Monday, January 12, 2015

Got Eggs?

It's freaking Birdland over here today. It's gray and cloudy and drizzly but the chickens and ducks are living their lives and not giving a fuck about the weather. There's Dovie and Lily and Willy. I think Dovie may be laying small brown eggs. Not sure if they are hers but they might be. I think Miss Camellia's laying days are done. Speaking of which, Mabel is in the hen house, standing on the perch right beside a nest cackling like she's just laid fifteen eggs and I don't think that hen has laid an egg in six months. What the hell is she talking about?

Here's Mick.

Have you EVER seen such a chicken? Hank says we should call him "Spare Parts." I think Hank is right. He does look like a bird built with leftover parts from various breeds and birds. I am developing a great affection for him. He is incredibly tame. 

And I suppose the purpose of keeping birds is for the eggs. Right? But holy mother. I'm drowning in eggs. 

There's the eggs collected since Friday, minus the four I poached for our supper last night. 

Children? Do you need eggs? 

Oh hell. Now Nicey is out there yelling about having laid HER egg. 

I think I might go into the egg salad business. Ms. Moon's Tasty Egg Salad. 
I really do not like egg salad. 

Okay. Elvis has gone to collect Nicey and take her back to the flock. As overwhelmed as I am feeling with eggs, Elvis must be feeling that much more overwhelmed with his escort and protection services. 

The boys will be here soon. 
Happy Monday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love egg salad. On toast, with gerkins.

    You could just go into the egg business, surely someone nearby would like to buy some lovely free range eggs?

  2. Yes, I need eggs! Do you ship to Colorado? Your chickens are so funny and Mick is oddly beautiful, a nice addition to your eccentric flock. I would love to have chickens of my own someday but the husband is still not convinced. Have fun with your boys today!

  3. yah, when my sister kept chickens she had beaucoup eggs. so many that when we would come out to our house for the weekend (before we moved here full time) I would take back cartons of eggs and give them to family and sell them to friends. btw, don't know if you saw the post while you were galavanting around Appachawhachacallit, but I did answer your question about the less than wonderful pieces.

  4. Jo- If this keeps up, maybe the guys who open the new store will buy eggs from me. They expressed an interest.

    Kelly- I think that Mick, like his namesake, is ugly-beautiful. i wish I COULD ship to Colorado. Probably would not be cost effective though. I think your husband would probably fall in love with the chickens if you got them as mine as done with ours.
    And now the ducks.

    Ellen Abbott- I give the eggs to neighbors and my kids and I still can't keep up with them. And yes! I did see your answer and I even showed Glen the picture of your bowl and told him about you. He agreed it was beautiful and a work of art.

  5. I neeeed eggs! My sister has about as many chickens as you do, and she owns a daycare...guess what the daycare kids eat a lot of? ;)


  6. deviled eggs! i can never get enough. there are so many different ways to make them and they're so delish. you could have a deviled eggs contents with the fam!

  7. that should be contest, not contents. lol

  8. I am with Hank. That whateveritis needs to be called Spare Parts.

  9. Then again, Mick Jagger also looks a little bit spare parts-ish.

  10. What a lovely problem to have, those fresh eggs. I went googling extra eggs, and after giving away or selling them, some chicken mommas gave their flock scrambled eggs, another said make and freeze egg noodles and give those away too! Good luck and thanks for sharing your chickens with us too, may your flock come home to roost every night! And my oh my is Mick one interesting looking chicken. Frankenchicken. Chimera Chicken. Fascinating and handsome in his own way - hope he and Elvis work out an arrangement with the ladies :)

  11. Do you think that the chickens are more productive now that there's some competition?

  12. I love egg salad with pickle relish. Mail me some o' them eggs! (Not really.)

  13. I think the names are perfect. Elvis, like his namesake ,such a classically handsome fella. And Mick, just a fascinating mess. I do believe he will grow into something quite amazing.

  14. Creme brûlée takes a shit ton of eggs! And frittatas. You could make a big jar full of pickled eggs like we used to get at the hockey rink when we were kids.

  15. SJ- Well, eggs are good for kids.
    That's great!

    Angella- True. But it's so hard to peel the damn things to make deviled eggs. But they are about the best food in the world, aren't they?

    ditchingthedog- Hank has a way with words. For sure.
    And you're right about the real Mick Jagger.

    Mel- Frankenchicken indeed! I think he is going to be gorgeous when's all grown up. He and Elvis sort of avoid each other. It's working out. So far. And yes, chickens love to eat eggs.

    LBags- Who knows? Could be.

    Steve Reed- You pay the postage, I'll try.

    Lain T- "Fascinating mess." Exactly!

    Heartinhand- Creme Brulee. Oh my yes.


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