Monday, January 19, 2015

He Had A Dream

Well, just when I think it can't get any more beautiful around here, the sun comes up and proves me wrong.

Good morning. Let's think about good things and good people. Specifically, people like Martin Luther King, Jr. who changed the world with his mind, his heart, his belief in righteousness and love.

And not with guns.

Last night, snug in my own little world, I dreamed that our president came to Monticello with his beautiful wife. I would never have had that particular dream if Dr. King had not had a dream of his own.

And the courage to share it.

There is much yet to change and much motion forward to be made but many bridges have been crossed and many more dreams have proven to be fulfilled in the light of glorious day.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I clicked and made that photo of your chickens and your duck larger and I gazed into it for a very long time. Gorgeous life in your yard.

  2. In this world so very full of sadness and fear is this bright little spot in northern Florida. May it always shine.

  3. Yes, let us think about good things and good people.
    And glorious days, and lovely birds.

  4. Angella- As I click onto the pictures taken in your world. Gorgeous life in there, as well.

    heartinhand- I would wish that too. Thank you.

    Elizabeth- They make me so happy. Every day.

    Denise- Yes. When and if we can. Let us do that.

  5. We went to see Selma and it was an awesome movie. What a great man in so many ways.


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