Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dumplings, Darlings, And Dangerous Plants

I took that picture yesterday evening during the golden hour. Glen and I tried to get the boys interested in the idea of going out to the front porch and sitting and chatting for a little bit about All The Important Things, especially this house and how old it is and how much life has been lived here and how they, too, are now part of that whole story. I made them "fancy drinks" of orange juice and ginger ale which tempted them to sit with us but after a few moments of hearing things like, "This house was here when Abraham Lincoln was the president!" they sucked their drinks down and wanted to go back inside to play Wii golf. 
They need to get a little older to truly appreciate the golden hour porch sit. 

Here's what my dumplings looked like.

That was before they'd been turned over to expose that side of them to the simmering broth. Those might have been the best dumplings I ever made. All the fellas here agreed that they were very fine indeed.

After supper, Mr. Moon supervised bath time and I got started in the kitchen doing clean-up and before I knew it, two squeaky clean little boys were running wildly through the house as squeaky clean little children love to do. It's that last gasp of being tired and wired. They got into their pajamas and demanded (nicely) their root beer floats. I even had one! I can pass up a purple cow but a brown cow is a cow of a different color. 

Then off to bed! The reading material chosen was "Tarzana" (again) and "Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-Zoo."
There really must be something wrong with me because despite the fact that I have read that book at least two hundred times out loud to children, it still makes me happy. And it still makes me laugh. 

The pictures are charming. The plot is silly and wonderful. The characters are...mostly beasties. 
If there are young children in your life, I highly recommend it. 

And then I tucked those boys into bed, kissed them, and turned out the light and they were asleep. They were tired, tired boys. 

Mr. Moon got up with them this morning at 7:30 which is the time we told them that they had to stay in bed until, and they did. I got up an hour later and after I woke up with some coffee I began the pancake-making ritual. Today's pancakes were apple/blueberry/oat bran. The boys gave them a zillion thumbs up or something like that. 

They played in the Glen Den with Lincoln Logs for awhile after breakfast. 

That is August's self-proclaimed masterpiece. It even has room for Levon's stuffie. 

And then Mr. Moon mostly took over. He drove them to Walmart to get paint for model cars that they are thinking of making a project. Mr. Moon has had these cars in their original boxes since the sixties, most likely. They also went by Lily's to pick up August's meds which had been forgotten in the transfer yesterday. AND Boppy took them to eat pizza. So I lazed around and made beds and did laundry and tidied up. When the guys got back to the house, Levon told me that he wanted to go home and I assured him that Mama and Daddy would be here soon. Levon's such a tough little man but he does love his sweet parents. 

And then the anniversary love birds made it back and there were hugs and kisses and the rounding up of possessions to take home. 

All in all, it was a terrific visit and I am quite proud of those boys. They always take their plates to the kitchen when they're through eating and last night they thanked me repeatedly for a "healthy meal" and they're easy to have around. 

Here are a few pictures I've taken today and yesterday. 

An aloe in full bloom. 

A green anole hanging out on an aloe leaf. Do you see the spines on that aloe? Those things will rip your skin like piranha teeth. And do you see that other plant growing there? That's a dewberry and they have terrible-bad prickles. This is why I have not cleaned out the aloe bed. 
And here's a funny thing- I haven't used any aloe gel for any medicinal purposes in eons. 
I bet you there are at least a hundred aloe plants in that tiny area.

Another rose from the vines I did not prune. This is the most ethereal flower. 

And a few hours later after it had opened. 

Quite a weekend! 

And all is well. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Play Time

Ms. Magnolia June called me this morning to ask if she could come too for a little while when the boys came over from her house. I said that yes, she could, and within two minutes of being here, that was going on in the library. I will not say that Maggie is the boss of what they play but she is definitely the director. Which makes sense. She makes up pretend scenarios in her own head all the time and August and Levon are happy to play their parts. 

They all had a good time together. One of the things Maggie wanted to know when she walked in the door was if I was going to be making lunch. Of course! I told her. I took their orders and Levon wanted (as he always does) my gourmet peanut butter/honey/raisin sandwich. August wanted toasted cheese. And Maggie wanted a ham sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomatoes. No cheese. 
So lunch was made and eaten and then we went outside to pick mulberries. There are not as many of them as I had thought there would be so it's taking a while to collect enough for the pie I've promised August. Today's haul did not get added to that bag of berries in the freezer, however, because the kids wanted to eat them. Can you blame them? 

