Saturday, January 31, 2015

How Slow Can You Go?

Perhaps I should clean my lens.

It is another practically perfect day and my husband has been in town for hours already, doing stuff, getting stuff DONE and I'm sitting here all blah, blah, blah. Taking pictures.

Lilly and Willy. They were having an animated conversation. As you can tell.

Camellias and cat. 

Camellia without cat.

Elvis and one of the Chi-Cha's. 

Mick is perfecting his crow. He's a nice rooster. 

That's about as far as my brain will take me today. I'm operating on about a four-year old level. Oh well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. for some reason your blog has stopped updating on my blogroll and I don't see when you have a new post. wtf? of course I come by and check because communing with you each day is one of my most cherished rituals. lovelovelove

  2. Let me tell you what. If I was a young chickee I would definitely want Elvis to be my beau! Dude!

  3. My ducks are jealous of yours...they had to stop halfway to the water bowl to tuck up their feet for a bit of a warm-up, it was that cold this morning. It didn't warm up much today, high is 5 degrees. I put hay around the water bowl, cause as you know, they are wild with the water and last year they froze to the ground one cold-ass day. I had to melt them free with a watering can of hot water...

  4. I've had a day of shoveling and driving in unplowed snow so your green grass flower duck cat chicken pictures are a beautiful sight to see!

  5. It was supposed to be cold and rainy here today and tomorrow so I put off my grandson's visit til next weekend because I have an outdoor activity I want him to help me with so did it rain today? No. Was it cold? No. Worked out though cause his mom just told me he is sick.

  6. Angella- Another friend has told me that when he tries to go to my blog it says that it's not available. I suppose I should bitch to GoDaddy who owns my domain. Anyway, thank you for coming to check. I love you. But you know that.

    Peace, Thyme- Gawd. Me too. I sort of have a crush on him as it is.

    Big Mamabird- NO WAY! Jesus, woman.

    Heartinhand- Are you planning a vacation because you should be. Cozumel?

    Ellen Abbott- Aw... May he feel better next weekend and the weather be gorgeous!

  7. I love reading about your life. And I love your pictures.

  8. I'm laughing at your lens! I have that problem sometimes. My lens is always a mess, although for me it's less smudges and more dust specks.


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