Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Day Involving TWO Doctors' Offices

No sun again today. Still chilly. So humid that the air turned liquid and it has been raining all day. I swear, I feel as if I am living on a different planet than any planet which has sunshine. I know this isn't true but it feels like it. Just like when you're depressed you KNOW haven't always been depressed and quite possible will not always be depressed but it seems as true as true that you have been, will be.
I look at pictures from Cozumel and I think, "Whoa! Look at that sunshine! What a great planet that must be!" Of course this is usually how I feel when I look at pictures from Cozumel, so there is that.

It's been an unusual day for me. I did not take a walk but went to town to go to an appointment with my husband who has a hernia which needs repair and so we met with the surgeon and also his nephew who is a resident in practice here now which is pretty cool. I think he's going to be a good doctor. I've been pushing and pushing Mr. Moon to get this done but he is stubborn and finally it is now to the point where there is no more putting it off and that is that. In a week and a half, he will submit to the skill of the doctor and it will be over and I can't wait. I'm sure he can't either.
We had lunch with Jessie and then dropped him off at his office and Jessie and I went to Target. I knew there was something I needed but I couldn't figure out what until we got there and it was a pair of tights. So very important, that pair of tights that I forgot we'd gotten them and came home without them. They were in the bag with Jessie's things. I looked at Crockpots because mine came from Goodwill and tends to cook things a lot faster than you'd want in a slow-cooker and it's very small but I didn't buy one. It was way too much trouble and anxiety-producing to try and figure out whether to buy the regular one or the one with the lid which clamps down for easier transportation purposes.
"I think I'm bi-polar," I told Jessie. "And I can only buy things when I'm in a manic phase. I don't go out and buy a lot of stuff because I'm manic, I just buy the things I need when I'm in that phase because I can. Otherwise, I pretty much can't buy anything but food."
I think this is a fairly honest observation. And let me say that I realize with all of my being that this is not truly an indication of possible bi-polar disorder but more a pale, pale imitation of the real thing.

Then I took Jessie home and went to a dentist appointment of my own where they took impressions for that crown which involved trays full of goop being pressed into my upper and lower teeth. Nothing like having a dentist hold a tray full of goop into your mouth for four minutes which can be a very, very long time given the right (wrong) circumstances. What can you do but try to stay amused? I also got some new hardware where the crown is going to go.
Talk about a process. This thing has been going on for over a year.
But. In three weeks, THAT will be over.


I came home and cleaned out the henhouse in the rain because that had to be done. More chickens make more poop. You can quote me on that.

So that has been my day. And it is still raining and it's getting dark and tomorrow it may only be partly cloudy and boy howdy! I'm looking forward to that. I'll let you know if it happens.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We're wintering in Sarasota, and the last two days have been dreadful! I got dressed yesterday only because it was our anniversary and I had a dinner date with my handsome hubby. But today, I didn't even get dressed! Chilly, cloudy and rainy all day makes for a depressed Catrina. I should be happy that we're not home in Illinois, where it got up to 30....but at least they had sun! I NEED SUN!!!

  2. Catrina- Hold on. The weather will change. Meanwhile, enjoy your time in your pajamas. Watch TV. Read books. Go on drives. Play cards. Go to the Ringling Museum. There is lots to do. I promise you.

  3. My least favourite part of dental work is the trays of goop. I always feel I'm going to gag, and sometimes I do. And while that is far from the worst thing on the planet, it is a very bad thing for me.

    But I suppose it is better than a jumpin' toothache, as my Dad calls it.

    I hope you get sun soon.

  4. I certainly hope the weather is better tomorrow. My two year old grandson and I have been having cabin fever (well him more than me) and we have got to get out of the house!

  5. Like Catrina said bad weather here too. We are still in St Pete, yesterday was not too bad, but today, yuck yuck yuck. We did explore and I love to do that bad weather or not. Tomorrow we go home and the sun is supposed to come out in the afternoon. I bet we will be home before that happens. Gail

  6. It started out great here, but soon the fog rolled in and the air just felt cold and damp. It's probably going to snow. I ache from the cold. I need to get back on the wine. Warms me up from the inside out.

  7. Ah-La. The whole paragraph about the Crock pot, I could have written it. I am a mess when it comes to buying new things, but my old things are just not right! My kingdom for a decent crockpot that doesn't boil the shit out of my food and make it all taste the same, and a new waffle iron while I'm at it, too.

