Wednesday, April 27, 2011

West Wind

The wind has been blowing so hard all day, on and off. Big gusts come in and toss the branches and the feathers of the chickens, and cool the skin and lift the leaves and flatten the spears of the wild lilies. It's all green and light-shot and beautiful.

And I've been quiet and domestic and I walked and hung clothes and sheets on the line and trimmed the wisteria arbor and cleaned out the hay in the chickens' nest and have bread rising and I took a nap and I feel completely mad.
Gone off.

Well, I'm not the only one. I know that. There seems to be something going on, at least here. The external weather like the internal, great gusts out of nowhere, perhaps a storm bearing down on us, please, let it come if it will, let it break this spell of dry holding-in, this odd and eerie sudden opening of doors and gates to invisible guests or ghosts or spirits or nothing at all but wind.

Is there such a power in the winds? Siroccos and Santa Ana's and who knows what all sorts of invisible powers flung from places far away to intrude and excite and madden? What we would call such winds here?

I have no idea but the birds seem to be more vocal than usual, the donkey next door is braying, the traffic on the highway nearby seems louder than ever, there is a sense of hurry-hurry but no destination in mind, just mindless hurry, rush, push.

Or maybe it's just me and the wind has nothing to do with it at all.

Nothing at all.

And the birds are just happy it's evening and the wind is merely a breeze of stiff proportions, the wind chimes calling out to be played, their tune just their normal tingling song, not a warning jangle at all.


  1. I've been told that my wiring must be all wrong because the Santa Anas make me feel ALIVE! and sort of ELECTRIC where most people just get pissy.

  2. When the waves come up on the lake and engulf the cars on the bridge, I want to steer into the wind until I can lift off.

    We have wings, you know.

  3. Stephanie- We can't all be alike.

    Beth- Ah. But mine are so tightly tucked.

  4. I love wind and rain and thunder and lightning, when I'm inside obviously.

    We've had sun all day but it's cold tonight. Hope you feel back to yourself tomorrow my friend. Love you xx

  5. Alabama always gets the worst storms--heartbreaking footage of Tuscaloosa on the news tonight.
    I wish I could sit back and enjoy the wind and storms but I am too fearful.
    --Michele R.

  6. There's a wind that blows down into the valleys in Switzerland, my husband tells me, that drives people mad. I can't remember the name, but it does remind me of our Santa Anas -- and Sophie has lots of seizures during those times -- go figure.

  7. We have no winds here to speak of at the moment, Ms Moon, but for some strange reason a flock of white cockatoos, an enormous flock have taken to roosting in the surrounding streets. They screech en masse.

    My husband reckons something they fancy must have come into flower or seed locally and they'll most likely move on as soon as it dies down. But it is odd.

    The sight of all those white birds with their yellow crests in the otherwise green trees reminded me yesterday of the opening scenes of Daphne du Maurier's The Birds, though as far as I know, no one as yet is under attack.

    I love birds except when I think of that book.

    I hope the winds die down soon for you Ms Moon, and that with it, your unsettled state of mind settles.

  8. There are winds in nature and winds of the mind. The mental winds are stirring along with the natural winds here in Ohio too. I was awakened by loud gusts in the night and am very tired today.

    I have been sleeping badly all week, due to being awakened by storms, and then laying there fearful and awake--it's been a mental boarding of a train of FEAR--of what might be, of what is.

    Katherine Hepburn once said she found wind disturbing. I couldn't agree more.

    I love you so.

  9. Barometric pressure has a lot to do with things internal. As do the tides. I feel blown about but settled inside. I won't be leaving here until tomorrow though. Too rough to sail on the outside today.


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