Levon and Maggie divvied them up perfectly and we sat outside while they dyed their tongues and lips purple. 

Before we knew it, Lauren was here to pick up the girl. She'd just picked up Owen from work. As I have said before, August and Levon worship Owen. And he is so kind to them. 

Y'all. I am so very, very shocked at how big Owen is these days. Every time I see him, I overwhelmed at his growth. And it's not just his height. He's got shoulders like, well... a man! That boy appears to be 100% Moon. I swear. He and his mama are male and female versions of the same being. I really do wonder how tall he's going to be. 
Although August and Levon aren't showing their height potential yet, I have a strong feeling they're going to be at least as tall as Owen. Their father has aunts who are over six feet tall. So they're getting the giraffe gene from both the maternal and paternal sides of the family. Wouldn't it be funny if one of the grands was not much taller than I am? I guess it's possible. But not probable.

Back to Owen- I just want to say that he is the sweetest boy. He initiates hugs with both me and his Boppy. And not just one token hug, either. Gibson is like that too, but he wasn't here today. He stayed at home while Lauren did sibling pick-up. And Maggie can be as sweet as sugar. She hugs and kisses me and while she was here today she thanked me several times for letting her come over. I am such a lucky grandma. 

Now the little guys are watching the Masters Golf tournament on TV with Boppy. Is that what it is? The Masters? I think so. Those boys will watch anything if it's on TV. I have heard them clapping and cheering several times with their grandfather so I suppose they're taken on his favorite as their own. I've made the broth part for the chicken and dumplings and it's simmering away. It's got carrots from the garden in it along with mushrooms and green beans and celery and onions and garlic. Oh! And chicken. Now all I have to do is make the dumplings and add them in. Meal in a bowl! 

By all accounts, Jessie and Vergil are having a fine time on their anniversary trip. Here they are on the beach.

Yes. Floridians love to go to the beach! They're at the Atlantic ocean for this get-away. 

And Hank? Well, he went to the Worm Grunting Festival in Sopchoppy. 

Never heard of the Worm Grunting Festival in Sopchoppy, Florida? Well, you can check that out HERE. 
In all my years here, I've never been. Somehow just knowing that it's there is enough to make my heart happy. 

All right. One more thing. Willie Nelson and Orville Peck (look him up- a very interesting man) have released a video of them doing a collaboration of Ned Sublette's 1981 release of "Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently Fond of Each Other." 
Willie Nelson, along with Dolly Parton, is going to be in the VIP lounge when he gets to heaven where there will be golden bowls filled with pre-rolled joints of whatever his favorite weed is. Here's the video if you'd like to see it. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Friday, April 12, 2024

A Variety Of Photos And Explanations

I took this picture last night after dark, obviously. Jack was lying on the table here on the back porch looking at something and I followed his gaze to find that ghostly image of what I do believe is a gecko. I rather like it. Since it was outside, the lizard had no worries when it came to Jack who was watching it as closely as if it were a TV show with a complex plot. 

Another beautiful day here. All that rain washed away the rest of the pollen and everything is clean and shiny. Not one cloud to be seen all day long, just bright, azure sky. 

This morning I was about to step into the rose bed by the old shed to take a picture of this

when I looked down and saw this little guy.

A small rat snake, warming his blood and so sun-drunk he didn't move an iota as I got closer to take his picture. Those are magnolia leaves which are large so he's not as tiny as he might look compared to them. 

I knew I needed to go to town to get supplies for the boys' upcoming visit and again, I took the interstate and water is still very high in the low spots. There's been a whole lot of damage from that storm. Entire schools are so deep in water that classes can't be held in them. People's houses and cars and businesses are still flooded. So it was a sensible thing to take the interstate. I decided to do a quick trip to the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store as I haven't visited in awhile. Whoa! Things have changed there! 
It's not only lit so brightly now that you need sunglasses to shop, but it's been cleared out and reorganized. 

Almost too much. 
I found no treasures today. There were a few things that piqued my interest but not enough to motivate me to buy anything. In the furniture building, there was a painted oak table and two chairs that I did send Lily a picture of, thinking that perhaps she could use them on her new porch. They were quite sturdy. 

