Saturday, January 3, 2015

An Adventure!

Willy and Lily just had a lovely paddle-about in the duck-weed filled little pond. Those ducks are the clowns of the yard. They quack mightily to be let out in the morning and when we do let them out, they let us know with great and good gusto how happy they are. Mr. Moon and I went out together to let the all the chickens and those ducks out and we watched them waddling about and Mr. Moon said, "I didn't think I'd like them but I do."
Maurice watched from behind a stump as the birds ate their corn scratch and Luna came up and started her daily endless complaining.
"Ow, ow, ow," she says. Then she looks at Maurice with deep hatred in her eyes, her brow furrowed in concentrated effort to shoot laser beams out with which to incinerate the orange cat who is not only allowed into the house but who sleeps cuddled up with her humans.

Ah. Morning in Lloyd.

We had an excellent Friday night and that is all I am going to say about that. And today we are going to do something COMPLETELY WILD AND CRAZY, yes folks you heard it here first. We are going to...wait for it...hold're not going to believe!
Think about it. In all the years you've been here, have I ever written about us shopping together? Not counting hitting a few thrift shops in Vero and Roseland.

I really, really want one of those big oversized chairs with the giant ottoman to go in the library. And now the dogs are gone and we might actually be able to have a piece of furniture that doesn't get wrecked. So. We are going to shop for one of those and a dishwasher.

Have you recovered from your swoon yet?

I belong to a group on Face Book about Cozumel and people often post about needing apartments for a few month's rental and I had to laugh at one recently where the person wanted something very basic. "Don't even need a dishwasher," they said.

So. I have to go make us our breakfast of leftover grits from last night and eggs and toast and then we shall head to town and see what the retail experience is like when one is not in Bass Pro World, Publix, or Goodwill.

Wish us luck.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The ducks sound like so much fun to watch. Good luck shopping. I hope you find the chair you are looking for. Big, comfy chairs are the best to sit and read in.

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  3. My "new" dishwasher is over two years old & I still marvel at it. No dishwasher? Nah humbug. We take snacks with us when we do an extended shop, we both get grumpy when our blood sugar gets low. (Took me 35+ years of being married to figure that out, I'm slow.)

  4. Heady stuff!! Good luck and I hope you find just what you want. I will be watching with interest about the dishwasher. We've never had one, but my hands are wearing out, so it might be in our future soon.

  5. Kelly- No luck on the chair but I shall continue to search.

    Cathy H-S- I still marvel at running water so I'm sure a dishwasher will blow my mind.

    Jenny-O- Well, lots of people seem to love them. And I liked mine fine when I had one.


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