Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just A Little Bit Pissy

I've felt all bitter today. Maybe that's the emotion I'm feeling. Bitter. Or maybe angry or maybe just really annoyed and I'm not sure who at but it might just be me.
My hips hurt. This is what happens when I walk. Fuck it. I'm still going to walk. This morning on my walk I saw the things I usually see. One of these is a wig. Like some gal got her hair snatched off and the hair got thrown out the window. Bitch! Boom! I can never walk by that without wondering. Also a bag of that yellow stuff they use to make the markings in the road. It fell of a truck, I guess. Now it just lays there on the side of the road quite close to the wig, as a matter of fact. By the way, that wig has a LOT of hair in it. Long, too.
This morning I also saw a new road kill. No, I'm not saying this is exciting. I'm just reporting. Armadillo.
Why did the armadillo cross the road? Because he was depressed.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the armadillo that it can be done.
This armadillo was not only hit, it was smashed flat. It's shell was about two feet away from its body. Again- BOOM! Now I'll get to watch the process of decomposition. This is a process I am pretty familiar with by now. I try to just avert my eyes but I can't help but glance at things. You know?

I went to the Costco. I had lost my card. They gave me a new one. They weren't annoying at all.
I went to the library and they weren't annoying either. In fact, very sweet.
I went to Publix and got to hug Lily and bought Maurice a cat toy which she has no interest in playing with. That's not all I got but that's one thing I got. None of that was annoying except the part about Maurice not wanting to play with her toy mouse stuffed with catnip.

Then I came home and a woman I know and her darling son came by. The son, who is like eleven years old, is a chef. I'm not kidding you. That child makes foods I don't even know what they are. He is making rabbit confit this weekend. As well as two other types of rabbit preparation. Anyway, his mama, my friend, posts pictures of his amazing culinary creations on the Facebook and I noted that he does things with quail eggs so I asked the mama if he would like to try some duck-egg cookery. She said that he very much would! So they came out today and I gave Chef Will a dozen duck eggs and some chicken eggs too. Also, a few greens from the garden. I can't wait to see what he does with these things. Some children just make you believe in reincarnation because how in the hell does an eleven year old child know how to cook these things? Oh sure, anyone can watch cooking shows on TV and anyone who can read can follow a recipe but I know damn well that if you don't have some sort of inner knowledge of cooking, it just won't happen they way Chef Will makes it happen.
So none of that was annoying. In fact it was terrific! Here are some pictures that Lisa sent that she took while she was here.

Best picture of Mick that's been taken. You can truly see his loveliness.

Part of the flock.

And of course, the ever-photogenic Elvis.

But here's the best one.

He's already gotten in the kitchen. That's a fried duck egg, arugula (from the garden) and homemade Georgia pork sausage.
See what I mean? See why he's called Chef Will? Good GOD! HE IS NOT IN MIDDLE SCHOOL YET!

So I don't have the slightest idea why I am feeling bitter/angry/slightly annoyed. It's been a beautiful day and I honestly don't have one thing to complain about. I'm cooking pinto beans with a hambone which is about my favorite thing to eat in this world and more greens from the garden and I have bread rising. My honey's doing very well and the boys are coming out to play tomorrow. And on top of all of this goodness, Dovie came out of the coop today and actually walked around some!

Maybe I'm just suffering from the ghost of PMS past. Maybe something I read on Facebook early this morning just pissed me off. Maybe I'm just...a human being. Maybe someone needs to come and snatch my wig off and yell BITCH!


Honestly, I hope that doesn't happen and it probably won't because I don't wear a wig and I haven't been mean to anyone that I know of.

Time to put the chickens up.

Carry on.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I guess you'd just better embrace your inner bitch and keep on ... wait! You've been possessed by the ghost of the wig owner, she was floating around trying to pick her hair back up, not realising she was no longer corporeal.

  2. You need to chant and drink some green tea.

  3. When Chef Will was born, the first thing I said is "he looks like an old man." And he has proven to be an old soul. He prefers the company of adults, likes to go antiquing, and of course, cooking. And before cooking, he had a fly tying workshop like a proper retired man, LOL.

    Will marveled at how the duck egg albumin isn't white but crystal clear! And he said it was delicious! Thank you again, Ms. Moon!

  4. "Maybe I'm just suffering from the ghost of PMS past."
    I just love this! Can I use it as an excuse for...everything?

  5. Jo- This could be true. Whatever, I hope to have shaken it by tomorrow.

    Elizabeth- For eleven minutes. No more, no less.

    LBags- Golly. Maybe Will would like to come out and bake bread with me sometime? Make a pie? He is something special.