I sent Lily a picture and she was interested. All three items were being sold for $49.00 Not bad for a solid oak table just by itself. If someone hadn't painted it, it would have sold for antique prices. But someone had. 

Then on to Publix I went. Yes- again. I got what I needed and was in such a carefree and cheerful mood that I decided I'd take my usual route home, trusting that the waters had receded. 
I did cross this intersection. 

The road to the west was closed but although the road that continued straight on and the road that went to the east did have some standing water on them, they were still open. I was heading straight and got to Old Lloyd Road, the road we actually live on, just fine. BUT, I was stopped by a sheriff who informed me after I'd driven a mile or so towards home, that the road was not passable which meant I had to drive all the way back to the intersection with standing water, drive through that to a main highway, take that up to where the Hilltop is, and get home from there. So what would have taken me fifteen minutes TOPS if I'd driven on the interstate ended up taking me about 45 minutes. 
Oh well. La-di-dah. Beautiful day, etc. 
We have many, many creeks here and they are usually slow-moving, shallow things but not right now. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon just piddling around doing a few things that I've been meaning to get to like potting up a monstera plant I've rooted over the winter. This is yet another descendent of the monstera I got at the dump a year and a half ago or so. Probably more like three years the way times flies for me these days. When I pulled that piece of plant out of the very large peach jar I'd used to root it in, I was stunned by the thickness and sturdiness of the roots. My main thought was, "Jesus God Almighty, if this plant ever gets loose in my yard we'll never, ever get rid of it." It was almost frightening. 
I've got it sitting on the back porch next to some hydrangea that I sort of by accident cut when I was trimming the dead wood. I am hoping to root it.

I hung up my fishes.

I may move them but for right now, they make me happy there. 

All right. Have you ever seen this picture?

I found Maurice in the baby cradle that Mr. Moon made when I was pregnant with Lily today. She was lying in front of a mirror that Jessie gave me for Christmas which we still haven't hung yet. And for some reason, the way the bear was holding the mirror with Maurice in front of it reminded me of that painting. It's the Rokeby Venus painted by Diego Velazquez in the seventeenth century. Tell me what you think.

Do you see what I am seeing? 

I'm probably just crazy. 

Anyway, happy Friday, y'all. Time for martinis. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Thursday, April 11, 2024

A Flood Of Almost (But Not Quite) Biblical Proportions

The past 24 hours have been eventful, to say the least. I noticed two days ago that my favorite meteorologist, Rob Nucatola, was posting on FB about a coming weather system that was going to have a lot of wind and rain. Nucatola does not dramatize the weather, unlike other weather people, so I started paying attention. Things were supposed to get gnarly last night and they did indeed. 
It began to rain around six p.m.. and it rained and stormed and the wind blew hard all night long. Lightening, thunder, pouring rain. Between that and the fact that I was facing a day with a lot in it, I did not sleep well at all. The power went out around four am and the blessed generator punched right into powering up the house. I was still awake a little while later when the power came back on and the generator clocked out. When I finally did get back to sleep, I had a bad anxiety dream wherein someone gave me her baby because she didn't want it and I had no diapers, no nothing, but within hours I was lactating so no problem there. There was also a horrible mess I had to clean up and of course, laundry out the yang. 

So when I got up this morning I was ragged out and practically panicking but the rain had stopped. The reports of road closures due to flooding were many and scary. Lily's driveway and the road to her house were completely flooded. 

Neither she nor Lauren could make it to work and the kids couldn't get to school. 
We were supposed to be in town at 10:30 to sign the papers to sell the Dog Island house and we did make it. We took the interstate and there were bodies of water where no body of water had been before on the sides of the highway. At once point there was practically a rushing river. 

I really like the couple who bought the house. I think they will be a fine next chapter for that place. They brought their dog to the attorney's office, a short, very squat English bulldog named Pop-Eye. He was absolutely ugly-beautiful. All of the women in the office had to give him treats. So we got that done and came back home and ate our lunch. A little while later I had to drive back to town to pick up August and Levon and take Levon to his piano lesson. Luckily, I was able to do that, driving again on the interstate. I wasn't ready to risk going the back way I usually take as there are creeks and low-lying areas all over the place on that route. 

