Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Mermaid's Offering

Jessie gave me that pretty mermaid for Christmas and I think you're supposed to put a candle in her shell but it called to me to put a bit of green in there. On my walk today I dug a little fern from a place where I'd stopped to pee, gone off the path deep into the woods and I found a discarded Milky Way bag to put it in, the roots clinging to mud. When I got home though, I decided to put that fern in a small pot and I scraped some Resurrection fern and the bit of rotting wood from which it sprang and put that in the shell instead, gave it a few sips of water.
I have no idea if it will live.
We shall see.


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  2. I'm betting on it to live.
    Five bucks.

  3. Wow. I missed both your posts yesterday? What a beauty that mermaid. And your daughter.

  4. I love that the mermaid is holding a resurrection fern. She is a beautiful mermaid.


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