Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Morning Services

Can I just say that the ducks have a very active sex life? That picture was taken right after one of them had just had her way with the other. And then they quack and splash and get out of the little pond and go about their ducky way. The chickens ignore them. Willy and Lily are the sluts of the yard but they are so merry about it, so unconcerned, that I can't help but be amused.

It's gray here and the rain comes and goes like a child who forgets her boo-boo but then remembers it again and breaks out in fresh tears. I slept until almost ten and am just now making pancakes.
Ah well. My two main goals today are to change out the calendar and clean out the hen house.
I think I will have time to finish that before the day is over.

They are having church next door which is odd. I cannot figure out their schedule. They hardly ever meet on Sunday mornings but I can hear the drums and the singing.

Duck sex, church services, pancakes.

Happy Sunday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. For a while we had no drake for our duck girls, they became quite vocal about their needs not being met. We found them a drake. They stopped complaining. Happy sexy times restored.

  2. Big Mamabird- They seem pretty happy just fooling around with each other. But if someone gave me a drake, I'd probably take it.

  3. the sun was shining when I got up but it is getting hazy now. more clouds and rain moving in I guess but yesterday was glorious, the first sunny day in over a week. now we are headed into a week or more of prolonged cold weather. yuck. I'm over it.

  4. Ellen Abbott- I just looked at our forecast- it is going to be so cold this week. Hell and damn!

  5. I had no idea ducks were so wanton!

  6. Sky is clear here but it's -40C. Ya I know, why do I live here?! Oh well, at least our bugs are small.
    How much sex does a duck need?!

  7. Well, fuck a duck.

    As they say around here.

  8. Maybe they are content cause that's what they are familiar with..?

  9. Angella- Wanton and happy creatures. I am learning a lot from them.

    heartinhand- Oh, we have small bugs too! Along with the big ones. As to how much sex do ducks need- well, seemingly quite a bit.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Fuck a duck indeed!

    Big Mamabird- I am thinking you may be right.

  10. Those ducks DO seem awfully single-minded, from what you've said here!

  11. Steve Reed- They seem to be all about enjoying life to the fullest.


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