Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Do Make A Difference

The season of camellias is definitely upon us and today the peppermint striped ones began to open.

One of the small tasks I did on this Sunday was to replace the hallway altar flowers with fresh ones. No one in this world notices when I do this but I notice every time I walk by them, which is many, many times a day. So much of what I do is probably never noticed. I feel the same may be true for you, as well. Still, somehow, I feel that these small, invisible actions may well be what keeps this world from descending into complete chaos.
The changing of the toilet paper roll, the washing of the dishes and the clothes, the changing of the diaper at 3:00 a.m., the making sure there is milk, there are bananas, there is cereal and bread in the house. The deodorant we remember to buy, the buttons we may remember to sew on, the pulling of the weeds in the flower beds, the floors we sweep and mop, the rugs we vacuum.

The camellias we pick and set in vases.

And it's not just chaos we are preventing, those of us who do the small tasks which are barely noticed, which we do for nothing but love. We are creating a place of order, of beauty. We are kissing the babies, we are pulling up the covers over sleeping children, we are making sure the animals are fed and tended, the toddlers' hands are held, the homework is done, the stories are read, the curtains are opened or closed, the beds are made so that when we lie in them at night, they feel good and sleep comes easily.

This and so much more.

I just wanted to remind you of that. That all you do is appreciated and even if only you appreciate and notice and it makes a difference to you, that is enough.

And you are bringing beauty and sanity and peace and love and ease to this world. Which is as important as anything I can imagine.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I agree with you, yet sense that in general, appreciation of what has sometimes been called the angel in the house (and by high-end domestic agencies, I read recently, "daily graces", such as the flowers)is fading fast. Brian Eno, in a forum called The Phenomena of Bullshit Jobs, mused that all work should be measured against the primal
    importance of a mother, a teacher,
    a caregiver.

  2. I don't know what made you write this today, but I'm glad you did. A much needed reminder that all jobs are valuable.

    Except maybe stockbrokers. I can't understand how those command so much respect and pay :)

    Seriously, thank you.

  3. Well hello Ms. Moon. Found you on John Grays Blog Going Gently. I too am grandma (yaya) to 3 and so relate to your post. For years I made a big deal about handmaking all the bows I put on Christmas presents. This year due to school stresses I did not do so figuring no one noticed. My 33 year son did, admitting he saved every single one of the bows I made and put on his and his wives packages the last 10 years! I was gobsmaked. Keep up your special gifts, and your blogging.

  4. A- I so agree with that. And may I add perhaps the nurse? Although that may be redundant.

    Big mamabird- You are welcome.

    Jenny o- Yes. Perhaps stockbrokers.

    Donna- Thank you for finding me and for commenting. My goodness! You have a lot of blogs! Keep you YOUR special gifts. And your blogging!

  5. Thank you for saying this, today. I believe it to be true, but it is never said in our bustling busy worlds.

  6. Oh, loveliness. Yes, it matters. Weird, how so much of the stuff women do is, well, reapeatable. has to be done over and over again to try to maintain a tiny bit of order and beauty. I'm glad about the camellias. And the altar to Keith. xoxoxo.

  7. I really needed to hear this! My job, I love it but it drains me. Today one of my clients told me that I am the only one who stays the whole shift. He has 4 people going in 7 days a week; a potential for 28 different people going in and I am the only one that stays? In that same home I have noticed I am the only one who takes out the garbage. I go into homes every day and I see communication pages and medication records that should have been cleaned out months ago. Now, this isn't a post about what a wonderful caregiver I am because I just do what I feel is right. What bothers me is almost nobody ever notices. I keep thinking, "Why bother?" You have reminded me the reason to bother. I won't go so far at to say it is a Butterfly Effect but maybe my level of commitment will make a difference in someone's life and bring beauty and sanity and peace and love. I sure hope so.

  8. So much of what we do we do for ourselves. We give ourselves that taste of beauty. That camellia. That's why I make my bed. Turning down those neatly arranging quilts and blankets is a pleasure.

  9. I have never seen or known of a striped Camillia! Very cool. I've forgotten about the lovely touches we can provide for ourselves too. Sweet Jo

  10. My husband brings home groceries, soaps, paper towels, lightbulbs, things I never buy but always have when we need them because he keeps us stocked. Thank you for reminding me to thank him!

  11. What a lovely post Ms. Moon. I have also just popped over from John Gray. Your remark about buying deodorant reminded me that we need shower gel… it is now on the list! My youngest son (27) is a stickler for Xmas traditions regarding the decorations in the house, and now he does the swags above the windows for me when he comes home…it was always a difficult job for me! I think they have been there at Xmas for as long as he can remember .

  12. I love those big goofy flowers. I am forgetting the small tasks; thanks for the reminder.
    Take care

    Also, my blog has been taken over by a spambot-just erase that blog dobalina thing from your list.

  13. All those little things add up to a lot. God is in the details, as someone said.

  14. MichiganMom- You are so welcome.

    Betsy- Yes. That is something I have despaired over my entire life. Everything must be done over and over again. And yet- we do it. It is ritual, it is necessary.
    Ah- you noticed Keith back there. LIFE.

    ditchingthedog- Exactly, Birdie. You are doing GOD's work. And I mean that in the sense that yours are the hands of angels when you do what you do.

    Denise- Exactly!

    Angella- He will be pleased.

    Frances- And how nice to meet you! It is wonderful when others notice and then take over. What sweetness!

    Magnum- I noticed that. I sure do miss you.

    Steve Reed- Yes. That is true, I do believe.

  15. I could have used this post on Christmas Day.

  16. Eek. I'd better get off my ass and make some hot dogs.

  17. yes, that. it's how we ease our lives and the lives of the ones we love, the countless thoughtless/thoughtful things we do each day.

    I'm jealous of your camillias. They always remind me of my dad who grew them. I have not been successful but I haven't tried in a long time.

  18. I am reading backwards, and read this one AFTER I just told you how generous you are. Thank you for this. It will help with the dishes.


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