Thursday, April 7, 2011

I See The Moon

It's been a long, good day and Owen is finally asleep and he went down with hardly a peep after Bop and I laid in bed with him and I read him nursery rhymes about bedtime and we talked, the three of us, about things. Snakes and the big front-end loader that dumped the huge load of pine bark in the back of the truck this afternoon while he watched from the safety of his Bop's arms, his eyes as wide as moons, his mouth an "o" of amazement.
"More," he said when it was over.
Bless his boy-heart.

The morning started out quite nicely when I ran into Israel Lawrence who used to run the corner store. We miss Mr. Lawrence so much, the entire community. We hugged and chatted and he told me that he'd had health problems but they're all resolved and he is well. "How's your wife?" I asked him. "Mean as ever," he said, smiling. "She's going to put me up for adoption."
I told him that there might be a few people who'd consider taking him in around here and he smiled again, easy, the way he does. He told me liked my hair and he asked about neighbors and my husband.
The store is up for sale. It's sort of falling in and some crack addict (probably) stole the entire AC and refrigerator cooling systems for the copper. "They probably got fifty dollars out of that," he said, "And it would cost me five thousand to replace it." He seemed rueful, but not bitter.
Mr. Lawrence is a special man, always calm, and everyone knew he had a shotgun behind the counter. He also had a picture of him with Bill Clinton. And he was kind to everyone and treated everyone with respect but I doubt anyone would mess with him.
I wish he was still there in the store so I could take Owen in to talk to him on the days he's here. We could buy a bottle of water or a little bag of chips. We could chat.
When I left him to go into the Post Office, he gave me another hug and then someone else pulled up and went over to talk to him. I bet he was there for an hour, talking to one person after another who misses him.
It was mighty good to see him.

In the Post Office I ran into a woman who'd been to see Steel Magnolias and she just KEPT going on about what a great play it had been and what a wonderful performance I'd given. "You were the best," she said and although I know that is not true, it sure made me feel good.

I got through Costco and Publix without incident, only forgot a few things.
Judy dropped by after I got home and then Owen came.

Mr. Moon had decided that today was the day to get and spread pine bark and he did. Three truckloads and he unloaded and spread the first two loads in a miraculously short period of time but by the third load, he was barely standing upright. But he finished and Owen and I helped. Really. We did.
A little.
And he got done in five hours what it took me five days to do the last time we did this.
I'm not kidding. He just pulls that truck in wherever he wants it and throws the bark where it needs to go. I did it wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow. I feel like an idiot.
Oh well. Kept me out of the pool halls, I guess.

Anyway, it looks so nice and it's a good ground cover and by god, there's plenty of pine. Cedar mulch is made from actual cedar trees and some of those things they harvest are hundreds and hundreds of years old. It should be illegal to sell it.
Pine bark's just as pretty, just as durable, and you can grow a pine tree big enough to cut in a decade. So I feel good about that. The yard will look nice for the wedding.

And tomorrow I'll finish up the house. I've had so many offers of help and if I need them, I'm going to call. I swear I will.
But I think I can do it.

An owl is hooting way off in the distance. Mr. Moon is getting ready for bed and Lily and Jason will be here soon. I need a shower.

Well. Here's the poem I like the best in that book I read Owen. It goes like this:

I see the moon and the moon sees me.
The moon sees someone I'd like to see.
Bless the moon and please bless me
And bless the one I'd like to see.

I like to think the moon is seeing us all.
I feel blessed to know you, all of you whom the moon is seeing, who come here.

Sweet dreams and one more bless us all.


  1. Ditto what Lo said. A nice poem to end a nice post. That is good to know about pine bark because we buy new bark every year to re-fill in our garden beds. Amazing how much we lose each year. And I love it when the little guys say "more." Kyle was infatuated with the special effects they used for the introduction for an NBA game and kept saying "more, more" after it was finished so I rewound it about 15 times before I had to tell him no more. Have a wonderful weekend, Ms. Moon.

  2. Sigh. You don't know how good it feels to sit here, to read your words.

    Thank you.

  3. Big machinery, it is the be all and end all for little boys.

    I have a beautiful lullabye version of I see the Moon somewhere, I must see what I can do about that. There's a bit of God in it, but kids don't notice these things. Yes, Jesus Loves Me used to be one of my favourites :) With my kids I modified it to al lthe real people in their lives who loved them, but I don't know if it really makes any difference :)

  4. Good night Ms Moon and bless you too.

  5. I love the "mouth O of amazement". Harley used to do that all the time when he was Owen's age (I guess that's what they do!) But I've always adored it... and for some reason, only kids can get their mouths to make that exact cute O shape!

    I noticed that his face was going a similar thing in the photo you had of him sipping. That is classic!

    Funny I should focus on that... Oh, and you yard always looks nice. I'm embarrassed that your guests will have to pass our jungle to get there! sorry.

  6. loved hearing about your day.
    That moon poem needs to find a permanent place on your side bar, considering this is Bless Our Hearts and you are our moon.

  7. God bless us, every one.

    I wish I had had a picture made with Bill Clinton. I'd probably pinch his ass.

    Love you SO!

  8. I dunno, some of the pool halls I have been in could have used a load of pine bark on the floor.

  9. Lo- You, too, darling woman. You too.

    Mr. Shife- There is no end to the "mores" until you make it so. Sigh...

    Elizabeth- And that makes me happier than you can possibly imagine.

    Jo- Yeah. I noticed they'd taken the "god" out. They also changed the line in There Was An Old Woman about "spanked them all soundly" and changed it to "Kissed them all warmly" and I refuse to go with that one. I'm mean.

    Mwa- I hope the moon shines on you so sweetly.

    Ms. Fleur- Hey! It's your jungle and that's okay! As you know, I love to work in the yard.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You'd pinch Mr. Lawrence's ass too, I bet.
    Love you mas. As you know.

    DTG- Kinda hard to walk in but they smell nice.

  10. I'm not crying cuz you skipped me, really I'm not. ;-)

  11. Bethany- I'm so sorry! You have no idea how tired I am which is no excuse but I would never, ever, on-purpose skip you, my darling girl! Never. It IS a nice little poem, isn't it?

  12. I am sure that all will go well with the wedding. You and the Mr. need some rest. no good dropping in your tracks tomorrow.

  13. I know mama, was just teasin you.
    Sorry to even mess with you, u need rest!

  14. Ditto Lo, bless you Mary.

    I wish I could have seen you in Steel Magnolias xx


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