Saturday, April 9, 2011


Oh, y'all. It was so perfect and sweet. I cried my eyes out. I did.
If I've ever seen a more beautiful day, I don't know when it was.
I'm going to mostly let the pictures tell the story.

Jan in my bathroom, getting ready. She cried then and so did I. "Are you nervous?" I asked her.
"No, not really," she said. "Just so emotional."
I kissed her and got lipstick all over her and I said, "Well, now you've got something borrowed. My lips."
We cleaned it up.
She was so beautiful. Denise made her dress.

We all walked down to the old barn and took seats.
Ron, the Methodist minister wore a Hawaiian shirt, a pair of sunglasses and that stole thing that ministers wear. Perfect.

Here's my gorgeous husband. And Jessie. And some other people.

At one point I turned back and took this picture. Pat, Ron's wife (whom I ADORE) and Kathleen and Boone. Can you tell how happy we all were?

Ron said all the words and when he started and said, "Dearly beloved," that was all it took. I started weeping.
Dearly beloved.
Are there more beautiful words? I don't think so. Whenever I married people, I ALWAYS insisted on those two words. No matter what followed, dearly beloved had to be in there.
And they were married. And Ron said, "Jack, you may kiss the bride."
And he did.

Colin couldn't be here. He had to change planes a few months ago, you know, and so the Big Bear sat in for him on the front row. We missed him. But the bear kept his place. The bear was used as a prop in the last play that Colin was in and so, he is our Colin Totem.

Here he was today, right after the ceremony:

Life goes on and dammit, we keep those who cannot be with us in our hearts as it does.

All right. The Jezebels. Plus, Jack. And Colin:

Party pictures.
Marcy and Fred, Michelle and Pearl. Oh, Lord. Pearl had a great day. I announced that she is in hospice and is allowed to eat anything.
And she did.

Michelle was our Shelby in Steel Magnolias and I just fell in LOVE with that girl. We call her Mishelby.
Here she is with her sweet man, Russell. They might get married here one day. They're thinking...

All right. More pictures.

Marcy, Judy and Pat.
In a more ignorant time, this might be called a COVEN!
These women have power you can't believe.

Crappy picture of me, good picture of Denise. What the hell? I ain't vain.

I have no idea what I was talking about.

Jessie and Big Bear.

Time to cut the cake. The beautiful, most delicious cake ever made (I heard two people say this. I am not making it up) which Kathleen made.

And there was never a wedding cake so tenderly given by the bride and groom to each other as this one. I swear.

Baby Colin trying to figure out how to get a beer.

He'd already danced with Mean Aunt Jessie and of course, fallen under her spell. Mr. Moon was telling me not to write on the blog about how much he beats me. You had to be there.

And this- Pat. Pouring champagne with roses in the foreground.
Damn. Is she beautiful or what?
Yeah. She's beautiful.

There you go.
Jan and Jack are married.

And I think they're pretty happy.
I know I am.

And as I said when Ron said, "I now pronounce you man and wife," IT'S ABOUT TIME!

I think I'm going to go heat up a piece of Cuban sandwich, leftover from the party. And then...
babies, I am GOING TO BED!

What a day.

Thanks for sharing, Dearly Beloved.
And I mean it.


  1. It was a great day. I don't think any words I put to this could adequately describe it, other than "It's about time".

  2. This is all so beautiful. So much love. I wish I could have been there, but my heart was anyway. Really and truly.

  3. ah, thank YOU for sharing, I know you must be beat. Lovely pictures and words. Such love and roses.
    The bride and groom are adorable.
    Love the Colin bear.
    And oh that Kathleen cake!
    Sweetness abounds.

  4. Jon- It was perfectly perfect. I am so glad you and your sweet family finally made it out here. Come back soon.

    May- I know. You were in my heart-pocket. I love you. So much.

    Bethany- You are right. Sweetness ABOUNDS!

  5. I really meant to pop over with some flowers and hearty congrats... my timing was off today and the flow of the day was all kinds of not what I had in mind.

    It looks like it was a grand celebration! So happy for them and they are darling together. Love the blue turquoise thing!

    I don't suppose there is any left over cake? hee hee!

  6. PS LOVE the Collin totem~ and also little Colin is so big since last I saw him... crazy!

    Them munchin beloveds sure do grow quick in these parts!

  7. There is so much about this to love. But I'll just say congrats to Jack and Jan.

  8. Apparently even seeing the wedding on your blog and READING the words "dearly beloved" is enough to make me cry. So beautiful! You can see the love pouring off of everyone.

  9. Oh, thank you so much for sharing these! It looks like it was a wonderful wedding -- all your friends are so full of joy and beauty. And it's infectious --

  10. Congrats to Jack and Jan!

    Looks like a simply wonderful day and exactly what a wedding should be. Too bad I'm now just dying for a piece of that cake.

  11. dearly beloved. yes.

    what a beautiful gathering. Perfect.

  12. Mary, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It could not have been a more perfect day and the best wedding day any couple could ever hope for. We were so surrounded by love - it was like swimming through a sea of affection all day long. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends.
    Love from "the lovers" - Jack and Jan Williams (WHOOPPEEE!)

  13. Dearly beloved is nice. I believe that.

  14. Beautiful celebration of love among friends!

  15. Ms. Fleur- Yes. There is cake. In the refrigerator. Come get some.

    Stephanie- I am sure they appreciate it.

    Amna- It was like love distilled.

    Elizabeth- I swear. It was a beautiful afternoon.

    Mel's Way- Damn. It was GREAT cake. Oh wait. It still is!

    GradyDoctor- And I 100% love your posts.
    I'm so glad you're visiting.

    Angella- I think it was.

    Jack and Jan- I think it was one of the nicest weddings in the history of the universe!

    Lisa- I know!

    Syd- Me too.

    Mrs. A- You would have enjoyed it. I know you would have.

    lulumarie- I swear it was.

  16. Congratulations...
    I echo thanks for sharing this true love and loving as well..

  17. Dearest Mary, how I missed you!

    "Whenever I married people, I ALWAYS insisted on those two words. No matter what followed, dearly beloved had to be in there." I absolutely agree.

    It looks like a truly wonderful day, everyone looks so happy. Love the play picture with the bear!

    I want to catch up with your blog properly but my boyfriend is arriving in 5 minutes after 3 weeks away filming so I'll have to read the rest tomorrow. I'm constantly being told off that I'm always plugged in to an electronic device!

    Anyway just wanted to say I love you and promise I'll catch up soon xx

  18. What a perfect day! I wish Jan and Jack many happy years together. They are darling.

    Tell Kathleen I said--splendid job on the cake.

    Love you,


  19. This is beautiful, my absolute favorite kind of wedding. Simple, cozy, and lovely.

  20. I've just read that again. The whole thing... that cake and those roses! Just beautiful! xx


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