Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms

My boyfriend's back in town.

He pulled in just as Owen was about to leave with his daddy and I don't know who was more excited to see Bop-Bop, Owen or his grandmother.
Owen's been asking for Bop all day and the thing I've feared since his birth is starting to happen. Owen realizes that Bop is the one who owns all that beautiful, wonderful, amazing, manly stuff in the garage. The boats, the cars, the truck, the tools, the tires, the machines.

It's too much glory to bear!

And that Bop knows how to use all of those things. And he shows Owen.
What chance does a grandmother have? No wonder grandmothers make all those cookies. It's the only weapon we have in our arsenal which can begin to compete with trucks and boats and hammers and saws and....
Whatever that stuff is.

Did you know that Owen already has a truck?
Well. He does.
Bop better start fixing it up now because Owen'll be turning two in September and he was just born a second ago and in about four seconds he'll be sixteen.
(Be still my heart.)
By then he'll probably know how to tear an engine apart and put it back, fix brakes and change oil and oh, hell. I don't know. All the stuff his grandfather has taught him.

Cookies. Ha!

Owen cried when he left today but honestly, I don't think his grandfather could have carried him across the yard one more time. He's as tired as I've ever seen him. A weekend of spray-washing and painting and then up early this morning to go to the auto auction and then driving home all the way from Orlando.

He unpacked and took a shower and I grabbed him up and reminded him of how much I loved him and told him we'd have chicken and dumplings for dinner. Leftover from two nights ago and thus, better than ever.
His eyes were closing as I left the room.
Stretched out on the clean white sheets, all almost-seven-feet tall of man and he's back.

My boyfriend's back.

I laugh when I think about how when I met Mr. Moon and he was a bit shy because he'd never dated a mother before. "Well I ain't YOUR mother," I told him.
He got over it.

And now, I'm a grandmother. And he's a grandfather.
And we still like each other. A lot.
And the fact that he's the grandfather of my grandson just makes me love him more.
That man.
He's back.
Owen and I are both mighty happy.

We'll be layin' 'round the shack 'til the mail train gets back.
Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms.

Sweet, complete.


  1. You have cookies, but you also have chickens!

    Say hi to dad for me. I'll see y'all on Sunday.

  2. Sweet, sweet. Bob and the baby, you and life.

  3. Oh, dear. My baby that used to run around in Osh-Kosh overalls and didn't make it to my hips in height was also born about a day ago. Now he is 15.5 and is taller than me by a foot. Driving. *big breath* How did it go by so fast?

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  4. DTG- And thank god for chickens!
    Bop says he loves you. So do I.

    Kathleen Scott- I can't even believe it.

    Birdie- Oh honey. Thanks for joining us here.

  5. sweet nectar, every word.
    i love you mary moon...and celebrate the love that circles round you night and day.

  6. Lovely, happy, genuine... and I feel your pain about the grandson and tools!

  7. This post made me smile big time and all happy. Love the cycle of love you write about.
    Last night I was reading to my baby (age 10) and he told me he would probably have 2 kids when he grew up and I asked if boys or girls and he said that you get what you get. Then I asked him if I can take care of them sometimes if he needed me to. That was too much for his brain, but here I am getting verklumpt over it.
    Thank you for the visions.

  8. rebecca- I celebrate YOU!

    Laura- And back at you, baby.

    Dianne- I shall just be the grandmother, changer of diapers which is not nearly as cool as changer of oil. Sigh.

    Michele R- It'll happen and you'll be think back on this and think, "Damn. She was right."

  9. oh sweet marymoon. you and glen make me grin. a lot. i feel like shayla and i will be just like you guys and that makes me happy. you are sure sitting fucking pretty right now, and i'm glad. wanna get together soon?

  10. Nothing like a sweet homecoming. I hope that Owen will know something about how to fix things and not be sitting around texting. He may be the one child of his generation that actually knows how to do something practical. That is a good thing.

  11. What a sweet post--your boyfriend's back. How cute that you feel that way.

    I think it's more important to like each other than to love each other. I really do. To have both is a damn JACKPOT.



  12. Homecomings are amazing....you love that boyfriend of yours ..time to make up all those days apart!

  13. Christina- Yeah, we're adorable. I admit it.

    daddy B- You and Shayla will be JUST LIKE THIS! Only maybe no chickens. I know how Shayla feels about chickens. Maybe you'll have miniature cows instead. Of course I want to get together soon! Love you so.

    Syd- Lord, I hope so.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Amen and hell yes!

    Ellen- I agree!

  14. Such a sweet post about saying good bye to the little boy and welcoming the big guy home. Wishing you and the mister much happiness. x0 N2

  15. Oh, Miz Moon...life is just so damn sweet sometimes it makes me cry.

    And that's the truth.

  16. Well I ain't your mother.
    - That's such a good line.

  17. My boyfriend just got back about ten minutes ago..
    but then he left again to go to soccer, but still.
    I love what you have.
    I love that you love what you have.

    I love what I have.

    peace to you always MaryMoon. Always.


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