Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sex And So Forth

So the Pope said that people don't need to "breed like rabbits."
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
You go, Pope Dude!
While you're at it, maybe let folks use some "artificial" birth control because not having intercourse when a woman is ovulating is a tricky thing. If memory serves, ovulation was when I truly wanted to have intercourse and was so overcome by hormones that it was full-steam-ahead-and-damn-the-torpedos and I'm pretty sure that's true for most women.
Why anyone lets a man who's vowed never to have sex give them advice and counsel on having sex is beyond me. But hey! It's a Catholic thing!

Well, that's about all I have to talk about this morning.
It's another beautiful day. Yayayaya.

Ozzie's gone missing again. Where is that hen staying?

I need to go take a walk, see if I can leak some of this adrenal-overload off.

And then to town where I have some errands to run.

Gibson is definitely sick but he'll be all right. Lily is better. Once again, we go on.

At least I'm done breeding. Like a rabbit or otherwise.

Good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes. This is a big fat Popey Fail in my book. Duh.

  2. Men! Whether they are celibate or not, they just don't get it! Although, all in all, I like this guy.

  3. I will never get the whole Pope thing. We all have direct connection to God, whether it is a meth addict living on the street or the Pope. The Pope is no better than anyone else so I will not let a man (or a woman) tell me how they think God wants me to live my life.

  4. Yeah, I saw that. I just kept right on going because, really dude.

    Glad Lily is better.

  5. What you and Peace and everyone else said...yea, Amen. X

  6. A loose quote from this weekend's SNL, regarding the pope and the stuff going on in France : Michael Che said the pope had blasted Charlie Hebdo's satire by saying 'you can't make a toy out of religion' and then he put on his giant hat, grabbed his wand and went back to his golden castle." And it was the best pope description ever.

  7. I can only hope the Duggars are listening.

  8. I loved Heartinhand's comment, but all the same, every now and then the Il Pape does something or says something that I actually like. He manages to do so without sounding too horribly paternalistic, either. I feel good about him, too, because really conservative people are all up in arms that "he's gone too far."

  9. Apparently, no seriously (!!!), the European rabbit breeders association has lodged an official complaint, asking the pope to please consider the impact of his harsh statement.

    And Jesus wept.

  10. I was encouraged by the Pope saying that. It's a more birth-control-friendly remark than any past pope has made, as far as I know!

  11. I do not understand how people - many of them sensible, with a brain - can allow religion to dictate something so important to their health and welfare.

    But then I do not understand the hold of religion in general.

  12. Ms. Vesuvius- As I see it, at least. And we all know that I am never wrong.

    Jo- "Big Fat Popey Fail!" It could be a movie!

    Ms. Herb and Weather- And I don't guess that women get what men feel either but shitfire- do nuns get to make decisions about regular guys' sex lives? Because that would be CRAZY AWESOME!

    Birdie- A whole lot of people feel they need divine guidance. I guess.

    Angella- Right?

    Denise- I am wondering if she is just feeling snobby about the ducks sharing her bedroom. Or maybe Mick Jagger. But it is funny to think of her going over next door to get jiggy with Elvis, Jr.

    Camille- Thanks!

    Heartinhand- THAT IS THE BEST!!!!!

    LBags- They don't listen to the Pope. They have their own beliefs. They believe in lots and lots of sex. Obviously.

    Elizabeth- Oh, I hear you. Compared to every other Pope I've known (so to speak, of course), he's far and away the most human and sensible. Still, he is Catholic. And as such...

    Sabine- God. That sounds like something that would happen here in the USA. So people are crazy everywhere?

    Steve Reed- If by "birth-control" you mean, "Just don't do it when you could possibly get pregnant." Which for some women is about half the month.

    jenny_o- Me either, baby. Me either.

  13. Must be a Catholic thing. Cannot understand most religions.


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