Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay. I overdid it today.
Either that or I am dying.

For some reason (I'm insane) I thought it would be fine, just FINE if I did the entire walk I did when I was walking regularly. I walked Monday but not TOO far, then yesterday and a bit farther and so today- why not? The Full Nine Yards.
And it's hot. And muggy.
And honestly, yep, I overdid it.

Jessie came over and I asked if we could just lay on the couch and watch TV. Her favorite thing to do. So we watched The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and we laughed and lounged and wondered how in the world Bill Murray can crack us up with just the tiniest body-movement, the smallest change in facial expression. That little dance he does in his dive suit is so divine.
We ate popcorn and peanut-butter M&M's (don't tell Mr. Moon- they were his) and Jessie rubbed my feet.
And then I fell asleep.

I got up and made us all a supper of baked eggrolls with the last of the garden cabbage and now we're all hanging out and Avatar is on and well, I don't know about this movie. Right now it doesn't look good for Jake or those creepy blue people.
Please don't bother telling me how wonderful a movie it is. I'm sure that's true.
I just somehow don't give a shit about the "people" in it. Or the people. I already feel guilty about being a white person. I mean, who or what didn't we destroy, kill, rape, pillage, wipe-out, rip-off or otherwise treat like dust beneath our entitled white feet? And we'll probably do it in the fucking future too when we can figure out how to get to other universes and find other cultures to destroy.

Aw. I'm just in a mood.

I'm an old, tired, cranky woman tonight.

Tomorrow I'll be smarter, tomorrow I'll not walk so far.

Let's all sleep well. Let's all wake stronger.


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  2. You rest up. The heat is too much these days. Bakes us like potatoes!

    And don't feel as though oppression and thievery is solely the white folks' fault. I think it's the bad folks that have that cornered and they can be any color at all.

  3. Hi, Mary....this is in response to a comment you left on my blog about feeling guilty when you don't talk to your chickens.

    Hell, I have been known to pause before getting into my car, going back, unlocking the door, going in and hugging my cats with an apology that I forgot to tell them I loved them today.......

  4. I still haven't seen Avatar and have no interest. I'm not a fantasy type girl. But Bill Murray -- ah -- I feel the same way as you and Jesse. Your brief description of why he makes you laugh made me remember when he was on the treadmill in that "Lost in Translation" movie, and he couldn't stop and he shouted out "help," I think, and I laughed so hard I might have peed in my pants.

    Anyway, I hope you're feeling all right in the morning. Take a day off, Ms. Moon.

  5. Feel better, Miz Moon...and remember to take it slow and easy...

    I love Bill Murray, and Meryl Streep...loved her in Adaptation...ever see that one ??

  6. That sounds just perfect - lounging and having fun. I could do with some of that. Actually, I'm having a lot of fun just now but I'm definitely overdoing it. Nevermind. Onwards. I just have to hope I don't fall apart before my next creche day, which is eight days away!

  7. Well, I adored Avatar, but I think it must have had much more effect in the cinema.

    I know it's deeply unsubtle but I think a large percentage of AMerica does need that message hit home with a big mallet, you know? That was my feeling about it. When you have a president making 'We're going to bomb that country back to the stone age' comments... ya know...

    I know the message isn't for you though. Or me. But the film did make me want to have sex in the forest :)

    Danielle said it made him want to ride dragons. You take from it what you want, I guess :)

  8. Sleep well and wake stronger? Oh, I'll take that one....

    wv: blesso

  9. No desire to ever see Avatar. I've made it through life without ever seeing any of the Alien series of movies.
    Ms. Moon - you may be strong from all the chores you do and stretchy from yoga, but how much aerobic exercise do you get on a regular basis? I know that I almost collapsed walking up a hill last week, so I know how you feel. Plus, I'm older than you. Must get into shape. You may want to think about doing that too.

  10. We do destroy whatever we have that is precious. Weird, how those things that are the least precious get the most attention like cell phones, shit from Wal Mart, drugs, etc. We are a mess.

  11. Here's the thing. The history books we read are often about what white people did, for better or worse. But if we read the histories of other races and cultures to the same degree I think we'd see that no single group has cornered the market on pillaging and the like. We are all in this together. Human. Sadly, the narrative of this country is so much about race just as the narrative in places like Northern Ireland and the Mideast is so much about religion and in other places like where I grew up it's so much about class divisions and so on and it seems to be human nature to find points of conflict and difference but people like you help move us beyond that every day. I hope you are having a better day today, dear Mary. Much much love.

  12. Love love love Steve couldn't stand Avatar but i wanted to tell you i read yr blog first thing every morning as soon as i get coffee. i'm home to day being weird.

  13. For some reason, I didn't give two shits about seeing that movie (Avatar) either. Boring. Depressing. True.

    Love you, Mary!

  14. Ms. Trouble- I know. But it always seems to be the white people who decide to take on entire continents as their own. Maybe it just seems that way.

    Lo- Strangely, that makes me feel better.

    Elizabeth- If I made tests for possible friends, the list would include, "Can I say FUCK in front of you without you flinching?" and "Do you adore Bill Murray?"

    Akannie- Yes. That was a good movie. Odd but good.

    Mwa- You can do it!

    Jo- I think the people who need that message wouldn't even get it.

    A- Well, I tried. I hope you did well with the assignment.

    Lucy- I know.

    Syd- Too true. Too damn true.

    Madame King- That makes me very, very happy.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Not so subtle, was it? I love you so.

  15. Angella- How did I skip you? I know, I know. Humans as a species are just flawed. We are. But as I said to Ms. Trouble, it always seems to be the beige-est races that cause the biggest trouble. Like, yeah, entire continental take-overs.
    And hell, guilt is my default emotion so I have to spread it all around wherever I can. It's my way.
    I love and adore you.
    And one more thing- there's the natural primate (and other animal too, let's face it) thing about "you are not of my pack, tribe, whatever and therefore I must kill you or run away" thing and then there's the "You got what I want and I'm going to get it" thing. Oh, it never ends. "You don't believe what I believe and therefore I will kill you for my god" thing. Now THAT's Human. I'm rambling. I'm sorry.

  16. Avatar is another movie I haven't watched. I did attempt it though, and it looked pretty good. But sleep won!

  17. I didn't like the creepy blue people either but I love This Life Aquatic. Bill Murray is a genius. Love you xx


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