Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Many Faces of Owen and Bop

Bop brought Owen home this afternoon and the boy couldn't talk about anything but going and getting in the boat.

"Boat," he said. "Mote," he said. A mote is the motor. He knows that when he turns the wheel, the motor turns. It's very hard, though, to turn the wheel and see the mote at the same time.
But he tries.

I followed them out to the garage and actually got in the boat with them for better picture-taking. That boat is so tall that if I'm on the ground all I can see is the tops of their heads.

Here are Bop and Owen pointing to something. Possibly a light.

Here's Owen making his you're-kidding-me, right? face.

Frankly, I have no title for this face. But he makes it a lot.

Just happy to be in the boat.

After I took my pictures I said, "Well, I'm going to let y'all do your manly thing. I'm going back to the house."
And Owen, BLESS HIS HEART! said, "Hug," and so I went and hugged him and he gave me a lagniappe kiss and oh my darlin' heart.

God I love that boy. And that man, too.

We had a good time with him tonight, eating supper and taking a bath and reading a pile of books. He's transitioning from the picture books to the story books and I can't wait until he'll actually sit and listen to some of my favorites. The Little Bear books and the Jolly Postman and all of the wonderful, wonderful Dr. Seuess'es and oh, just thousands of favorites. Oh my. What a joy to read books to a child! There is already such a ritual with Owen and his book-reading. If Bop is here, he must be with us on the bed and we all prop up on pillows galore and Zeke must be on the bed and the fans on and the covers up. Children are such creatures of habit. As are grown-ups. It's just funny how quickly that becomes apparent.

Owen is nineteen months old today. He is a joy and a light and a sweetness in my heart. An easy child, a loving child, a smart child, an expressive child, a curious child, I look at him and wonder how in hell we got so lucky.

He was sitting in the bathtub and I said, "Owen, does your grandmother always tell you that you are the cutest boy in the world?"
"And the handsomest boy in the world?"
"And the best boy in the world?"

And we all laughed, me and Bop and Owen.

It was so good that he was here tonight. He soothed my soul and he made me keep my feet on the ground and he gave me the very best reason of all to get out of my head, my twirly-whirly head and when I read the book about Five Little Monkeys, Jumping On The Bed, I gave it my best dramatic effort and he made his faces and laughed and said, "No, no, no!" when it was time for the doctor to say "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" and oh, it was good.

There's so much going on this world which is not good, not good at all, but tonight, here in Lloyd, it was very fine and the storms were kept at bay and we laughed.


  1. Love the pictures! First the Cutlass and now the boat...that boy likes to be behind the wheel.

    Sounds like a beautiful afternoon. Oh, and I LOVE Owen's Kiss t-shirt. :)

  2. You know, Miz Moon...there's an Indian tribe that has as part of it's sacred ceremonies something called the Jump Dance. And they believe it keeps the world on track, spinning in the right direction.

    I believe that laughing and loving and reading to our babies has the same significance.

    Keep those storms at bay, girl...

    PS--Whjat a handsome pair they are. You are one lucky duck.

  3. Perfect.
    I love when you recreate dialog.
    Esp with O.
    Love the book ritual and the monkeys jumping on the bed. That's a fun one.
    No no no.
    Goodnight friend.

  4. Both Bop and Owen really are breathtakingly beautiful. You're a blessed woman (as are they) -- but you know that and you tell us and share it all with us. I'm blessed because of it.

  5. What a cozy little scene. I can just picture the whole thing! Yummy.

    I remember when Harley was at the stage where reading a story was entrancing and he interacted with certain parts... now I can hardly get him to stop jumping on the bed long enough to hear an entire story. Yet, if we don't have the stories, the world will indeed end, so... it keeps things interesting.

    Lovey love love,

  6. I think the title of that face is: I have something on my mind.
    Happy nineteen months to Owen!

  7. I love Five Little Monkeys.

    Mr. Moon's obvious joy in his grandson in such a sweet and touching thing to behold in those photographs.

    I love you SO MUCH Mary.

  8. Five Little Monkeys...gosh you brought up a sweet memory. Thank you and I will read that book in my head. Oh oh my.

    And if those loves in your photos aren't having a good time or what? Yes, now Owen will be wanting to check out all the boy toys in the garage that Bop's has. Yes, much fun as the transition from babyhood to full toddlerhood happens. So much MORE to learn and explore. How very blessed Owen is to have you both so much in his life. The bond you have grows daily with leaps and bounds!

  9. Lisa- For me, it was a lovely night of peace.

    Mel's Way- Yeah. He's a boy. No doubt.

    Akannie- Religion is odd, isn't it? No matter what. But that's a very nice ritual. And based in truth.
    And I know how lucky I am. Yes, I DO!

    Bethany- Hello, friend! I would read books to you. Any time.

    Elizabeth- You are blessed with your beautiful family, too. And you share as well. Thank-you.

    Jo- I know.

    Ms. Fleur- It's that sweet stage in the middle, isn't it?

    Angie M- You could be quite right.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You got it. You understand. You're a joy in my life.

    Ellen- As long as he asks to give Mer-Mer a kiss it'll all be okay with me!

  10. I am so glad that Owen has you and you have him. He has a great foundation for this life.

  11. Owen's so lucky to have you guys. I love him and Bop doing boys stuff! xx


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