Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Moving Along. Vaguely

This week has already lasted a month and it's only Tuesday. That's the way it is sometimes.

Here's a picture I took on my walk yesterday.

It's nothing but a little drain-off holding pond that runs into a tiny rill but if there's no visible trash in it, it's a pretty thing and I always remember to admire it. 

I walked again today and saw a hawk on a branch and he saw me and flew away. I came home and took a shower and went to town and Jessie and Hank and I went to lunch at a Mediterranean place and it was good. I didn't talk much. I feel like being quiet mostly right now. Maybe I'm hunkering down into myself and that's the way that is sometimes. I know I'm apprehensive about my husband's surgery and also, Kathleen's memorial service is on Saturday afternoon and I wish like hell that neither one of those were necessary but they are. 
Hernias don't heal themselves and people die. 
Dammit to hell. 

I saw Lily at the store when I stopped in to get a few things (and ended up getting more than that) and she looked still quite sick. She hates to have to call in to work. I hate seeing her sick. I also saw a friend who is marrying her sweetheart of over thirty years tomorrow in Monticello. I asked her if she was excited. She said she was getting that way but that after the ceremony, she was going to play Mahjong. They're getting married for the benefits but I believe that she's sort of happy to be doing it. Last year she and her sweetie got rainbow bands tattooed on their ring fingers. They consider themselves wed and have for a long time but this is another thing and now they'll be protected by law. I'm excited for them. 

And here I am and the sun has set and I haven't gone crazy and am feeling okay, although tired. 
Tomorrow I'm going to Monticello myself to meet with Bug and a preacher-friend at the Opera House to get things all planned out for the service. Bug asked if I would mind doling out bits of Kathleen's ashes to anyone who wanted them as she had requested to be done. I told him I did not mind a bit and would be honored to do so.
And I will.
I will take a teaspoon myself although I am not sure where I will place them. 
I will not snort them as Keith Richards did with a few lines of his dad's ashes. But I understand why he did it. 

Maurice says hello.
Nah. That's a lie. 
But if she could talk and had any manners or gave a shit about humans she might. 

Lots of mysteries in this world of ours and cats are part of them.

Be well, y'all. Have sweet dreams tonight. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You sound like I feel.
    Whatever you do, don't be funny after Mr. Moon has his surgery. I got in trouble for that when my hubby had his. I can't help it if I'm funny and can unknowingly make people laugh super easy!
    Say hi to Maurice from me.

  2. I love the word rill. Often paired with tiny. Good luck to good Mr Moon
    for his surgery.

  3. Tell Maurice that I didn't say hi back.
    Norbert doesn't send his regards.

    I know I barely knew Kathleen but her death just seems so sad. She and Bug deserved a long life together. She was obviously a beautiful human and we need more people like her (and you for that matter) around. Does god take the good ones? I don't know. I just know that some of the most amazing souls seem to leave us way too soon.

  4. Yesterday, each minute lasted an hour.

  5. Gosh I hope Lily gets all well soon and Gibson doesn't get too sick. And I forgot when Mr Moon's surgery is but may it go well and may he heal quickly. And I imagine the memorial service for Kathleen will be both difficult and touching. It is a lot to take in. I will be thinking about you a lot. Sweet Jo

  6. Well, there's a lot going on. I can see why you're feeling tired. I hope Kathleen's service goes well. I like the idea of distributing ashes.

  7. Like Steve said, I can see why you're been feeling down lately. Those are sombre things to face. Take care of yourself, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Good luck to Mr. Moon.

  8. I think of Kathleen often since her death even though I didn't know her really at all. I'm so sorry you lost her, she radiated goodness.

  9. Yes, I can see how you would draw into yourself with two big emotion laden events ahead.

  10. Heartinhand- I'll try to remember that tip! Thanks!
    I told Maurice you said, "Hello." She pretended she didn't hear me.

    A- It's a good word, isn't it?

    ditchingthedog- Well, personally I don't think god has anything to do with it. It all just happens as it does.
    But yes, Kathleen could have lived another five lifetimes if she'd just had five more good years.
    Maurice thanks you and Norbert for not sending your regards.

    LBags- I swear. Yes.

    Sweet Jo- It's on Monday, coming up. Soon it will be over. And the memorial service will be a tender thing. I know.

    Steve Reed- I like it too! She was a smart woman.

    jenny_o- I am doing my best! Thank you.

    Maggie May- She radiated LIFE. I tell you. She sure did.

    Ellen Abbott- It is my way.

  11. Mr Moon's surgery will go well and soon you'll be on the other side of it. But I know it's making you anxious. That's how it goes but truly, all will be well. Hugs.

  12. Angella- I know it will go fine. But...you know. YOU know.

  13. Ahhh--hernia surgery. It will be okay. I had a good friend who had double hernia surgery. He was hurting afterwards and had to take it easy but all was okay. Sending good wishes to Mr. Moon and you.


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