Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Of A Different Sort

Aw, it's such a nice morning here in Lloyd.
And one of the nicest things is that I AM NOT COOKING A FEAST!
No, Lily's at home probably wondering why in hell she decided to throw this brunch with food everywhere and dyed eggs and a boy clamoring for his meal-meal.
And I'm just wandering around, taking pictures and talking to Jessie and being all happy and shit.

Here's last night's biscuits:

My chickens:

I do love my chickens.

My giant begonia is blooming. For some reason this just makes me crazy-happy. I started out with one leaf I rooted in a pot. It took about four months. Now I have three pots full of giant begonias. Best rooting I ever did.

Squash, beans, tomatoes, and tiny baby greens.

Tiny emerald cherry tomatoes, turning with precise chemical and magical processes into sweet rubies.

Oak and tung trees, Spanish moss and confederate jasmine. Sunlight and shadow. Yes, you have seen this before. You'll see it again.

My baby, waking up.

Easter sillies for a monkey boy. Who is probably eating his meal-meal right now.

A few minutes ago Mr. Moon got up out of his man-cave (he's been up for hours) and said, "Time to go see Owen!"

"Not yet," I said.

"Darn," he said, and went back to the man-cave.

I'm going to go roll out biscuits.

But I have to tell you, there is a part of me that's going to miss having Easter here. Not that part that cooks and cleans up. But the part that rejoices in having all my baybees on the porch, dying eggs and then eating lots of tasty food together right here in Lloyd Heaven.
For last year's pictures and post (and to remember what Owen looked like a year ago- oh my god!), go HERE.

Now those are some pretty pictures of pretty people.

Well, it's all sweet and today will be a new kind of fun.

It always is.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Love the photos, love Owen's "basket", love how Lily is hosting the meal. It is going to be a really special day for y'all!
    --Michele R.

  2. my darling,
    i have been away, even from my self. i am choosing, scrambling, trying to resurface on this bright flame of resurrection.
    choosing to turn away from the darkness and simply face the light.
    surely i have been missing yours.

  3. Sounds like a recipe for joy all up in there.
    Yes, it does.

  4. I'm going out right now to buy self-rising flour for the biscuits -- and then on to the nursery for tomato plants.

    I love you and wish you a happy Easter!

  5. Buona Pasqua , Ms. Moon.
    (getting in the zone for family)

    and you know I'll pray for softening of the hearts.

  6. Michele R- It was a lovely gathering. Perfect!

    rebecca- I can always feel your light. Always.
    Should I be worried, Love?

    Lisa- Pretty joyful. I have to agree. Now if we only had a bulldog licking a baby bunny....

    Deb- And to you, my sweet! Thank-you.

  7. Now you get a chance to be spoiled. That is a good thing.

  8. Syd- I wore my great grandmother's pearls! It was wonderful.

  9. Dearest Mary, yes, your turn to be looked after!

    Ahhh! Wasn't Owen tiny a year ago! What a lovely day you all had. I wish I had a porch like yours, it's so beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed yourself. You know I read your blog backwards! xx

  10. Christina- Blogs ARE backwards. How did Owen get so big in a year? I can't believe it. How big is he going to be NEXT year? I do love my porches but they are funky.

  11. I so enjoy looking at your photos of your family. Such love there.


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