Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pissed As Hell And Sad, Sad, Sad

Goddammit, y'all.
Something killed Eggy Tina today and I think her sister, Missy, too. I found Eggy's body in the gloaming and she was laid out, her belly eviscerated. I haven't found Missy but she's not in the hen house and there's that vibe in there- that scared, quiet vibe.
And I'm pretty sure I know who the murderer was. A big orange and white cat that comes around and she's been in the yard all day and she chose those two because they're the smallest. I think that cat might be Rusty's mother. She's the one feral that hung out at the garbage place they could not trap and spay and I am so angry that I've already told Mr. Moon he can shoot her. She isn't scared of me. I tried to shoo her off and she only ducked under the truck. And she's not skinny. And every cat in this neighborhood knows they can eat the food I put out in the pump house every night and every morning.
I will not stand for this.
My little Eggy Tina, her blood and guts spilled out on the ground.
I just want to cry.


I'm so glad the boys didn't see her. I was telling them goodbye when I saw a white shape by the edge of the nandina where the chickens like to hang out and I knew, even before I went and got the flashlight what I was going to see.

Well, that happened today and I am sorrowful.

I am powerful sorrowful. My little hens with their fluffy legs. I fed them grapes this afternoon.
And they are gone.


  1. Fucking orange beast.

  2. I'm so sorry! My son lost several chickens to wild dogs a couple months ago, and the family is still distraught...not to mention the survivors went through some rough times, too. I hope Mr. Moon shoots that damned cat! Sending you big tearful hugs...

  3. Oh no, that is terrible news! I'm so sorry! :(

  4. Do what you have to do and protect your sweet flock. Hate this shit. Thankfully, we don't have much feral anything up here as they freeze their asses off and drop dead by mid-winter. Like you, I save what I can and otherwise, they're on their own survival wise. Poor chicks. Poor you. I am so sorry. X

  5. So saddening and infuriating when this happens...I wish it never did, but eat or be eaten doesn't follow our dictates. Her spark has rejoined Mother Earth and is nestled in her arms.

  6. Lois- Me too! Golly. It just sucks.

    Jenny o- Nature IS cruel. Fuck all those videos of cats and birds being best friends.

    Anonymous- Yes. Yes.

    Birdie- I would hate to think I am assigning guilt where there is none but the fact is, that cat was in the yard all day long.

    Catrina- She might be pretty hard to shoot. She is obviously wily as hell. I'm sorry your son lost some chickens. It does happen. It's part of it.

    Kelly- It was just so shocking. My pretty little black and white hen.

    Camille- I have a feeling this cat could survive anything.

  7. Yes, Mr. Moon can shoot it dead. It has disobeyed the rules.

  8. Big Mamabird- I guess. The damn cat has other food around to eat though. And plenty of wild birds. I guess mine were just too tempting and plump and slow.

    Joanne Noragon- This is the truth.

  9. Oh Ms Moon.. and this is why I can't bring myself to have more chickens tho I loved it so


  10. AND I can't believe how big those grandbabies are. I've been away too long

  11. Michelle- Hey sweet woman! I thought of you and your murdered chickens when this happened. I think of you so very often. Yes. I have missed you like crazy.

  12. Oh nature can be cruel in her indifference. So sorry you lost some of your girls. Sometimes predators (or rats in my case) must be dealt with.

  13. I am so sad for this. Owen named her Eggy Tina and now she is gone. I am glad she had grapes today.


  14. I am so sorry. I know how you feel, that doesn't make it any easier. Aw, that just sucks. Gail

  15. I am so sorry. Dr. Jin, my friend the acupuncturist had a backyard chicken massacre that so traumatized her she couldn't imagine having them again. She told me that she was so attached to them. I believe her and I believe you. I am really sorry.

  16. Oh, god. I am so sorry. I hope Missy turns up OK. Maybe she just got scared and took off. Poor Eggy Tina.

  17. Damn it, nature is cruel. Poor chicks, and yes, that cat has to go. Sorry for your loss, truly, and know that we all grieve right along with you.

  18. Aw, no, I'm so sorry. Bad, nasty cat.

  19. so glad the boys didn't have to find out that way.

    sending love and light


  20. What a way to find her. So awful. I'm very sorry.

  21. Oh no. This hurts my heart. I'm so sorry, Mary.


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