Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Walk Of Life

I put on my walking stuff this morning and actually went out for my constitutional. As you can see, it is a most beautiful morning.

I left Mr. Moon in the care of Maurice.

She is an excellent nurse cat and makes sure that he stays where he is and that his legs are warm.

He is feeling much better today and plans to go into town not once, but twice. Business and basketball. He will be watching the basketball, not playing it. And he is about to take a shower. He looks like my man again, standing straight and tall, great color, smiling again. 

And I feel so grateful on this beautiful morning and it was a joy to go out and walk. I was not the only one who had walked the dirt roads this morning.

Raccoon? I think so. 

The chickens are scratching beneath the bird feeder, Trixie is singing her little song. The ducks are happily paddling about the tiny pond, dipping their heads to eat the duck weed. 

Two good-looking lads I know from the Opera House are coming out to visit me this afternoon. When I saw them on Saturday, I said, "I'd really love to catch up with you two. Hear all about what you've been doing."
And of them said, "What are you doing on Wednesday?"
And so...they are coming out. I am looking forward to this so much. I feel as if Kathleen and I had been their old aunties for awhile when they took part in different productions and she and I always had the deepest affection for them. One of them has the last name of "Vaughn" which is a strong family name for me. I wonder if we are related. We shall have to discuss that. 

I went out to take a picture of the trillium a few minutes ago and by golly, guess who was already out there.

Can she now read my mind? 
This morning, as she rested on the blanket in Mr. Moon's lap I said, "Oh Maurice. It is such a shame that you picked our house to come and live in. We barely love you at all."
She looked up at me with an expression that could have said, "Oh really?" Or, "Fuck you." Or, "No shit."And then she closed her eyes and lowered her head down onto her crossed paws and went back to sleep.

Whatever. We are fools for that cat. And she may not suffer us gladly but she does suffer us, in her way.

Grateful. So very. For this good day and for healing and for chickens and ducks and an orange cat and friends coming over and the love I have for all of it. If it is the wealthiest people who have everything they could ever need and are satisfied with all they have, then I am the wealthiest of all. 
On this day, at least. 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mr Moon and Maurice look like they are good healing mates. I am glad your man is coming along. Sweet Jo

  2. Ah, Maurice. She suffers, that one :) Is there a story behind her name, by the way? Maybe you have already told it.

    Glad to hear Mr Moon is doing fine. And that you are having a good day.

  3. My god, I thought that dirt was snow! Lol clearly I've been wintering too long.

  4. Good jog, Maurice. Good job, Trixie. Good job, Mr. and Mrs. Moon.
    What sweet photos those were. I love looking in on your life.

  5. I, too, sometimes feel so damned wealthy that I can hardly contain myself. Of course, there are some days that I feel like the most shat upon person alive. I like the wealthy feeling much better!

  6. Cats are great company, aloof as they are. I miss my cats!

    Glad Mr Moon is coming along.

    That trillium is still amazing.


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