Saturday, January 17, 2015

Not A Whole Lot To Talk About But Fine Nonetheless

Mr. Moon and Vergil went out hunting in the small hours this morning and they did not catch a deer (the way I choose to think about it) but they did survive the cold so there is that.
I didn't get up until the phone rang at nine.
There is also that.
I made a breakfast with leftover potatoes and peppers and onions and cheese and eggs. Two duck, two chicken. Also biscuits. The hunter was hungry.

Saturday and I am going to work in the garden doing a little weeding, plant those shallots. Mostly this is just an excuse to listen to my book and be outside where it is still chilly and not as sunny as yesterday but I think it will be pleasant. I have an entire refrigerator full of high-quality leftovers and so there is no cooking required which sort of makes me sad because I do actually love to cook. Maybe I'll make some bread.
And maybe Mr. Moon and I will play cards this evening and listen to Prairie Home Companion and then I'll heat up the leftovers.
And slice fresh bread.

Here are pictures from this morning.

My prettiest camellia. In my opinion.

My other spirit-totem animal.

What it looks like around here a lot. 

Mick Jagger. The Rooster-In-Training. AKA, Spare Parts. AKA, Frankenchicken. With one of the ducks in the background.

Love from Lloyd...Ms. Moon


  1. that is one weirdass looking rooster

  2. Rebecca- You will get no argument from me on that. He is, however, an excellent rooster-in-training as he does nothing to annoy Elvis and puts himself to bed in the hen house every night. He even tries not to crow but I think that sometimes he simply must. If he is wooing any of the hens, he is keeping it on DL.

  3. That is a gorgeous rooster. I love his colours.

  4. I agree with jenny. Mick is gorgeous. He has the most beautiful palette of colors. Sweet Jo

  5. Agree w Jenny too! Mick is beautiful! Thirty degrees here in south Jersey. Envy your endless greenery and continuous gardening. Awaiting my seed catalogs up here in the tundra... Xo Sue~

  6. That rooster looks like calico. I didn't think a rooster could compare to Elvis but he certainly looks promising.

  7. Jenny o- I think he is gorgeous too. Like his namesake, he is ugly beautiful.

    Sweet Jo- He is not your everyday run-of-the-mill rooster, is he?

    Sue Johnson- Oh, I remember when I used to get all my seeds and sets from the Burpee catalog. How much anticipating and studying and careful ordering I did! Damn. You've inspired me. Can you order the catalog online? Haha!

    Birdie- I can't wait to see what he looks like in full-grown glory. He is a crazy quilt of a rooster. And crazy quilts have always been my favorite kind.

  8. Mick the Rooster in Training is sure looking promising. Glad that he has joined the flock. The mind picture of you and Mr Moon playing cards and listening to the radio is nice.

  9. Your spirit-token animal looks nicely rounded. You feed it well by the looks of it.

  10. Jill- Yes. I am quite happy with Mick. And we had a fine time, playing cards and being silly.

    Sabine- I think that Elvis is about 85% feathers. We do feed our chickens but they spend most of the day scratching about for whatever they can find.

  11. Ah, Ms. Moon. There were 12 deer on my mountaintop this morning. But people around here know never to take them up here unless they are intending to use every, single part of the animal and then gift some to others.....just like the First People did.

    I envy you planting in your garden. Can't do that up here until May 30. LONG time away. But hey, I love winter on my mountain.


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