I got the boys and drove us to the piano lesson. Here's August, reading his favorite Dog Man book.

I was knitting on the couch and every now and then he'd come over and whisper in my ear, asking me what a word meant. He was very polite. And Levon was quite attentive and did well in his lesson. 

And then, because I guess I'm competing for Grandmother of the Year, I took them to Krispy Kreme and let them get doughnuts and bought a few for Jessie and Vergil and a cup of coffee for myself. I needed it.

Then back to their house where they jumped on the trampoline and Sophie played with them and chased a yoga ball and it was a laff-fest for sure. 

Vergil got off work and relieved me of Mer duty and I drove home, again on the interstate. I passed a restaurant on my way where we sometimes eat. It's the farm to table place where they have gardens and chickens. That whole place was a lake. I couldn't believe it. I knew there was a sort of drainage ditch right beside the restaurant but I had no idea it would be that bad. Strangely enough, right across the highway is the 630,000 square foot Amazon fulfillment center on who knows how many acres of cement. I can't help but think that might have been a contributing factor. 

So yeah, Rob Nucatola wasn't lying. We got some weather for sure. We're fine and I think our new roof did a great job proving itself in such an extreme circumstance. I believe we may have gotten up to eleven inches of rain within 12 hours which is a hell of a lot of water. Our rain gauges are the garden carts and as you can see from the picture at the top and this one

they runneth over. 

I had a great time with the boys and the Dog Island signing went as well as it could have, I think. When it was over, I gave the wife of the couple a hug and as I was doing that, I realized that this lady might not be a hugger which made me feel bad. But what's done is done and hopefully, she will realize that I was handing over a very special place and that I wish her and her husband many years of sweet happiness and glorious sunsets there. 
So I not only survived a day that I truly was not sure I could, there were some good moments in it. 

Tomorrow looks to be pretty open which is great and just how I like a Friday. And then on Saturday, August and Levon are coming to spend the day and the night. We'll pick them up from Aunt Lily's Saturday morning and they'll stay until their mama and daddy get back from their teeny eleventh-anniversary get-away on Sunday. 
I have been advised that chicken and dumplings should be on the menu as well as pancakes and root beer floats. And so they shall. 

I'm going to go make some tacos. I'll try to get around to answering comments but please know that I read and cherish them all. Thank you. 

I think I'll sleep fine tonight. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

No Title

This is the house that Lily and Lauren, Owen, Gibson, and Magnolia June will be moving into. Lily, Lauren, Jessie, Glen, and I were able to meet the realtor today for a tour of the house. Lauren hadn't even seen it! I asked her at lunch before we went to see the house, "What if you don't like it?"
"Then I guess I won't like it," she said. 
Zen Lauren. 

My two favorite things about the house are the very spacious back screened-in porch and the oak tree next to it. 

The tree needs some tending. It is covered and almost smothered in vines that need to be taken out. I told Lily that that's going to be her new hobby- tending to her oak tree. There are also a few crape myrtles in the yard along with two Japanese magnolias of good size, a very large azalea, and a camellia. 
Lily spotted this little guy on a camellia leaf.

It was tiny, about the size of my little finger from tip to first knuckle. Just hangin' out, being a frog. 

I've been in a dark mood today. One of those days when Mr. Moon asks me what's wrong and I say, "Nothing's wrong. Everything's wrong." It did cheer me to get to see such sweet women and the new house but I'm still not in the best of moods. I think the news from Arizona has upset me a great deal. The idea that a 12 year-old girl who has been raped by a relative cannot get an abortion is beyond my comprehension. Did you know that one of the things that all these 23 And Me DNA tests is showing is how prevalent incest is? Can you imagine being in a situation where you are a literal child being forced to have a baby fathered by your own father? Or a brother? Or an uncle? Or a stepfather? For a second, let's forget about the deep and everlasting psychological damage done to the girl who has to bear that baby and think about the baby itself. Who in hell would want to be raised knowing (or even not knowing) that they are the product of incest? 
But it's not even just that scenario. Once again, women are being told that we cannot make the most vital decisions concerning our own bodies. Not just kids or teenagers who are in no way ready to have and raise a baby but grown women who perhaps already have children and who know exactly what it takes to feed, clothe, and tend to a child and who can not, or even do not want to take that on at this time in their lives for the sake of the children they already have. 
Okay. I'll stop.
No. Actually, I won't. I won't stop talking about this. I believe that every woman has the right to choose whether or not to bring a pregnancy to term. 
I am so upset and so furious and so bewildered (how did we get here?) and so terrified for our daughters and granddaughters and their daughters and granddaughters too. 
I can't even think straight about this. 

