Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Ducks

Cold this morning but it doesn't seem to bother Willy and Lily.

They are happily quacking and waddling about. 

They make me smile. When Bug came over the other day to bring Kathleen's plants, they heard his voice and came waddling over and just stood there and stared at him.
I said, "They recognize you."
And I believe they did. They studied him for a few moments and then turned and waddled away as if to say, "Yep. That was him. Let's go find some more food."


  1. They probably generate enough friction to stay warm!

  2. Babies can be like that sometimes, too!

  3. Steve Reed- Except that they do it in water- isn't that weird? And cold?

    Jenny Woolf- Exactly!

  4. Whenever I visit the ducks at the pond near our house I wonder how they don't freeze. I remind them that they should fly south.

  5. I'm digging the ducks :)

    Is Bug wanting to sell the place, or is he just downsizing on the pet population? I'm sure they did recognize him! SOunds like they are very comfortable in the Moon home, and that makes me happy.

  6. I'll be they did recognize him. Makes sense to me. I love that they are with you.

  7. Don't you have a pond for them to swim in?

  8. Those ducks are so cute. I keep thinking of them as Willy and Nilly.

  9. They probably did. They certainly recognized his voice. When my sister had ducks, one of them came through the dog door into the house, figured it out by watching the dogs.

  10. I love them! I told Will about them & he's looking forward to meet them.

  11. They do make a lovely couple. I worry that they will get wind of Florida's recent stumble on the slippery slope to complete moral depravity and waddle on over to the courthouse to elope.

  12. They're adorable. And of course they knew Bug. How could they not recognize him? Animals are far smarter than they've been made out to be :)

  13. Ducks are more clever then geese, remember geese saved Rome from burning - at least that's what I learned in school.
    My granny kept ducks and she managed to train them to tell her when someone came into her garden. We were scared shitless.

  14. ditchingthedog- As well they should!

    SJ- Bug just isn't interested in keeping poultry. He took good care of them for Kathleen but they were her love, not his. And now I love them so it works out well.

    Jill- The Chuckling Chucks.

    Denise- Oh, I'm sure they did. It was the funniest thing. They waddled right up and stared at him and talked about it for a moment.

    Jo- Not really a pond. A scummy tiny body of water. But they like it.

    Angella- That really should be their names.

    Ellen Abbott- My chickens do that too. They are NOT stupid.

    LBags- Yes! You have to bring him out!
    I would love that!

    Lain T- They don't need no piece of paper from the City Hall. They have love.

    Jenny o- I agree!

    Sabine- Ha! Smart granny, smart ducks!

  15. I hope that Bug stays there and loves the place. I sure do miss reading Kathleen.

    Glad that you have the Foster Farm for Fowl


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