Friday, January 2, 2015

Love, Scrumptious Cookies And More

I feel pretty good about how things went in the Mer Mer Day Care Center today. We did a lot of stuff and most of it did not revolve around a screen although we did have some rest/down time which did and I got to read more of the lovely book I'm reading. I'm at that point where the end is coming and I DON'T WANT IT TO.

I might actually figure out the Audible Book thing and listen to it on my phone. If I can. Figure it out. It's that good. 

But back to the boys. We played pirates which inspired us to go dig up treasure in the driveway (glass, bits of pottery, shells, rocks, a pull top from an old soda can) and put it in a box and bury it and make a map where X marked the spot. That was big fun. They gave me a make-over and sadly, Mr. Moon has not even noticed yet. We fed chickens and goats. Owen climbed a tree. We colored. We played on the play set. Well, they boys played. I sat in a chair and read a magazine and pushed them on swings. Can't be wearing a Mer Mer out, you know. They ran around in the garden like caged lions until I made them stop because they were smashing my baby onions. We also made sugar cookie dough and then we rolled it out and decorated the cookies and then we baked them although Gibson thought they were quite fine in the dough stage and didn't really understand why we had to bake them.
I completely understand. 

Boppy got home before Daddy got here and there was some board nailing and duck-egg hunting. Those durn ducks with their lesbian sex and louche ways, dropping their eggs wherever they want with no regard to location. They are so merry and so silly and they hang with the chickens all day and night. 
And I have to tell you that I saw no sign of Miss Dove today and so I think she is gone which saddens me a great deal. She was such a pretty hen and I wanted so badly to make her comfortable.
Such is life. 
And the ever-after.

We are going to eat the bream that the boys caught at Bug's the other day. Mr. Moon and I are, that is. I rarely fry anything but bream must be fried. I dip them in flour and then in egg and milk and then in flour and cornmeal with salt and pepper and pan fry them in a skillet with a little oil. They will be so good. I'm going to make the grits that take an hour to cook, too, and some cole slaw. It will be a good supper, I think. 

And oh- I wanted to mention a show that Mr. Moon and I watched on PBS the other night. It was just absolutely wonderful. It's from the BBC and it's called The Great British Bake Off.  I suppose it's based on our own cooking contest shows here in the states but it's so...well, British. One of the judges is named Mary Cherry (really?) and she says things like, "This is simply scrumptious!" The contestants are "home" bakers and instead of saying things which contain many words that must be bleeped, they are as polite as one would hope and THEIR TEETH ARE NOT PERFECT! It's one of the most refreshing shows I've seen in a long time and even Mr. Moon was fascinated. 
Every damn one of you probably already watches this show and hasn't told me about it. If so, darn you to Aitch E Double Ell. 

Not really. 

And there you go. Another day in the life. 
I asked Owen if he and Gibson had had a Rolling Stones dance party last night and he said that they did. 
"Was it fun?" I asked him. 
"No!" he said. "It was SUPER fun!"
I love those boys so much that it makes my heart ache. When I kissed them good-bye I felt really good about the way the day had gone and happy to have been a part of it. There was a lot of pretend and a lot of play and a lot of kissing and hugging. 

I feel very fortunate. Very blessed. 

They both told me they loved me. I told them I loved them too, which is completely unnecessary. They know it. They swagger about the place with the knowledge that they are loved. They are fortunate and blessed as well because they are loved so well by so many. 

But we have to keep saying it, don't we? I love you. I love you. I love you. It is always gold in the ear to hear that. Why would we scrimp on such a thing? I would never. And in that spirit...

I love you...Ms. Moon


  1. Ha, the Great British Bakeoff. It's beloved here. Mary Berry, though, I'm afraid, but it's still just as cute.

    Those boys are wonders.

  2. Jo- Ha! Mary Berry! Whatever. I am going to let it stand and see how many people correct me. And what the hell is up with those "presenters"? Who ARE they? The slightly off-color jokes crack me up.

