Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm So Pertinent

So okay. In dream world last night I found myself in a mental hospital. Because?
My husband was fooling around and wanted me tucked away.
And there was a hurricane coming.
And I was NOT crazy.
I finally told one of the nurses, "Look. I'm not insane and I'm going home because I have to make preparations for the hurricane."
She looked at me like I was a child saying that I was not sleepy and NOT GOING TO TAKE A NAP.
"Oh, I don't think you're going home, honey," she said.
I was trying to make sure that I was acting like I wasn't crazy. Which of course (and in my dream I realized this) meant that I was acting pretty crazy and smiling way too much. Finally I just started yelling, "What is my diagnosis? I want to know what my diagnosis is!"
Another nurse, a kindly nurse, admitted that I didn't have one but that they were putting drugs in my water which explained my dizziness.
I believe I got out. But I'm not sure.

So this was a definite departure from my usual dream script. At least I wasn't trying to clean up things or cook for a hundred people. At least my dreams aren't boring. They come populated with all sorts of characters and story lines and emotions and problems.
But shitfire- why can't I just have a nice sex dream now and then?

Ah well.

It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm not in a mental hospital and I'm not dizzy and the sun is shining and Jessie is tucked up in my bed after a very nice pancake breakfast which we ate outside with Greta and Maurice entertaining us. Greta found all the balls that she's left here and piled them up in one place and tried to get Maurice to play with her. Maurice likes to be around Greta but she doesn't want to play. Especially not with balls.

I thought that Mr. Moon (my imprisoner) and Vergil were going to do some home-repairs around here today but so far they are shooting the bow. Thwack! They did wash the dishes.

It's Super Bowl Sunday, right? I have no idea who's playing. This takes some actual effort, you know. I don't even know who the halftime act is. I know it's neither the Rolling Stones nor Bruce Springsteen so who cares?
Probably about a billion people but I am not one of them. I don't feel superior about this. It's just the way it is.

I think I might go out and get the garden ready to plant potatoes and peas. Kneel in the dirt and get sundrunk while listening to an audio book. Sounds pretty perfect to me. I don't have enough enthusiasm to pull any more vines or invasives today. That would be actual work. And the hen house needs cleaning again. And I could pot up one of my rooted giant begonias for Jessie to take home with her. Elvis is calling me to come out, come out. Otherwise I'm just going to sit here and annoy Christian rightwingers on the Facebook which is a ridiculous and pointless thing to do.
Besides, I'm just an obviously paranoid individual who, after thirty years, thinks her husband is fooling around and wants to put her in an insane asylum.
And it's not even hurricane season.

Oh. Katy Perry is playing at halftime. Is she a singer?

Love and kisses...Ms. Moon


  1. She is, she's quite sweet and feisty, I like her.

    I think this last dream just says a lot about your fears. There should be some nice sex dream pill you can take before bed. I'd buy that.

  2. I couldn't care less about football in general or the Super Bowl in particular or the half time entertainment or the commercials. I'll be outside if anyone needs me.

  3. Jo- I believe you about Katy. And probably about my fears, too. As to the sex-dream pill? Oh hell yes! But I'd probably end up dreaming of having sex with someone like Dick Cheney which would of course be a horrible and hideous nightmare.

    Ellen Abbott- Me too, baby! Although it is a good excuse to eat chips and salsa. Not that I would do that in front of the actual game on TV, of course.

  4. We're having an Anti-Super Bowl cookout at our Florida home this afternoon. Then we'll play Left Right Center, a really cool dice game. If anyone wants to watch the game, they'll have to go in the bedroom, cuz we'll be jammin' to '60's and '70's rock and roll in the living room. We have Italian sausage, brats, and hot dogs for the grill, tater salad, Texas Caviar, chips and my homemade salsa, deviled eggs, a cheese ball, chocolate chip cheesecake, and Bloody Mary's and Amaretto Sours. This beats the hell out of being home in Illinois in sweats! Oh, and the Seattle Seahawks and The New England Patriots are playing....and I don't care! Hope you have a peaceful day!

  5. It seems so strange to me that people are playing football when we have snow and ice and more snow on the way tomorrow. But the snacks - I could get behind that all right.

    Soak up that sunshine like a cat would do, Ms Moon.

  6. Was grinning all the way through but when you got to the Katy Perry part and is she a singer - I snorted out loud. Had the same discussion with my husband earlier today. Told him to go Google it...then said "Nah, never mind, you'll see in a few hours." So funny. Football bores the hell out of me but I do like half-time shows and snacks...lots of snacks. X

  7. I hate football. I love the commercials but am fine watching them before or after. I am hoping your poor wrist is healing up. That was a nasty scratch you got there! You take such good care of your family Ms Moon - from the pancakes to the bed to the cleaning of the hen house. I wish I could give you a spa weekend just to luxuriate. I am going back to sleep for a bit. I had a slumber party involving a 9 yr old and she insisted on looking at clothes at midnight and I love her and gave in. Sweet Jo

  8. Catrina- That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun! Enjoy!

    jenny_o- I think I am part cat.

    Camille- I actually did know that Katy Perry is a singer. I just thought it was a great line.

    Sweet Jo- Well, dang! That sounds like a fun slumber party! Nine-year old girls rock! I wouldn't know what to do with a spa weekend. It sure would be nice to get a massage though. Join me?

  9. You could be right, I know someone who dreamed she was doing terrible things to George Bush, out of pity.


  10. I dreamed I was somewhere and suddenly realized I hadn't called my Mother in a really long time. I woke up and it took a moment to remember she has been dead over 2 years. That was new to me too. Gail

  11. I saw Katy Perry in concert this year and I'd say she's more of a performer than a singer. I enjoy her in small doses. A full concert was sensory overload.


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