Thursday, April 14, 2011

NO. This Goes Beyond Tired

Oh, y'all. I am so tired I think I'm going to die. It was a beautiful thing when Lily and Jason got here and yet, I cried when they all left.

Mr. Moon cooked the steaks that Kathleen left us yesterday and I made sweet potato and whole wheat/flax bread and a salad and we ate and now...
I'm done.
Completely done.

Mr. Moon is right out the back porch now telling the dogs to "Pee!" and yet, Pearl will not do it and her night-time-in-the-house-pee smells so bad. It's gone from Men's Room at the Texaco Station to Nursing-Home-Smell.

Is it time to let her go? I'll be discussing this tomorrow. Maybe. Who knows? I can't even remember who I am when I'm not Grandmother or what in hell I talk about here.

Tomorrow I'll remember. Maybe.

God, I hope so. I miss you all so much.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Tomorrow is a new day, a new ms. moon :)

  2. get some rest- i know how hard the decision to help a pet to their peace can be.


  3. Even when you're flyin' on wing you make me smile, Ms. Moon. Night night.

  4. Sleep deep and full.
    You deserve it.
    Gosh the description of Pearl's pee smell, you're so tired yet still so creativly funny. That sucks though. In terms of letting her go, that's your call of course. As long as she still eating and not suffering I'd let her live out her life. I mean you just bought all that food!
    Is there a way to keep her in a laundry room or something with pee pads down to lessen the stink and mess? Sorry Ms Moon. You're taking such good care of your old girl. I know it must be exhausting.

  5. Since our pee-in-the-house Pearl has passed on, I still catch a lingering pee whiff now and then and I miss her.

  6. Nursing home! Very funny, but not great for you. Don't think about it now, as long as she's happy and still getting about.

    Get some sleep, you deserve after all that child minding. Much love to you xx

  7. Rest well Ms. Moon.

    As for Pearl, you'll know when it's time.

  8. As I type this, I'm thinking, imagining you dreaming good, quiet dreams.

  9. It's so hard to bring the end to a friendship that has treated you well. You have to do what is best for you. If she pees in one spot, you could buy those pee pads from the pet store.

  10. I hope your ass (and the rest of you) feels better today.

    If PEARL! goes, it will give me THE SADS.

  11. She may need some hydration. I hope Pearl is still around. Enjoy your rest. It has been a super tiring week for me.


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