    Target is a magical place I try not to visit too often, because I end up wanting new everything while I'm there. And ours has groceries too. I could spend the night.

    Hope Mr. Moon's repair is a quick fix and the sun comes back soon. It may be cold here, but we have sun, and it's amazing to me what a difference it makes in my mood. :)

  8. It was in the 70's here in L.A. and while I should be thrilled our constantly changing temperatures gives me migraines. I spent some time outside, actually interviewing for a freelance position, and then came home and took a long nap. I sure hope Mr Moon's hernia is taken care of quickly and he heals well. I am sure he will under your loving care. Those dental gummy things are awful. I had to do that when I was 8 and my memories of the gagging due to no child size equipment have stayed with me. Yuck! Well that is behind the both of us. Your meat loaf love story was amazing. A book onto itself. Love to you. Sweet Jo

  9. A couple of years ago, I threw out my crockpot because I realized how much I hated it. How much I dislike food cooked in the crockpot. Every now and then, I have a hankering for one, though -- so if you want, I'll go buy two and send you one. I have absolutely no problem buying things -- in fact, I am perhaps too loose with that sort of thing.

    And I sure hope it's sunny soon in Florida. I wish I could send you some with the crockpot.

  10. Glad Mr. Moon is taking care of things. Hugs.

  11. Is a crockpot the same as a slow cooker? If so I haven't got one at all, large or small, but often think I should try one. The weather here in England isn't much cop either…..temperatures range from about 2c nightime to 5/8c in the day though the next few nights are going to be just in the minus range. I was out with my little dog yesterday afternoon in calm , but cloudy weather, when there were a few drops of cold rain, and then the fiercest wind suddenly came up, along with stinging hail. Dog was terrified, and luckily he was on the lead as he tried to run away crying! 10 minutes later it was all back to normal, and after we got home the sun came out! That's British weather for you!

  12. I love the idea of you channelling manic phases just to get difficult tasks done. The idea appeals. Who knows, maybe it really does work for some. But this from the point of view of someone who just wants to stay in bed all the time :)

  13. It's the wintertime blahs. We have them too! January. Ugh.

    I'm glad to hear the clothes at Target were ugly too. I really thought I was losing my mind. If it's "the style," as Jessie said, I don't think I want any part of it!

  14. I have a hard time buying things too but mostly because I have been a working artist all my life and never know how much money I will have or when I will have it. so I got in the habit early on of just buying necessities. The sun finally broke through yesterday afternoon here and today it's a glorious blue sky day.

  15. Jenny o- The goop wasn't that bad for me but it was weird. I just don't like the whole person-in-my-face thing. Stressful.
    And the sun is shining today!

    Lois- Hurray for the sun today! Y'all get out and have some fun.

    Gail- Glad you got out anyway, and yes, you'll probably be home by the time the sun shines. I'm sorry.

    heartinhand- I salute you for going this long without it!

    Mel- I mostly use the crock pot for venison and for chili. Sometimes venison chili! Ha!
    Yes. The sun makes everything a little more bearable. At least in the winter. Your pictures yesterday were so gorgeous.
    And Target is a magical place. Damn them.

    Sweet Jo- Lord, honey. You are going through it. I hope you get that job. I plan on taking good care of my husband for as long as he'll let me! Which will probably be about two hours.
    Love to you, as well.

    Elizabeth- The sun is shining and you are so sweet. Don't be sending me a crock pot. I'll get one soon, I'm sure. I really like one for cooking venison which is so lean that the slow cooking process works best with it.

    Angella- You know these stubborn men well, I think.

    Frances- Yes. A slow cooker. Same-same. That weather sounds horrible. Bless your poor scared doggie!

    Jo- I laid in bed for the longest time this morning. I told my husband that the cat wouldn't let me get up. Which was not quite true but a little bit. She likes the morning snuggles.

    Steve Reed- Amen, brother!

    Ellen Abbott- I think my reluctance to buy anything but the necessities in my case comes from my guilt about not working outside the home. It's like- okay, I don't bring any money in but I can control how much goes out. Which is silly but still...
    Guilt is my motivating force for almost everything.
    And I was wondering if your sun came out too. I'm so glad it did.

  16. It's cold and wet and dark here....and now they say it might snow but I would prefer that than the rain.....and I have a dentist appointment too!!x

  17. There have been times when I worry that I am bi-polar but then I go to clients that really are and know that I am not. But it feels that way sometimes because when I am doing well I just feel so deeply and when I am down I just want to give up.


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