Friday, January 9, 2015

Do You Give A Fuck?

Lord. Well. It's not quite as cold today and thank-you, baby Jebus. All of the chickens and ducks are somewhere in the yard including Mick/Brenda. And for those of you who missed it- yes, Miss Dovie returned. She was gone for 48 hours and then mysteriously reappeared. I have no idea where she was. And I have no idea where she roosts but when I go out in the morning to feed the chickens, she's right there beside the coop.

So. I should be packing for the weekend but no, not yet. I only have about two things that fit me which are not overalls so how hard is it going to be? How did I suddenly get so fat? I do not know. Well, yes I do. Still, it's shocking. Speaking of which I am not yet packing because I am, as I mentioned last night, going to town this morning to meet up with different contingencies of my children to go first to Costco and then lunch. Grandsons involved as well. Then I will come home and pack the two garments which fit me.
We'll be going to see an old friend of ours, Spencer Bohren, playing music on Saturday night. We met him and his wife about twenty-five years ago when they traveled the country in their Airstream trailer with their then three kids. I also had three kids and our kids all hit it off and they always parked their Airstream in our yard when Spencer had gigs in Tallahassee. When the Bohrens arrived, my kids were allowed to take the day off of school because it was far more educational and fun and important for them to get to play with the Bohren kids than it was for them to go to school. And Marilyn, Spencer's wife, had been a midwife and I was working at the Birth Center in those days and so we all bonded and it was a lovely time and then she got pregnant with her fourth and then I got pregnant with my fourth and well, there you go.
But we haven't seen them in forever and we'll see them this weekend.
My ex is also  playing in Apalachicola this weekend and we may get to pop in and see him as well.

This is my life- days and weeks of not leaving Lloyd and then something shifts in the universe and all of a sudden I'm forced out of my yard and the games begin.
I'm exhausted and slightly nauseous and not a little anxious just thinking about it but Elizabeth sent me a link that may have changed my life.
I need to stop giving as many fucks about bullshit as I do and concentrate on giving fucks about the shit that matters.

With that in mind, I will now get ready to go to town. Being with my kids is worth giving a fuck about. Being with my husband and having fun is definitely worth giving a fuck about. Enjoying this life I have been given and have somehow and mysteriously stumbled upon is WAY worth giving a fuck about.
What I'm going to wear isn't really worth giving a fuck about.

So. What are you giving a fuck about today? And what is NOT worth giving a fuck about?

Tell me true.

Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well thanks for the smile this morning. I enjoyed the article link, and really need to reconsider what I give a fuck about on a daily basis too. I'm trying to fathom how my fat pants got so tight, and if I can really survive the winter in my sweat pants and yoga pants. I don't sweat or do yoga in them, for the record. I'm going to try to give a fuck about how many calories I shove in my face on a daily basis and try to avoid buying an entirely new wardrobe, but otherwise, I'm going to try to be really stingy with those fucks, I've probably used most of them up already!
    So glad Miss Dovie returned to the flock. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, it sounds perfect, even if you only have two things to wear. Nobody will care what you wear, just that you are there. xo

  2. well, let's see...I give a fuck about doing my art and sculpture which is what I am doing today, working on a little seashell composition. I give a fuck about making sure the teacup has sunflower seeds and the other bird feeder is filled. I give a fuck about NOT going out today in this cold and rainy weather. I do give a fuck about all the inhumanity out there but for today, I just don't give a fuck.

  3. I wish you a lovely trip. I don't have much that fits me anymore either, I think I will give a fuck about that. Gail

  4. I think if I were getting ready to see people I hadn't seen in lots of years I'd be under the covers with showing up anxiety. But the very moment you see them, all will be well. Your connection all those years ago was a soul connection, nothing to do with the physical, so pack those two outfits and enjoy!

  5. I'm going to discontinue my fuck-giving regarding those subjects undeserving of such.

    And I will thus commence giving a fuck about presenting my thoughts in such a unnecessarily complicated manner for the purposes of obfuscating the issue.

    P.S. the Gibson Inn is for sale!

  6. To be honest, the only thing I give a fuck about today is taking a good crap.
    My needs are simple.

  7. I grew up in a non-swearing household so the F word is still quite the bomb in my mind. BUT. That link was a hilarious send up of people who are indignant about the wrong things. Thanks for the smile, Ms Moon and Elizabeth.

    BTW, I have only about two things that fit me, too, and I have NO overalls.

  8. I do. I give way too many fucks. Today I gave a fuck about someone who didn't give me that the thank-you wave when I let him in in a very busy intersection. I do this kind of thing all day long. I did catch myself and sent him peace and love. But I gave a fuck first.

  9. In my POC sangha, there are a bunch of things we call "first world problems". Refreshing to remember that we got it pretty good, most of the time. Even my fucking remodel is small potatoes.

    I tried on a dress that used to hang on me but alas no longer does. Off to Good Will and fugedabouit.

    XXXX B

  10. I give a fuck about making money this year as the last few years my work has been very slow. I give a fuck about trying not to let it impact my self esteem but accept that it can be from so many factors, many of which I have no control over, including aging, and just do what I have to do to get some money coming in. I give a fuck about people who have so much less then I do and the state of our world. I have to stop giving a fuck that right before the new year my house was broken into. I have a lot to be grateful for related to the incident like not being here when it happened yet I haven't been able to fall asleep before 4:30 a.m. since. It happened, it's in the past, it's unlikely to happen again, I am safe right now. Sweet Jo

  11. God yes to that article. So fucking liberating to lose with age energy and ability to give so many fucks. You could not pay me enough money to make me go back to being in my 20s or 30s again.

  12. I give a fuck about my wife, my animals, my boat and my home. I give a fuck about the environment and how we are fucking it up more and more. I give a fuck about staying healthy and mentally competent. I give a fuck about prejudice and unfairness. But I realize that giving a fuck doesn't mean I can change a fucking thing.

  13. Thanks to you and Elizabeth for the link. Loved it. Needed it.
    Today I gave a fuck about not feeling mental and sad and enjoying every moment of it by making myself do nothing I didn't want to do, and stopping to dance with my kitty who has been sick, but seems to be on the mend. I did not give a fuck that everyone in the neighborhood has shoveled the snow from their driveways but me and I did not give a fuck about going to the gym.

  14. LOL -- now I understand why you don't give a fuck about dinner parties. :)


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