Friday, April 22, 2011

What Am I? Chopped Liver? Yes. Yes I Am.

I just have to say that my grandson is the most easy-going child I have ever met. If he needs his diaper changed, I tell him and he heads toward the room where we change diapers.
We have lunch and I say, "Want a bottle and go lay down for a nap?" and he says, "Uh-huh."
So I'm out of milk and only have almond milk to give him. No problem.
He drinks his almond milk and we lay down and read some stories with Zeke and turn on the fan and I sing to him and he goes to sleep.
He wakes up, gets off the bed and hands me my glasses and it's time to get up.

But then...Bop-Bop gets home. And Mer-Mer is done. Mer-Mer is history. Mer-Mer is trash beneath his feet. Sort of.

They cleaned up the Cutlass.

Bop showed him how to wring out the rag.

They drove the Cutlass.

I swear to you. The kid knows how to drive. Seriously.

They drove the four-wheeler.

And me?
Yeah. Chopped liver. That single shoe abandoned on the side of the road. Yesterday's news.

I told you this would happen!

Oh well.

After Owen left, throwing kisses at us, Mr. Moon and I got in the Cutlass and took a drive.
It was heaven.

And I just feel so strange. I'm having lower-back pain, I'm still bleeding. And there's part of me that's like, "Oh. Yes. Here I am again."

And part of me that's like, "What the FUCKING FUCK?!"

Hell, y'all. I'm going to bed. In the last week I've been WAY up and then thought I was going insane and then I had a period and then I felt normal/fucking weird and I've had the best day ever with my grandson and here's what my husband says:

I don't want to be a woman.

Well guess what? You're not!

But I am.

And here's my grandson:

Yeah. See that dirty-boy face?
I have no idea what anything at all means but I am pretty sure that my grandson is one very good-looking guy and that he's going to break a heart or two.

Mine. Already. Broken, smashed, tromped on and I'm coming back for more.

What a confusing day.

Ibuprofen. Bed.


Who knows?

Not me. I don't know shit.

Maybe tomorrow I'll figure it all out.
But I doubt it.

Sweet dreams and yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Darling, Mary

    You know what they say, "Confusion is good for the soul."......oh,dear, no......I think maybe that was "Confession....."

    What the hell, a little of each couldn't hurt. Feel better!

    Love, Lo

  2. he is an angel of the highest order.

  3. Maybe you should try to have another baby to play with your grandson -- eek, just teasing.

  4. Big Funny Kid to this day can't eat grouper without talking about Mr. Moon.

    Its a guy thing.

  5. Oh, no no no. You have established a beautiful relationship with him. He comes to you for love, hugs, kisses, snuggles and stories. Grandmaws are for doling out the love. Grandmaws sing! That is very important.

  6. Ohhh, you know you love it. Those photos are beautiful and heartwarming. My son did that looking over his shoulder reversing face too, I was amazed. He steers his Tomy car round like a pro as well. Boys, they're such little men, it's amazing.

  7. Great images of Owen doing the guy stuff!

    wv: moomim--the sound of rumbling engines chez moon?

  8. Dearest Mary, my girlfriend says the same thing, she looks after their little boy all day doing all the work then her boyfriend comes home and comedy dad's in the house. She doesn't get a look in!

    Hope you feel better, being a woman's much tougher than being a man I'm sure.

    I love Mr Moon's car! And Owen is so gorgeous.

    Love you xx

  9. That is one good looking Cutlass. I'll bet you two turned some heads when you drove around town in that.

    And those boys together, such a beautiful sight!

    You know they both love you oodles and gobs.

    x0 N2

  10. how/when did he get to be such a little man? owen, i mean...not mr moon.

    and how is it just the 23rd of the month, and you have 61 posts? i'll never catch up...

  11. Lo- I think it should be "confusion." You are right!

    Maggie May- Would Ever like a boyfriend?

    Elizabeth- Perish the thought!
    Oh dear god, no.

    Omgrrrl- Does he still ask for a quarter for every bone?

    Birdie- I know it. It's true. He loves his Mer-Mer.

    Jo- I know! It's like they're born with this knowledge. This fascination with Big Toys that they can drive.

    A- Could very well be.

    Christina- Well, thank god that the men do come home and take the little ones for awhile. We can use the break! Love you, too. Come visit and we'll go for a drive in that car!

    N2- Yes. I am the one who fills their bellies with yummy food.

    adrienne- There is no catching up with me. It is all same-same but different days. Sort of. I love you!

  12. I think one of those kids of yours needs to have a baby girl right quick. That wouldn't be any trouble, would it ;)

  13. OH MY GOD THAT CUTLASS?????!!!!!!!

    If you get a chance let me know what's under the hood.

    And Lo cracked me up with confusion is good for the soul. Damn I love coming here.

  14. I cannot feel your pain but I am reading it. Bleeding is not fun. I have heard about it for a number of years. We just get ED. Not a fair trade I think.

  15. Bop isn't better, just different.
    It's really no surprise that Owen is driving already.

  16. Stephanie- I've done everything I can but give them stern orders.

    Madame King- I'll ask the Mister. Of course I don't know. An engine is under the hood. I love it when you come here, too.

    Mel's Way- Sigh.


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