Friday, April 8, 2011

Leaking Heart Friday

Bop and Owen ate meal-meal together this morning. Owen's meal-meal had peanut butter and yogurt in it and a tiny bit of maple syrup which is a treat reserved for Grandmother's house.
The morning was so busy and so full. As soon as I got up, Owen ran to me and said, "Mer-Mer!" and his mother grumbled because he'd been asking for me since he got up but you know- he's at Mer-Mer's house and Mer-Mer should be present at all times.

And then the hunters got in without a turkey but I think they'd had a good time and the oatmeal was eaten and the chickens fed and the dogs fed and the cat fed and diapers changed and faces and hands washed and it's a good thing I have to clean today because the house looks like An Act Of God hit it (Act Of God Owen) and I cried when Jason and Lily and Owen left.

That boy hits the ground running. Literally. And when he throws his arms around my neck and makes sounds of great squeezing I just want to die with the sweetness.

Not unlike last night when I got up to pee and when I got back in bed, Mr. Moon reached over with one of his huge hands and took my hand and we said, "I love you," to each other.

Not unlike when Lily said this morning, "Can't we just live in a trailer here?"

Not unlike the tiny pink rose that smells so sweet that I keep holding it to my nose to smell it again.

This life. My god. This life.

Well. I bought the biggest jug of white vinegar at the Costco yesterday you've ever seen and the mop stands ready and I was thinking that maybe I should twine magnolia branches in the stairway the way I did for Christmas because- whoa! decorations!

No one will ever accuse ME of being Martha Stewart although my hens' eggs are as lovely as hers, my roses, unfertilized and untrimmed, bloom with as much fragrance and abandon as hers (well, maybe) and I know what to do with Key West Grunts.
Maybe I'm the Cracker Martha Stewart.
Maybe. And at least I don't have to go to K-Mart for any reason which I'm sure she does regularly to check out her line of household lovelies there. Phew! I'd PAY not to go K-Mart. I'm so glad I don't have to.

And I'd bet any amount of money that I'm luckier than she is.
She may be dripping with dollars (maybe) but I'm dripping with love and I live in my dream house and my grandson runs across the yard in his Scooby Crocs and he squats down to look at the beans growing and he kisses me sometimes if he's in the mood and last night I found him in the shower holding a butter knife in front of him with an expression on his face that made him look like Psycho Baby and I laughed and laughed and took the knife from him.

And tomorrow friends are coming here and Jack and Jan are going to get married here and oh my. They could have gotten married anywhere and they wanted to come here. This is such a grand house.

Time to clean it. Time to quit this leaky-eye thing I'm doing, and get to work. The house may be grand but it does not clean itself.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...The Cracker Martha Stewart (Ms. Moon)


  1. Owen's so cute, he should be on the new meal-meal TV ad. Look at those rosy cheeks! I WANT TO PINCH THEM! I'm that OLD now--I want to pinch little kid's cheeks.

    Memaw Bastard

  2. Sweet boy. Sweet life.

    And I know well the huge jug of vinegar from Costco.

  3. I understand the leaky eyes. It's a blessing and a curse to see all the lovely in this life.

    Thanks for sharing your boys and your stories with us this morning.

    It makes me smile to think of so much love happening under one roof. And you there, the epicenter of it all. And it makes me laugh to think of you as the cracker Martha Stewart, though you are much more than that. You are an original, nothing or no one to compare you with. I bet there are a lot of us who would love to live in a trailer in your yard, even for just a little while. Oooh, Ms. Moon's trailer bed and meal meal maybe? Now that makes me laugh too.

    Amen and hugs.

    And the word verification is umerm!

  4. MeMaw Bastard- Damn. I wish I'd taught Owen to call ME that.
    Love you, baby!

    Stephanie- Time to open that cocksucker and use some.

    Mel- Yeah. I should put up a camper in the backyard and charge people to come and stay. You'd get meal-meal for breakfast and get to work in the garden. Ha!
    I told someone yesterday that people were getting married this weekend in my back yard and she said, "Oh. I didn't know you rented your house for events."
    "Haha!" I said. "Everything I do, I do for LOVE!"
    It would probably end up that way with the trailer-in-the-backyard, too.

  5. Yep, you would just have all our friends staying there for free.

  6. That's so funny, you're the Cracker Marth Stewart and Danielle's cousins call him Martha Stewart on crack when he's doing dinner parties :)

    Owen in the shower with the butter knife is hilarious. Nife! Nife!

  7. PS, Lily and all should totally move back in, I would if I was them.

  8. Jo- That's so funny about Danielle! And damn, I SO wish I'd had a camera when I opened the shower curtain. And Lily is welcome to move back but knowing me and her (she?), we need two separate households. We're both Alpha Females.

  9. Lily is like a double or triple alpha. She is like a Wolf Ninja Super Alpha.

  10. I loved this post, it made me smile wide, and then the comments were like the cherry on top. You guys all crack me up!

  11. DTG- And I'm such a humble, easy-going Alpha Female myself. But you're right about Lily. And I am SO proud of her for that!

    Bethany- We're funny, aren't we? Thank GOD! Love you, dear.

  12. Well, my eyes were leaking, too, until I got to DTG's comment: "Lily's a Wolf Ninja Super Alpha." I laughed out loud, almost uncontrollably! Who but a dear sibling could get away with a comment like that?

    Owen looks so grown-up with that little boy haircut.

    And YES, magnolia garlands on the staircase! You will post photos of the glorious event, won't you? Please???

  13. Yes, it has been a lovely day here and, most certainly, there.

    Yes, that O-boy is looking so tall and grown up.

    Yes, we Must have pictures of the Big Event. Y'all have done a great job getting ready.

    Happy Friday, Dear. x0x0 N2

  14. i want to get married in your house too.


  15. ps, I don't want to actually be married to anyone. I just want the wedding part.

  16. Lulumarie- We face reality here. We do.

    N2- Of course there will be pictures! Goes without saying.

    Ms. R. King- That can be arranged. We're not hung up on tradition here. But we use it when it suits our purposes.

  17. I think you are much more real than Martha. I can imagine that women have gone crazy trying to emulate her perfection, not realizing that she has a huge staff.

  18. i love DTG's description of Lily.

    and Owen looks like a Boy now instead of a Baby.

    and if there was an AirStream on your property I'd be one of a long line of folks waiting to move in i think, though Lily would get dibs!


  19. Syd- The only staff I have is, uh, well. I don't have one. WHY IS THAT?!

    Michelle- I think I need an Airstream. Kathleen has one. I should have one too!

  20. I'd rather have you than Martha any day of the week! Love you Mary xx

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