Monday, January 5, 2015

The New Year Has Truly Begun Now

I just took my first walk of 2015 and it went rather well. The sky cleared and turned as blue as my shirt while I was on the paths, and the low spots on the road are more pond than puddle but all was well. They seem to be working on the railroad, perhaps putting those new creosoted ties in? They are piled up all along the tracks and so I am sure this will be going on all the live-long day.

No matter. Maybe when the boys get here we shall go and watch them.

I am losing my mind. This is a fact. Yesterday I happily cleaned out the hen house and put in fresh straw for the ducks and chickens to poop upon and it was drizzling and dark and so I'd opened up the wooden flap things to two of the nests to try and get some light and air in there and forgot to close them and when Mr. Moon went to put the chickens up, he did not notice them being open.
Well. It was dark then.
This morning when I went to open the run to the coop, I noticed that there were already many hens in the yard, flapping about in confusion. What the hell?
Oh. Good Lord. I'm going to be needing a microchip soon so that if I wander off, someone will be able to find me and retrieve me home.

So it goes. So it goes.

Here's the newest camellia to open with the sun shining through its petals, which are as delicate and pink as a new baby's ear.

I am thinking of trying to get myself back into eating all healthy and shit.
I am having a hard time remembering what that means. I believe that less sugar, flour, cheese and meat may be a large part of it.

And so of course right now there is nothing in this world I want as much as a nice cheese toast.

Well. We humans are contrary individuals, aren't we?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been trying to eat more salad and less chocolate. Sigh. I hate it.
    It's been too cold to walk. Too cold to do anything.

  2. That camillia is so beautiful.....happy new year!!x

  3. Cheeeeese tooooast...

    That flower... I wish we could live on the sight of that.

  4. You are so not alone in the memory department. My head just seems so filled with other things that I am absent-minded and forgetful. Those "other things", by the way, are not earth-shattering or even fairly important. It just seems there are so many of them; it is much too crowded in my head!

    That camellia is the most beautiful colour.

  5. A nice cheese toast, if you savor it and enjoy it like a holy experience, will not undermine your eating all healthy and shit. i think the problem comes when we want to repeat the experience several times a day, or several days in a row! So enjoy a nice cheese toast if you want it, with the same mindfulness you apply to those camellias and all will be well on the farm.

    Notice the way you've attracted all those bright animal spirits to you in the past year alone? Something magical is happening at Casa Moon in lloyd.

  6. I find that if I don't write things down, they just disappear from my brain immediately. At the rate I'm going, I'll soon have to wear my name and address pinned to me like a kindergarten kid on her first day of school.

  7. heartinhand- I hear you, baby. It's hard. And if I lived where you live, I doubt I'd walk in July.

    Young at heart- My camellias are my poems-for-life right now. Happy new year to you as well!

    Jo- It seems as if we could live by the sight of it, doesn't it?

    jenny-o- It's like my friend Sue used to say- the table gets filled up and eventually, things are just going to get knocked off to the floor.

    Angella- I agree with you totally on the cheese toast thing. And have you noticed that since the dogs died, more and more animals are filling in their places?

    Jo(e)- I've had that very thought myself. Seriously.

  8. I didn't want to say the thing about the dogs but I did notice. in a way they set you free.

  9. I'm working my way up to eating all healthy and shit. Girding my loins so to speak. "All the live-long day" - very clever Ms Moon!

  10. The camellias are blooming here too. Very pretty. Good to have some color in the midst of winter.


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