Well, hey! Let's talk about some cheerful stuff! 

Look at that beautiful squash blossom! 

Can you see that little pepper? So cute.

And here's a little story- I was in Publix waiting my turn at the pharmacy counter to pick up a prescription. There was a tiny little lady ahead of me and I admired her tropical print shirt and her crocheted hat. I had a lot of time to observe them because it was taking a long time for the pharmacist to help her understand what medications she had been prescribed and and what they were for. I mean, a lot of time. But this pharmacist was SO patient and explained everything more than once and even put a post-it note in the woman's bag to remind her to call her doctor about an issue that needed addressing. When the lady walked away and I stepped up to the desk, I said to the pharmacist, "Thank you for being so patient and kind with that lady. Before long, that will be me." And she said, "Oh, but that's why I do what I do. And in time, that will be all of us."
Humans can be amazing. 
And for those of you who have never known the joy of shopping at Publix, here is what I was looking at as I waited. 

Just thought I'd share a little Florida culture with you. We have palm trees, we have springs and rivers, we have white-sand beaches, we have alligators, pythons, crocodiles, and mosquitoes. 
We have Publix. 
It all evens out.
Except for Mar-A-Lago.

Love...Ms. Moon

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Domestic Goddessing, Part Eighty-Seven Thousand

 Run, carrot, run! 

I swear- I get more stuff done around here on the days that Candie comes than any other day of the week. Before she got here today I'd already done two loads of laundry, hung them outside, tidied up the bathroom and kitchen, picked greens and carrots in the garden, trimmed my baby tomato plants so that Mr. Moon could put more soil around them, and I don't know what all else. 

Look at this.

I told Mr. Moon a little while ago, as I was cutting greens to cook, that I think maybe we should plant less kale next year. Y'all! I swear- I should be selling that stuff to restaurants. It's so beautiful. There are some collards and turnip greens in that bowl too and they're now stemmed and cut up and simmering away with onions and two of the turnips. 

This is one of the varieties of kale I have growing and it's just so amazing to me. The veins in that sturdy leaf are one of those pragmatic miracles I do go on about. 

Talk about sturdy.

Those two bamboo were coming up beside the steps to the swing porch and there was another one a few feet away. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GET LAX ABOUT THE BAMBOO! 
As the sprouting season goes on, the shoots get farther and farther from the bamboo jungle. I have found that stuff in the chicken coop. I've also found it growing under the old kitchen porch and under the old kitchen itself. I swear. Sometimes I worry that shit will just lift the house off the ground while we're asleep in our bed. 

So let's see- what other fascinating things happened around here today? 
I did more weeding and clearing out by the front fence. That 
I watered the porch plants and Mr. Moon blew the leaves off for me. Yes, he, too, has a leaf blower but he hardly ever uses it. 
And that's about it. My house is clean and the front porch looks lovely and the roses are blooming like crazy. I picked some mulberries that I'll save to make August the pie I promised him when more ripen. The laundry is off the line and folded and put away. I'm making shrimp and grits for our supper to go with the greens. 

I just realized that Mr. Moon brought back another Dog Island treasure and hung it on the porch. I hadn't even noticed it until just a few minutes ago!

Fish and pelicans. 

I better go start those grits and peel those shrimp. 

Love...Ms. Moon

Monday, April 8, 2024


 And the spatter guard! 

I May Have To Spend Tomorrow In Bed

Whoa. What a day. 
Jessie and I finally got our pedicures. My feet were so untended that I was ashamed and embarrassed. But we had a good time, yammering away as we do. As you can see, I went for the lovely teal blue instead of my usual "I'm Not Really A Waitress" blood red I generally get. 

And then of course it was lunch time and we ended up at the Indian buffet and guess who came in just as we were finishing up? BRENDA (the beautiful) and her daughter who is also beautiful. It was so fun to see Brenda outside of the Costco. Her daughter, who is 12, is almost as tall as she is. 

