Wednesday, January 14, 2015

And Here We Are Again

I was hoping that Missy would show up this morning, just scared into hiding but I don't see her and I have not gone on a body-finding mission. And it's so gray and chilly and gloomy and I just feel so sad. I have to say though, that yesterday on my walk I saw this.

The violets are starting to bloom already. 
Bless their pretty little faces, their promise of warmth and color. 

And while Gibson was napping yesterday, Owen and I had a tea party and he wanted to make me dessert so he went into the kitchen and brought out plates for us. Each one held two small sweet peppers and two grapes. We munched and crunched companionably and discussed things. He's such a sweet boy. 

And a healthy chef. 

They're finally getting around to putting in those railroad ties I guess. They're doing something on the railroad. And it's Wednesday and I need to go put on my walking clothes and get out there in gloom and doom and set one foot in front of the other. 

Angie D sent me a video clip this morning and I've watched it and it made me tear up a little. 

There's a little backstory which explains part of the video and it goes like this:

Everyone asking what happens during the song. Mick and Keith are singing. A girl in the front stageside yells for Keith to shut up. He hears her and is a little taken aback. He says, "Shut up?" and starts laughing at her. A slightly pissed Mick walks over between Keith and the mic because his interaction with the girl is distracting and is disrupting the song (which was being filmed live by Martin Scorsese's camera crew for a feature film). When Mick sings again later, Keith silently points to Mick while looking at the girl, as in "there you go, only Mick singing". Then, Mick, feeling bad for the treatment of Keith, goes over defiantly and begins to sing with Keith, and they embrace. The majority of the audience is moved by this gesture, and cheers. Take that, rude girl who told Keith to shut up. 

You probably won't watch it and that's okay but it's a moment of sweetness. 
And can I just say that I'm glad that Keith has quit dying his hair? Although that pirate look has always worked well for him.

Good morning. We go on. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Angie D. 

Love...The Girl Who Has Far Away Eyes this morning. 


  1. I did watch it and something comes to mind. Keith had his feelings hurt. A man who is almost a god can have his feelings hurt and can feel insecure. To me it means we should always choose our words wisely. We never know what affect they might have.
    If I have a gravestone after I die I want these words written on it. "Be Good to One Another"

  2. I loved the video. And yes Keith's feelings were hurt and he stepped back and Mick knew it and Mick wasn't standing for anyone doing that to Keith and its a beautiful moment when they press foreheads together and embrace and harmonize. Those boys are so skinny, all of them, and I think it's why they've lived so strong; not a long of fat cells for free radicals to make a home in, whether from drugs or from food or the environment. Well, that is my unscientific musing for the day. You have made me love the Stones, Mary Moon. I confess I never gave them much thought before you, but now I think they are a force of nature, and a magical story friendship. What a fine life they are all having together. They are each others soul mates. Thanks you for making me look again.

  3. Birdie and Angella- Wow. Both of you got it and you saw that magical moment. Thank you. I don't know why but that makes me so happy. I was telling LIly about the video this morning and she said, "But why would Keith care what some girl said about his voice?" and you know, he doesn't have a traditionally beautiful or powerful voice but he plays the instrument he was born with- that voice- and he plays it with great heart and soul and yes, even he can feel hurt and insecure and what Mick did for him was just a true moment of love and support and you could see Keith just coming back into himself.
    Birdie- you are right. We all need to remember to be good to one another. And words ARE powerful. And Angella- yes, they are a force of nature and a magical story of friendship.
    Thank you. I love you both.

  4. I'd enjoyed Stones music but never knew much about them before I started coming here, but watching little clip after little clip posted by you, they are growing on me. And I, too, loved that moment. They truly care about each other.

    Similar to the clip the other day where you mentioned your favourite moment at 2:23 ... where Keith (I think) tapped the drummer on the shoulder and gave him a nod. So caring to each other.

    Thank you for broadening my horizons :)

  5. Oh how I love you deep thinkers & amazing writers. I saw a tender, touching moment between Mick & Keith and just wanted to share its beauty. But you all have such beautiful ways of writing about your thoughts & feelings which always opens my mind & blows me away. Powerful words indeed! Thank you!
    Angie D

  6. Who would tell Keith Richards to shut up?! Really.


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