Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things You Need To Know

Okay. I didn't go to the plant sale. I got up, I put on my best overalls and The Bra Thing and I went to wake up Lis and realized that she wasn't going anywhere and I went to get a cup of coffee and found a note she'd written at four a.m. saying she was still awake and no plant sale for her and oh yeah, it was raining.

So I called Kathleen and she said, "Oh, it's only a plant sale and you hardly ever get to see Lis," and then I had some coffee and helped Pearl out and fed her some breakfast and got the paper and fed the cats and let the chickens into the coop and then I went back to bed and read. I'm reading a book that I really like. And it's fiction! What a relief to find that I still do like fiction.
Snake Woman Of Little Egypt by Robert Hellenga and I sort of don't want to finish it because then I'll be done.

You know what I mean.
I'd try to describe the book but it's difficult. Anthropology, snake-handling, prison, murder, love, the Mbuti, etc. All your regular stuff.

And I thought to go back to sleep but I then I thought again and now I'm up, drinking more coffee and Lon and Lis are still asleep and the rain has mostly passed.

Since I'm flogging merchandise today (for free, of course), I'll pass on The Bra info and website.

Click on the picture and hopefully, you'll get to the Coobie Bra Store. I know. Coobie.
I wish that was a picture of me but it's not. I'm so damn short-waisted that the bra practically goes to my waist and that woman has a midsection as long and muscular as my legs, god bless her. But it does well for me, that Coobie, even if I don't look nearly as fine as Ms. Torso up there, and if you hate bras as much as I do, you might want to check it out.

I see they also sell "fashionable waist-band extenders" and I think I need to buy stock in this company.

Okay. That's it. That's all this gal has this morning. The day shall proceed. I've told you about a good book and a good bra.

I've done my job.

Your servant...Ms. Moon


  1. Thanks. It doesn't matter to me what you say, I just love the way you say it.

  2. Dear Mary, I love it when you find a book you don't want to end.

    I hate bras too. Luckily I'm only 34b (just about). My laundry is so out of hand I haven't managed to find one for the last two days. I shall wear a backless dress tonight and deal with the laundry tomorrow.

    I like that bra thing. I'd wear it. I don't like things sticking in me. Love you xx

  3. Lisa- Hey! We talk about the IMPORTANT things here at blessourhearts.

    Andrew- What? You're not looking for a comfy bra?

    Christina- If I were the queen of the world, bras would be outlawed. Unless someone REALLY wanted to wear one and then it would be okay.
    Have fun tonight, you backless sexy lady.

  4. Glad that I don't wear a bra but I like the model photo. Coobies indeed.

  5. ah that made me chuckle so much, the end, I've told you about a good book and a good bra.
    I've done my job.
    Your servant...
    You crack me up MM.

  6. Syd- You have no idea how lucky you are not to have to wear a bra.

    Omgrrrl- Maybe? Cool Boobies? Comfy Boobies? Whatever.

    Bethany- Every now and then I have to GIVE BACK as the celebrities say. You know.

  7. Robert Hellenga is one of my favorite authors.
    I need to check this bra site out. That bra looks more like a tank top than a bra, doesn't it?

  8. Angie- I'm going to look for more of his books in the library. And yes, that bra is a bit tank-toppish but it's still a real bra. By definition. I guess.


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