    Sylvia- Of course!

    1. I know he'd love to get a bread baking or pie making lesson.

  6. I've been feeling PMS-y too even though it's not my time to be. I also was sensitive to smells and HUNGRY and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. PERIOD. (Ha!)

    Isn't Mercury in retrograde or something?

    That duck egg sure does look yummy.

  7. What a fabulous kid! I hope your hip eases up. I've had what I guess is sciatica for about four days now---it only lasts a few seconds, thankfully, but it is extremely attention-getting in a scary way. My doctor just gave me an easy stretching exercise to do. Pain is very motivating.

  8. Chef Will has made a very nice meal there, very attractive and I bet it was delicious. There are some very talented youngsters out there these days. I don't remember it being like that when I was growing up.

    When I feel all bitter, it's usually because I didn't get enough sleep sometime in the preceding three days. Or ALL three preceding days. I hope yours is all gone in the morning. And so glad Dovie is a bit better.

  9. Sometimes I just get pissy. With no reason I can discern. It goes away. Chef Will rocks!

  10. I'm so far behind on comments that it's sad. I'm reading though, I am. Sorry about the hip pain, but those walks are therapy of their own aren't they? Except for the roadkill, that makes me so sad. And there's always the oddest stuff on the road sides isn't there? The wig, that's a good one.
    And Chef Will? I am so impressed, he is amazing. He should come bake with you, you can teach him those angel biscuits!
    Mick is a visually striking bird, he really is. And Elvis is so regal, he is the king.

    It's ok to be pissy, I really believe that. It's ok to feel everything we feel, because at least we are feeling. When I got really depressed a few years back, I felt so dead inside, that even a shitty mood is an improvement.

    Hope your mood swings in the right direction.

    And since I'm comment dumping, that mermaid with the fern in it is perfect, and the thought of those two young men making music in your hall almost made me cry happy tears. What a gift to have live music in your day and in your own house!

    And so glad Mr. Moon is healing like a boss and Maurice is taking care of him. What a good kitty.

    I've missed chatting with you here. Been busy and distracted beyond any ability to explain. I'll be back though, this too shall pass. xo

  11. Mick is turning into a beautiful bird. Hope you are feeling bit happier today . We had a flurry of snow last evening, but thankfully it didn't carry on. Temperature just on freezing this morning. On my morning walk with the dog, one of the things I notice is a baby's disposal nappy (diaper ) that has been thrown up into some bushes near the river......why, I wonder would anyone be changing a nappy there!! ....and why throw it into the bushes to dangle there for ever. ( It is too high to reach) I hate littering .

  12. Maybe that here can cheer you up a bit?

  13. I'm also in a weird headspace. Kind of melancholy but kind of gleeful. It makes no sense. Maybe it's just our rock and roll edge?
    I am tempted to print up a picture of your Elvis and frame it in some old barn wood frame and just have him be a part of my decor.

  14. Well it certainly sounds like everything is going OK in your world, externally at least. But sometimes our inner weather doesn't correspond directly to the external. Chemistry, I suppose.

    I've been feeling cranky too. I think it's just because it's January.

    Florida is a great place for finding bizarre things by the side of the road. I'm not sure why that is true. More evidence of the Sunshine State's inherent strangeness.

  15. sometimes you just got to let it in.
    My favorite quote this week from a Rabbi "I will not let you go until you bless me". This in reference to suffering.
    (Look on my facebook for link to a beautiful interview with him and the Dalai Lama)
    Please extend my invitation to Chef Will, he is always welcome in Ca.

  16. I have to step away from the computer, really FB, when I get too agitated at what is going on in this country. guess that's why I have missed so many of your posts but I have caught up. mostly. plus, I've been busy.

  17. Good god, Elvis. Good god, Chef Will. And hooray, Dovie. And yeah, isn't it something?--those feelings that pass through us? Xo Mrs Moon. And yeah, poor armadillo.

  18. Well, the walk sounded kind of depressing. maybe it set the mood. Or maybe the wind changed. Who knows why we wake up out of sorts sometimes? I sure don't. Glad things are good in your world in spite of it. I love you madly.

  19. He is indeed a chef. What a wonderful presentation of something as simple as an egg.

    Glad to hear Mr. Moon is doing well.

    Norbert has never liked a single cat toy that I have bought for him. Say it...Ungrateful Bastard.

  20. I think some cool broad was driving her convertible down your walking road, said "This damn thing is too hot; I don't care if I'm half way through growing out that bad blond dye job, this bitch is out the window." BOOM!

  21. Oh Ms. Moon, your blog gives me such enjoyment. You really do have a way with words. :)


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