteria. Another sort of hope. Right, Emily?

I hope your world has hope in it today too.

Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a difference a little sunshine can make eh? I love it. It needs to shine here soon, before I go over the edge.
    I hope your chickens stay safe.
    Happy Friday Mary!

  2. Do you have foxes where you are? They take chickens here in England. Sad to lose your chucks!

  3. I hope your chickens come back. It's hard to be worrying about those we love.

  4. I do like the idea of laundry as prayer flags. That's a keeper, even though I have not hung out laundry for years now and the prayers are jumbled in the dryer down in the dungeon.

  5. I had a cardinal singing from atop our orange tree this morning...and the sun was shining! After the last two days of gloom (and doom???), I actually got dressed! Took the dog for a walk, accepted my hubby's invitation to breakfast at a local diner, where we schmoozed with the snow birds. Changed clothes once again, opened the windows, and laid in the sun for an hour. What a difference that big ball in the sky makes in my life!

  6. The sun is shining here as well and what a difference it makes. I actually got up and went to work today. I had to wear a mask but it was just so nice to be out helping people.

    62 days until spring. :-)

  7. it started clearing up here yesterday afternoon and today was so sky and sun! the birds were so cheerful.

  8. and, that's why my sister finally got rid of her chickens. if it wasn't the raccoons or possums it was the neighbors little weiner dogs. she just couldn't handle the predators getting her birds.

  9. Heartinhand- The sun did shine, Ozzie came home. A good day.

    Frances- We had a fox who was taking chickens. But that fox is no longer around.

    jenny o- It is!

    A- Same-same.

    Catrina- It is a real, true thing, isn't it? How much difference it makes?

    ditchingthedog- I have a feeling it won't be that many days here. But we will still have cold weather.

    Ellen Abbott- The birds are as tuned in to the sunshine was we are. Perhaps more so.
    I completely understand about your sister.

  10. I hate when the chickens go missing. Sad to hear this.


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