Thursday, April 28, 2011


Black skies and no wind at all and thunder in the distance and chanting frogs and the rain is beginning to fall and it's almost time to go pick up my brother at the airport and deliver him unto our mother and my belly is full of snakes.
I hate driving in rain. I hate it. I hate driving in the dark. I hate it.
I hate confrontation/faking-it/everything about this situation.

But if I told you that I love this brother, even if we are match and striker, even if we are gas and flame, I would not be lying one bit.


  1. Hoping for some light and still and quiet. For you and everyone else in the Deep South this morning.

  2. Thinking of you, Ms. Moon. Drive safely.

  3. I surely 'get' this, Miz Moon.

    I surely do.

  4. I love my brother, too, though we are nothing alike. The only thing we have in common is a similar sense of humor.

    I am thinking of you this morning.



  5. Be safe. Love will get you through. And call downtown guy.

  6. Just let the love shine through. Take what you like and leave the rest. It will be okay.

  7. Stay safe. The weather has been horrendous.

  8. I hope you got to the airport and back safely. I took my grandson to school this morning and got stuck there when they had a lockdown because of the tornado warning. Pretty scary!

  9. Turn some classical music on...stay calm (as you can) with your "thinking cap" on.

  10. Oh yeah, the family thing. Belly full of snakes and salamanders and centipedes. Eesh.

    The most complicated love. Ever.

    My grandson is simple and sweet.

  11. Dearest Mary, I do hope your brother makes an effort, it's a tough one.

    I feel awful about saying I love storms and wind after what's happened in Alabama and the South! What am I like? Love you xx

  12. Ms. Trouble- It sure was a terrible day for winds in the south. Terrible.

    Nicol- I did.

    Akannie- I think most of us could and do.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I always think of you. Thank-you.


    Elizabeth- I did, my love. I sure did.

    Syd- I don't know how much love was shining but it was there in my quiet.

    clearness- Thank-you. And welcome over here. Come back anytime.

    Lois- I know! It was pretty bad. My brother said that he was going to and put on his sorts and start on his tan and I was thinking, "Oh, but there are tornado warnings," but I didn't say it.

    Ellen- I am listening to a good and soothing book on CD in the car and that helped a lot.

    Beth Coyote- Yes, yes, YES! Grandchildren. Our reward.

    Christina- There are storms and then there are storms. It's lovely to love the less dangerous ones. Normal and natural. Love you, dear.

  13. The love is what's important. I wonder if this is the brother you mentioned last year. Hope things go well.


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