Monday, January 12, 2015

All Hail Charlie Watts!

It's the 51st anniversary of the day Charlie Watts played his first gig with the Rolling Stones.
You know, I talk about Keith a lot but Charlie may be the coolest guy in the world. And he's mighty handsome. And he doesn't talk much. He doesn't need to. He just plays drums. With impeccable and efficient talent.

My favorite part of this little vid is at 2:23. You'll see why.

There would be no Stones without Charlie. I'm glad there's a Charlie.


  1. It really is astonishing that the Stones have stayed together all these years. What magic! I know a very talented youngster, one of my daughter's friends, who is a drummer, and wants little else in life but to be a drummer. May he be as fortunate and as blessed.

  2. Angella- Isn't it? Astonishing? One of the freaky, wonderful, amazing things. And yes, may your daughter's friend have such fortune!

  3. What a genuinely nice guy he seems to be.

  4. Charlie Watts is one laid back cat!

  5. Jenny o- I bet he is.

    Elizabeth- Okay. You may claim him.

    Heartinhand- Isn't he?


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