I got a call from Mr. Moon during lunch telling me that we had papers ready to sign on the other side of town and would I meet him there? Of course. We have been signing things left and right lately. Mostly online documents. But these needed to be witnessed. They have something to do with the fact that after we sell the Dog Island property (and we sign those papers on Thursday), we'll be buying the house Lily's going to be moving into. It'll just be easier for all of us if we buy the house and Lily pays us back for it. That's all been figured out. 
Not by me, I assure you. 

I really like this attorney in whose office we signed our documents. In the room where we signed, there was a piece of art on the wall that of course drew all my attention. I asked if he minded if I took a picture of it and he said it was fine with him. 

The artist, Mary Proctor, is a Tallahassee legend. There's a fine article about her from the Bitter Southerner that tells her story. You can find that HERE. I do not own any of Mary Proctor's pieces but I wish I did. The attorney has several, I think, and he bought that one at her place, south of Tallahassee. I was enchanted. 

It did not take long for us to get those papers signed and by then, the eclipse was truly happening. I have just googled the phenomenon of becoming physically ill during an eclipse and it does appear that some people experience symptoms like anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, light-headedness, heart-racing, and balance problems BUT there is no physical evidence to indicate that it's the eclipse itself that causes these symptoms. 
I don't know but I do know that I experienced the headache, the stomach pain, and lightheadedness. Not to mention some pretty severe anxiety. And you know me- I am not a woo-woo person. I am not afraid that a snake god is eating the sun nor am I afraid that the eclipse is an omen of things to come caused by a displeased deity. 
I just know that I felt the exact same way when the last solar eclipse was visible here and it is a most uncomfortable experience. 

I had to go to a Publix that I never go to because...well, it's a long story involving Tanner crab legs which Publix hardly ever gets in and my husband who is not shy about buying up all of something he wants that he can get his hands on. He had gone to that Publix before the signing and had them wrap up ten pounds of the delicacy and asked me to pick them up, so I did. When I got out of my car to go into the store, I was feeling intensely unwell but also pretty ridiculous. I mean- this shit was all in my head, right? 
There were people with eclipse glasses standing in front of the store looking at the sun and one offered me a pair of the glasses to use which I did for about one second and yes, it was an eclipse. The moon's shadow made the sun look like a crescent moon only about ten megabillions times brighter. It was dramatic. 
I handed the glasses back and said, "Thank you," and went into the store and got my crab legs and bumbled around and when I left I could not find my car and yes, I was that old lady, wheeling her cart around, looking into one white Prius after another. At least I didn't open any of them this time. Finally located my own personal vehicle, put my things in the car and drove to "my" Publix where I had a prescription to pick up and bumbled around in there for awhile too. 
I was not having a good time, y'all. 

I managed to get home safely and unloaded the car and came in to find the things that Mr. Moon brought me home from Dog Island. 
Here they are. 

Sue's barkcloth. Hanging in a window at the coast for 25 years has made it so fragile that even lifting it is asking too much of it. Luckily, I have another piece made of the same fabric which I use as a curtain across the door to the pantry here. 

This is one of the most beautiful bark cloth prints I've ever seen. The maroon in it knocks me sideways and the green of the background is complete perfection. 

Here we have, on the left, the madonna and crystal hanging that May made me for a birthday. It is as glorious as ever. The picture of Charlie, Mick, and Keith is self-explanatory, and that green notebook? That's where we recorded our gin rummy scores. 

Moving on we have...

My Dollar Store Fishes! 
And finally-

My Mexican linen calendar for who knows what year? 
Jessie's picture of the sting ray and her foot seem to be MIA. Mr. Moon says he'll look for it. 

And on top of all of that, a book I ordered got here today. 

I have read amazing reviews of this novel. It's Percival Everett's take on Huckleberry Finn. 

I am so excited to read it. 

And so that's been the day here. I am so glad that the next solar eclipse that passes through here will be on August 12, 2045. I will be so dead by then. Hurray! 

It's been a very full day and I have the mermaid toenails to prove it. Well, if mermaids had toenails. Jessie pointed out that my toenails could be compared to the scales on a mermaid's tail. 
I'll take that. 

Love...Ms. Moon