Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Doing It

Ha! Today I shut aside those wah-wah-wah voices and I got up and put on my shoes and walked out the door and out of the yard and down Main Street to behind the old gas station, into the woods and the blackberries are blooming like nobody's business and I walked, walked, walked for just long enough.
It will do for today and this exercise hiatus has to end folks.
Has to end.

Feet on ground, pound, pound, pound. Fast, tape-player on hip, words in ears, eyes on the road and ooh! is that a hawk? Who cares? Walk.

And Owen will be here soon and perhaps we shall take another walk in the stroller-roller as I call it. And it will be a slower walk and we'll see a lot more. "Look, Owen. See the trees? See the fally-down house? Yes, that's a BIG branch. Yes, that's bamboo," and so forth and we'll go to the post office which he loves to do, say hey to Miss Joanne, hold the mail tightly for me on our way home.

I wonder if he'll see the flat, dead snake on the road that I just saw. Probably. He takes in everything.

Oh my. It's good to walk, it's good to sweat, it's good to remember the muscles in my legs. It's good to get up and eat that small bowl of cereal and find my hat and just walk out the door. That's all it takes.
Put on your shoes and walk out the door.
Keep going until it's time to come home. See all the places where I'll be picking blackberries again soon. I hope we get more rain so that they swell and form into giant goddess-nipples, black and sweet with rain and sun.


Good morning.


  1. Yay. I love this post. Love it. Especially the tape-player on your hip part. You are the cat's pajamas, Ms. Moon. Owen is so lucky.

  2. DTG- Come and play!
    I wish you could.

    Gradydoctor- Yep. I still use a tape-player to listen to books on actual tape! I admit it. I do.

  3. Nice to hear about the blackberries.

  4. I feel better after a walk. Not sure I fancy a dead flat snake though. Love you Ms Moon xx

  5. I know how hard it is to just get out and walk, stretch and try to be fit. Each day I MAKE myself do something when I would rather be doing something else...oh boy. I keep telling myself I don't want to wind up like my mom and my mother by marriage....so there you go.

    And the snake in the road...leave it be and hopefully some big bird will take it away.

  6. That is all it takes. It's so easy to find excuses, but I know that's all it takes. Amen.


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