Friday, January 23, 2015

Memories Like Yesterday

Egg salad made and cucumber sandwiches made and ham sandwiches made and clean sheets and a nap and martinis and heart-shares with my husband.

The rain has ceased and I am going to go saute onions and mushrooms and peppers and steam spinach and toast bread and poach eggs.

Tomorrow we give tribute to Kathleen.

Here's the picture I want to print out and take to the memorial.

Dr. McCutiePie who had the curiosity and intelligence and love to figure out how to keep our girl alive long enough to live an entire lifetime's worth of joy in four years.

Thank you, Dr. McCutiePie.

I love you to pieces. I wish you were going to be there tomorrow but I know that your practice has taken you far away. May you be well and your darling family too.



  1. What a gorgeous smile she had.

    Some doctors are truly priceless.

  2. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I know tomorrow will be a wonderful tribute to your beautiful friend. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. He is a cutie pie!

    And WTF Mary? You are not a Grandma. You look about 40 in that picture!

  4. Such lovely and loving friends, the two of you.

  5. Please know you'll be attending the memorial surrounded by the love and respect of your readers! Your words always take me with you wherever you go, and I'm a better (well, at least a well traveled) person because of it. Sending you hugs and love, and sending the same to Bug, and as always, your sweet Katherine.

  6. Well, it seems that my auto correct prefers Katherine over Kathleen....but we all know how it's supposed to be spelled.

  7. Beautiful photos. A good doctor is a wonderful thing. I know tomorrow will go the way you want it to. Good thoughts coming your way.

  8. Big love to you today.
    Man she had some kind eyes! And you, with your devilish smile. What a pair!

  9. Yes, what a pair! That's a beautiful photo!

  10. A wonderful lady. I wish I was able to meet her . Strength to Bug and to all . Debra

  11. I remember when she found him. So glad that she did. She poured a lot of life into those last years.


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