Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Busy And Happy

Well, I have been sucking at answering comments or commenting to comments and I beg forgiveness but I've been some busy. This morning I woke up after eleven hours of sleep and felt like something a dog had dragged home and then eaten and then puked up and then eaten again but pretty soon I rose like an angel biscuit and after I'd taken care of Mr. Moon as best I could, I ran into town. Actually, no. I did not run. I drove in my automotive vehicle. Lily had a dentist appointment and I stayed with the boys while she went and we had a good time.
"Oh, Owen, are you so tired of being sick?"
"No! I love being sick. I don't have to go to school to learn!"
Huh. And of course now his fever is almost gone.
Gibson was full of hugs and kisses and we did a puzzle and played the fishing game and hide-and-seek and sidewalk chalk and tickle monster and outdoor swinging, etc. Here's Owen on the swing in his sick boy clothing.

I tried to take Gibson's picture but he was having none of that. 

After their mama got home I went to the liquor store and the feed store. Vodka at one place, chicken food and chicken wormer at the other. Dovie is not right. She hangs out all day beside the hen house and today would not come out of the coop. So...worming? I don't know if the poor little hen is depressed or has worms or is deathly ill. We worry. 

Then I went back to Publix and bought stuff and came home and tended my husband some more. He HATES being out of commission. Hates it. But I think he is doing very well and I sort of like being able to take care of him. Teas and ice bags, kisses and snacks. 
I went out and mixed up the chicken wormer medicine and gave it to all the chickens and refilled all the waterers and cleaned out the hen house and washed the dishes and ate some of my soup from last night. Which was delicious. A sort of Southern, grilled chicken Greek avgolemono creation. Made with duck eggs and collard greens and lemon juice. I also gave Dovie some left-over egg salad and took the trash and recycle and picked greens for our dinner tonight. And stripped the bed and am washing the sheets so that Mr. Moon can sleep in very clean sheets as we took the gauze off his incision site this morning. 

And it's been a wonderful day. I think that for me, having a fine balance between tending others and self-tending is the way to be. God knows I need to be needed. 

And self-tending includes sitting on my porch and seeing things like this. 

And going for another sunset walk with my sweetie. We found blooming white violets and looked at the new ties on the railroad tracks and noted the swelling tips of the Japanese magnolia, the ash magnolia, the spirea (which is not a venereal disease) and the blooming daffodil. 

I live in heaven. No wonder I never really want to leave.

Gotta go put up the chickens. Gotta go get supper moved on to the next level of preparation. 

And did you SEE the British Baking Contest last night? Those meat pies! And the one with the haggis in it? Okay, that guy got sent home. 

All is well with me. I hope with you too.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am glad all is well with you and with Mr. Moon. It is so nice to be needed! I read an article about a study they did that said grandparents who take care of their grandchildren at least one day a week are less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I don't know if that's true or not, but I hope so, since I'm doing it five days a week!

  2. Oh Mary, I am just catching up with you - the wedding, the boys and the flu, the loss of your wonderful friend, Kathleen, and then Mr. Moon and an incision for something I can't quite figure out, but man am I glad that's over and life is getting back to normal and Maurice is giving her all to the situation. I send a big warm hug. I'm so relieved all is well with your beloved. Your description of the hospital waiting area with your Flannery O'Connor eye to detail and comedy and tragedy, I must say, was the highlight of my reading day, and I've been reading some pretty fine stuff. Thank you, as always, and love love love.

  3. Oh I love your description of how it feels to be dragged through the wringer and then sleep yourself into a stupor ... so glad you are busy and happy and I hope your Dave and your Dovie improve as quickly as your Owen did :)

  4. Tending can be so lovely.
    Poor Dovie.
    I wish her and Mr. Moon and Owen a speedy recovery.
    And you, Mrs. Moon. Remember to tend thyself.

  5. Seems like you had a very productive day. My mother always, always said that one would feel much better with clean sheets on the bed when one was ill. Seems so. (My mother was one of those ladies who always ironed her sheets. Can you believe that?)

  6. You DO seem your best when you have a few someones to take care of! A natural caregiver, that's you.
    I've been craving the taste of red wine. Maybe I need to go to the liquor store.

  7. I'm glad Owen is on the mend. And yes, I would appreciate that view of your yard, too.


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