Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The News Today

I feel completely numb.

Well. Here.

Different days. Different stories.

Still. Seems appropriate.


  1. Sigh. I just don't understand this crazy world.

  2. It's so horrifying. My daughter and I were just in Paris this past July and had such a wonderful time. It makes me sad.

  3. Let' s say we believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent god who created the universe everything in it from quarks and quanta to DNA to supernova and puppies and elephants and the oceans of this little blue planet hurtling around just one comparatively unimpressive star in the previously mentioned ENTIRE fucking universe. Let's say we believe that. Does this god get pissed off by a satirical cartoon? I don't what is more bizarre: that god is personally insulted by petty shit, or that by killing the cartoonist god is avenged. This is not about Islam. It is about the radical fundamentalists of any religion who believe they can know the mind of god, and that mind is always a mirror of their own mean spirited and evil minds. Well, phooey on them. May we have peace.

  4. I'm with Lain T except instead of "phooey on them," I'd say "FUCK THEM."

    I don't feel numb, actually. I'm fired up with this one. It's such bullshit -- enough is enough. Is there not a moderate Islamic person to raise his or her voice and say, "ENOUGH!"

  5. I just have to keep telling myself that there's more good than bad in the world - the bad gets the news coverage, which the good rarely does. Look at all the good people who came out to protest the murders, in cities all over the world. They far outnumber the crazies.

  6. The moderate Muslims are saying that. The cop killed was Muslim. There is plenty of condemnation from their side too, just as when Christian looneys do these awful things.

    Sadly, that madness just seems to be stronger than normal rationale. France is reacting with such strength to this tragedy, though.

  7. It's interesting to me that something as simple as a cartoon can inspire such bloodshed. I've tried to get at the possible reasons for that in my own thinking. I really do think that we in the west are much more rooted in individualism and, hence, freedom of expression.

    But bottom line: Craziness.

    I love that song, by the way. It's possibly my favorite Beatles song.

  8. I'm with Elizabeth. Face them down. Don't think you never will have to; you will, and you will be in practice.
    This comes from experience. I came up against the DC sniper's attempt to scare us all away; I exhibited at the show, I was proud of all the public lined up out into the parking lot to come into the Dulles Expo center. It was a resounding Fuck You, this is our life.
    Practice for it every day.

  9. LBags- I don't either. Never will.
    Especially killing in the name of a supposed god.

    Betsy- It is. It really is.

    Lois- We are all sad for them, aren't we?

    Lain T- I have not read a more accurate take on this thing we call religion. Thank you.

    Elizabeth- Have you checked out what our religious Republican congress is already getting up to?

    jenny o- It's so true. It's just that the crazies can cause so much pain and horror.

    Jo- Yes. This will do Muslims no good at all.
    We all paint with a broad brush.

    Steve Reed- There is no understanding of such craziness.
    And that song is a work of true art.

    Joanne Noragon- Exactly.

  10. I missed this post somehow, so here I am now.
    I'm having one of those times when I tune out the world. I seriously don't watch the news on TV anymore, I just read it. If it gets too heady, I read something about Kim Kardashian to bring me back. She's like smelling salts. Anyway. The news headlines are enough, 2 dead here, this one killed, 25 dead here, 163 in a missing plane, 78 in a mudslide, the ocean is acidic, the ice caps are melting, earthquakes, radicals, cancer, child abuse, obesity, rape, alcoholism, murder.
    It's too much.
    Turn it off and turn it up.
    Let the music seep into your bones and warm you from the inside out. Those of us who "feel too much" have to take in all that shit in snippets and sips. Immersing ourselves in it does nothing good.

  11. "I read the news today oh boy..." Oh boy, indeed. Actually I personally did not read the headlines because when I do I want to rip my clothes off my body, walk to the psych ward and check myself in and get into a bed and never get out.
    But I did hear the headlines because every home I go into has the news blaring on the TV. I whisper a mantra to drown it out, "Love and peace." Breathe "Love and peace."

  12. Time to retreat to the boat and stay insulated from the world. At least for a little while. Man, I don't like religion. So much killing. My HP says stay connected to those sick and suffering. Yet, I want to insulate and isolate.


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