Saturday, April 23, 2011

Luck and Love and Angel Biscuits

Ah-yah. What a day.

Well, it's not been bad. Okay. Part of it was. I talked to one of my brothers and he hung up on me. If I was a prayin' woman, I would pray for a softening of the heart for each of us.
I would pray for us to find out where our anger lies, for us to root it out, for us to be able to love each other the way I know we do. Somewhere. I know we do.

But besides that, it's been a good day. I weeded three rows of beans and it took me three hours. I mulched them. Mr. Moon went to an old car rally to raise money for a boy who has a horrible blood disease. He bought raffle tickets and as he always does, he won and won and won. One of the prizes- a TV- he gave to the family of the boy the fund-raiser was being held for. One of the prizes was a giant Easter basket and I'll take that tomorrow to Lily's brunch and egg hunt. One of the prizes was a manly-as-shit griller/barbecuer/smoker thing.
Mr. Moon is just damn lucky. He always gets FOB parking. He won me in love. What more need I say?

Jessie's here and we made angel biscuit dough together. Most to take tomorrow and a bit to roll out for tonight's left-overs feast. We'll have mustard shrimp and brown rice, venison meat loaf and green beans and potatoes and corn on the cob, and a salad. And biscuits. The table will be filled with food and hot sauces and salt and pepper and butter and ketchup and last year's blackberry jam.
We're all lucky.

You bet.

Bethany's gourd and cucumber seeds are coming up. So are the zinnias.

Tomorrow Owen will learn how to hunt colored eggs.
Tonight I am home with my husband and my daughter.

If you want my recipe for angel biscuits which I am sure I have posted over and over again, go HERE.
There's a recipe for fig preserves too.

If you have set your cap for someone and you want to seal the deal (and I say this every time, almost), make them these biscuits. If you have already sealed the deal and want to remind them of how much you love them, make these biscuits. If you are hungry and need comforting, make these biscuits. If the Queen is coming for tea, makes these biscuits.

Make these biscuits.

Serve with butter and something sweet. Honey is the purest form of that. Fruit preserves of any kind ain't bad.

Love on a plate.

The rest is up to you.


  1. hot sauce is my VERY favorite thing in the whole world. don't tell my kids. actually, scratch that. they alreadt know it and love me all the same.

    i hope pretty soon to be at the pont of sealing the deal and mking angel biscuits, but i'm not quite there yet. when i am, i'll come back for the recipe.

    until then, happy resurrection, renewal, and SPRING!!!!

  2. oh, please excuse those typos. i was too excited to be the first to comment!

  3. Adrienne- I remember the day you sent me an e-mail telling me that I had made your sister smile and that she needed a smile. And then I fell in love with the both of you.
    Lord, it's good to hear from you. Yes. It is. We ARE related. I know that.

  4. Hey me too! Me too!

    I love that pict of Elvis in the roses.

    I'm gonna make those angel biscuits real soon. For my kids. I bet they'll love them when they hear it's a recipe from ms. Moon

    You ladies save me. Every single day.


  5. I think I am going to have to ask my lovely wife to make me and Kyle some love on a plate. Sounds absolutely delicious. I love the new picture on top of your blog. I am not sure who that is - Elvis? - but it is way cool. Have a wonderful Easter and I appreciate you stopping by to say congrats. Take care, and I hope Owen has a good old time finding those eggs.

  6. I won't make my "pass the plate" joke.

    Instead I'll just say Happy Eostre!

    Have fun with that boy and all your babies tomorrow.

  7. Yum. I'm making your angel biscuits tomorrow.

    Love to you!

  8. Thank you for the recipes! I will get to them soon. I have the time nowadays, and if you say they are divine, they are.

  9. I have a tip! Whisking may be just as good as sifting. I learned that from a cupcake blogger extraordinaire, and it has saved me a lot of hassle and mess.

    Ms Moon, I dunno. It just occured to me reading your post, that old saw of how it's ok for you to talk shit about your own family, but not anyone else. Maybe your brother's angry because he can't help feeling it's his dad you're attacking, and there is some protective part of him there he needs to preserve - and also some connection to himself that makes it feel like a personal attack?

    I have difficulty listening to the way my sister expresses her issues with my mother, shall we say, even though I recognise the validity of them, and I know she has every right to claim her own relationship with her mother, but it still makes me feel irrationally protective and pissed off.

    I know there's so much more to it than that with your family, but maybe it's a part.

  10. Oh darling, I was thinking how I'm to cook birthday dinner for the Warlord this week (how am I smitten with a warlord?) and how I do want to seal the deal, and he wants me to as well though he thinks he's not so sure (because I had convinced him of that before I changed my mind).

    And then I looked at the recipe. Maybe I saw Crisco at a store somewhere here (which I haven't eaten in decades, and he would kill me if he knew I was feeding it to him, and jokes about killing aren't funny with a warlord in a post-conflict state, are they?), but I have definitely not seen self-rising flour and never at all any kind of buttermilk.

    So, I'll have to seal the deal another way. Sigh. Angel biscuits would have been nice. :)

  11. Michelle- I wish I could be making those biscuits for both of you and the kids, too. Ah, that would be so lovely. I hope you're having a good Ester Sunday. I do.

    Mr. Shife- Hey! And congratulations here too! Boy Shife will be getting a new best friend. Whether he knows it or not! Yes, that's Elvis. Isn't he handsome? I hope you get some of those biscuits.

    Ms. Fleur- Y'all too!

    Elizabeth- I hope they turn out well!
    Love you, dear.

    Andrew- They're mighty fine biscuits!

    Jo- Really, sifting isn't much of a bother to me and I do it so rarely but thanks for that tip.
    As to my brother- ah, lah- no child. It's not our father. He didn't know our real father at all and as for the step? Well, he doesn't like him much more than I do. No, it's all about the mama.

    NOLA- Well, you could substitute butter or margerine for the Crisco, you can add baking powder and salt to the flour and you can create buttermilk by adding a bit of vinegar to regular milk. So...they might not be the same but they might be just as good or better!

  12. Isn't it okay to pray even if you don't believe in the whole gory story? i think it's really just about sending good energy into the universe. rolling in the grass and the sunlight and all that.

    i hope there is a softening of the heart with your brother. family stuff is so darn hard, so tricky and unconscious and rooted deep.

    i love you, ms moon!

  13. Thanks for the recipe. Mr. Moon is very lucky!

  14. Angella- I have tried. It feels so false to me. Believe me though- I have tried over and over again. I love you too. I do.

    Syd- And fig preserves! Mr. Moon is lucky. And so am I.

  15. God bless, Mr. Moon.

    This touched my heart:
    One of the prizes- a TV- he gave to the family of the boy the fund-raiser was being held for.

    It sounds like something daddums would do. He always wins shit too. IT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE SO NICE TO OTHER PEOPLE. You tell Mr. Moon I said that, okay?

  16. God, I love Mr Moon! Isn't he wonderful?

    He is indeed lucky in a lot of ways, especially having you.

    Your leftovers feast sounds delicious as do your angel biscuits.

    I'm putting a chicken, leek and ham pie in the oven now, I'm starving after reading this!

    Love you Mary xx

  17. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I think you are right about Daddums and Mr. Moon. As always.

    Christina- Mr. Moon IS wonderful. I would love to try your chicken, leek and ham pie. Love it. Love you.


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