  3. Mary I love that you know that you can't say I love you enough. I love that you grand babies are going to grow up so secure in love. I am so sorry if The new hen went away. She is so pretty. I love hearing about the ducks. Hell, I love hearing about everything you write about. Sweet Jo

  4. I hate that Dove disappeared, she reminded me of mine only mine was more of a dirty buff. We had fried mullet last night along with black eyed peas and greens. We had left over mullet sandwich tonight. Owen and Gibson are so fortunate to have you as their Mer and daycare. Gail

  5. I had to stop reading that book. When the boys were learning to be soldiers and they beat up the other boy. It was too much for me at the time I came across it.

    I'd much rather, a million times rather, come here and read about your sweet boys.

    Thanks for checking in on my blog yesterday.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the show. I needed something new to watch!

  7. I've never heard of that show and it sounds scrumptious. I'm sad about Miss Dovie.

  8. I love books that are so good you never want them to end. I may look for this one, although I might have the same reaction as Vesuvius, above.

  9. "I Love You more than yesterday and less than tomorrow" ( or something close to that,it's been a long day) Sorry dear,J.D. from Wales turned me on to it.Didn't know you were/are a fan of shows with pots and pans:)I do not watch the t.v. unless i have to.I so do Love You Mary as you have shown me a whole world of wonderful-liked minded folks.One of my bucket things is to meet you in person...peace.P.S i danced to rs on New Years and thought about you and Yours...

  10. I loved The Bake Off, excellent antidote to gastritis nights. Wait till you get to the Baked Alaska episode. It made the national papers.

  11. Ms. Merluna, I like the way you think. I was checking out comments regarding Mr. Natural when I ran across your site. R. Crumb got a lot right, didn't he. Do you remember the Checkered Demon? I used to play the part from time to time. Checkie was heavily into Mr Naturals head. Off we go into the future of 2015! Let it be good.

  12. Sweet Jo- And I love knowing that you are reading here. Thank you. You are precious to me.

    Gail- Fried mullet is so good. Yeah. It's hard when a hen disappears. And you really did have a special relationship with that chicken. We mourn our little friends, don't we?

    Ms. Vesuvius- I wrote to Elizabeth that the book was depressing the hell out of me when I got to that part. But...I kept reading. And I'm so glad I did.
    Hey- I always get excited when you post.

    Elizabeth- I think you'll like it. I hope so!

    Jill- I'm sad about Miss Dovie too.

    Jenny o- Well, as I said, I struggled with part of it but it certain redeems itself.

    mary i- You are so sweet! Meeting me in person probably would not be nearly as thrilling as you think it would be. I'm glad you danced!

    Sabine- Oooh! I am trembling with anticipation! (Seriously, I am.)

    Joe- I get a lot of hits from that post. And yes! Let 2015 be good and welcome and come back any time you feel like it!

  13. Ms. Moon, it is so good to "hear" your voice again. I was a reader years ago, and it makes me happy to see the babies grown older, and your light just the same. I've missed your tales!

  14. Ginger- Oh! How nice! Thank you! Yep. Not much has changed except that we are all older.

  15. Mary, tonight I spent the evening with friends and as women do, we got to talking about our marriages and I was stunned, shocked and saddened to hear that none of my friends say or hear "I love you" every day.
    My Derwood and I say it daily, multiple times. Then to read this:
    "But we have to keep saying it, don't we? I love you. I love you. I love you. It is always gold in the ear to hear that. Why would we scrimp on such a thing? I would never. "
    I wanted to express this very thing, but did not have the words, yet here they are. You're an angel.
    Thank you.

  16. Yes, yes, the Great British Bake-Off! It is HUGE here in England. It is literally the show that everyone talks about at work the next morning. Dave and I watch it religiously. I'm glad they've finally exported it to the states.

    As someone already mentioned -- Mary Berry. But I bet there's an imitating drag queen out there somewhere who has already adopted the name Mary Cherry.

    I am so glad Miss Dove returned (as I saw in a more recent post).

  17. Note - I think Paul Hollywood is a celeb baker, and Mel and Sue are/were comedians. Hence the off colour jokes, no doubt they're a bit naughty :)


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