Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Have Your Fantasies, I Have Mine

So I got a Facebook message from Mr. Rabbath

this morning that said, "Guess what! You're getting an IMBd for As I Am!"

And I wrote back, "Uh, Freddy, what's an IMBd?"

And he answered, "Integrated Missile Data Base."

So of course I googled the IMBd and then I called Freddy. He patiently explained to me that it's a huge data base of movies (not missiles, not really) and As I Am is going to be in there which means that I'll be in there as an actor.
Just like Brad Pitt!


He said it'll take a few weeks. He's already in there for other movies. Freddy, that is. We're not talking about Brad Pitt any more.

I find this to be hysterical. Okay, not the part where Freddy or his movies are in there but the part where I will be in there.

I could use this on a resume! For a job!
I mean, the world is tired of Meryl Streep, right?

She's done it all.
I would like to meet Bill Murray.

I'll be honest with you. But Wes Anderson already has Anjelica Houston.

So, forget that.

Well. So it goes. One never knows in this life. Someday I might just get to meet Bill Murray.

If he ever comes to Lloyd.

Actually, I could see Freddy getting Bill Murray in a part for one of his movies. Freddy is going to do bigger and bigger things.
Okay- New fantasy:

Freddy gets Bill Murray to be in a movie. Freddy shoots the movie here at my house in Lloyd.

I am in it. Plus, I cook for everyone.
Bill Murray sees the pictures of him I have in my bathroom. He is charmed.
We become like best friends.
We all hang out in Lloyd and watch the chickens have before-bed sex with the sprinklers on the garden and then we eat chicken and dumplings. Bill sleeps in the Panther Room.

Oh yeah.

And wait- WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!
BB KING (my daddy)

And he comes and hangs out too! He brings Lucille and plays music while I cook him up some grouper (he doesn't eat land-animals) and oh my god- FREDDY- hurry up! Bill, BB, and I are not getting any younger!

Okay. Back to reality. Buster just finished Pearl's canned dog food breakfast for her and then peed on the floor next to the bowl (sometimes he pees IN the bowl) and I have to clean it up. I think he's trying to show me that the canned dog food is HIS and not Pearl's.

And that, folks, is my real life.

(But seriously, Freddy- you can do this. You can make my dream come true.)

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You hang on to that dream, Ms Moon! You just never know. Congrats on your IMBd. It sounds like a knighthood ... or a medical condition, maybe :)

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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  4. Ha, very cool. I use that site all the time to settle arguments about who was in what.

  5. I have been in need of this type of morning read Mary. So thank you for getting my smile up!

    Do I detect the future in the Academy Awards? Oh I can see you there right now! Best Short Films Award!!!! Smoozing with all the celebs...oh yeah!!!

    By the way I like your new header with Elvis...quite the guy your rooster.

  6. That's big news -- here in Los Angeles, everyone knows what IMBd is --

    Woo Hoo!

  7. kick ass, you're in the data base! my first celebrity blogger!

    and I sometimes pee on my coolers to make sure the forest animals know that's MY food and beer dammit!

  8. Jo- I was thinking it sounded like an immunization.

    Jill- Girl's gotta dream, right?

    DTG- I realize now I do too.

    Ellen- I think Elvis has a better chance of being a celebrity than I do.

    Elizabeth- Yes, but this is Lloyd.

    Magnum- You should try that with your raccoon.

  9. I check out IMBd often after we watch a movie to read the trivia about how the movie was made.
    There is another Mary Moon under IMBd! She is listed on TV shows such as The Love Boat in the 70's. Is there something you are not telling us? :-)

  10. Michele R- Nah. I wasn't even Mary Moon in the seventies. I guess someone else was.

  11. Dearest Mary, I use imdb all the time. How wonderful you will be in there. Let's hope there's plenty more credits to add.

    You never know Bill might be coming round one day. Stranger things have happened!

    A young actor friend once jokingly shouted out when the phone rang. "If it's Martin Scorsese tell him I'm busy". It was Martin Scorsese. He took the call. Love you xx

  12. Sweet! That is awesome, Ms. Moon! I wonder what kind of database the rest of us can get ourselves into? Hmmmm....

  13. I am still waiting for the sweet, sweet Brad-Pitt-Hollywood lifestyle that I was expecting with my IMDb page. I am happy to settle for the sweet, sweet Bob-Rosenberg-Hollywood-adjacent lifestyle...

  14. I think it is utterly awesome that you will be on imdb. We all knew you were cool, now it's a proven fact.

    Also, sweet fantasy.

  15. Hey, good IMDb news! When you get Bill and BB and everyone together lets have a Big Party! x0 N2

  16. Got that app on my phone.
    Wow Mama Moon, that just rocks!!!
    I love your dreams.
    I don't see what they shouldn't all come true, really...

  17. I'm rooting for you! He could have a bath in your bathtub. You could be cooking your wonderful venison something or biscuits or something while he's in your bath. No, actually, phone for pizza and just talk to him. Or make your kids cook and sit on the edge of the bath talking shop. I'm sure he could tell you lots of actor's stories.

    And I'm always using IMDb so to me that is too cool!

  18. Holy shit! IMDb! That's freaking awesome. Makes my day right there :)

  19. Christina- What a great little story! I'll be sure to let you know if Bill ever gets in touch.

    Ms. Trouble- I'm sure we're all in far more than we'd ever imagine.

    Lisa- Exactly! I already have everything in this world I ever really dreamed of.

    Lora- I am SO not cool. But I do have a good imagination. You're so sweet.

    N2- We sure will!

    Bethany- Honestly, honey chile, they all already have.

    Mwa- Okay. That would be awesome. Only one fly in the ointment- no pizza delivery in Lloyd, Florida. Do you suppose Bill would like me to wash his back?

    Stephanie- It seems really odd. I wonder if it will really happen.

  20. OMG Ms. Moon, I had to re-read that...I thought you wrote you wanted to have before-bed sex with Bill Murray in the sprinklers!

    I better go to bed. I can't see straight anymore. :)

  21. I forgot to add my congrats. Don't forget us little people when Hollywood comes knocking.

  22. @Ms Moon - I'm sure he would. Perhaps he would like you to rub shampoo into his hair as well.

  23. The canned dog food is PEARLS!, goddammit. Fuck off, Buster.

    I know what IMBD is. How exciting. You were already a star to me, though.

    Love you so!!

  24. wow, I can say, I knew her when she started blogging and had all those chickens. Now look at her.


  25. this rocks.

    And I need to watch something with Bill Murray in it soon. .

  26. Yes, Freddy can make your dream come true. Wouldn't that be fun!


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