Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Dream Come True

Mr. Moon's sister was going to throw out some plastic-wicker glider chairs because the "wicker" was coming unwrapped. Mr. Moon said, "I think Mary would like those," and he brought them home and oh boy, was he right!

We set the chairs up where we could watch the sprinkler and the chickens getting ready for bed and the cat trying to psychically herd the chickens into their roost so she could get fed.

It looked like this:

We watched Elvis have before-bed sex about four times and we talked and caught up and we coaxed the feral cat to come and let us pat her head and it was just pure goodness. Here in Lloyd. And the air?
Perfumed like heaven.
I can't even describe the way the jasmine spreads its scent.

"This is not a bad place to live," Mr. Moon said, sipping his martini.

He's right.

And then we came in when the mosquitoes got to biting and I heated up the chicken and dumplings and settled a few more dumplings into the simmering gravy and made a salad and now Mr. Moon is eating brownies that I made and I think he knows I'm glad he's back.

Ah-lah, y'all. What more is there to say?


  1. Sounds amazing. Wish I was there.

  2. Dearest Mary, the chairs are lovely. I love you sitting there watching your animals sipping martini! How fabulous! xx

  3. You know what song popped into my head reading and looking at your blog? Heaven, I'm in Heaven...
    Looks like Heaven on Earth to me.
    Those wicker seats work perfectly there for viewing the happenings in the yard and an evening martini.
    Thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling. The heavens have cut all hell loose here today, the storms are mindboggling. Can't wait for sunshine and martinis in my own yard.


  4. Ah, jasmine. One of the only things that keeps me living in the insanity that us Los Angeles is the amazing smells of nigh-blooming jasmine and orange blossoms that drift in the windows in the evening. Makes you forget the gangs and the traffic.

  5. Elvis's "My Wish Came True" (written, I just learned, by Ivory Joe Hunter, known as "the Happiest Man Alive") was the song that popped into my head.

    Lucky ol' family Moon! Y'all know how to do it.

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  7. "We watched Elvis have before-bed sex about four times"... Thank god he has more than one wife or she may peck him to death. I know I would. I wonder who he was in his previous life to have it so good? Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  8. Mr. Moon was right about the furniture, it fits perfectly.

    It's snowing here tonight (can you believe this BS!) and I would so much rather be sitting there in your yard. Could I have a margarita instead?

  9. Not much more to say Ms Moon. You've said it all: it looks and smells and feels fantastic.

    And I've said it before - what a life.

  10. Someone was throwing out a wicker settee at the marina with all the cushions--amazing what people just throw out--so I brought it home. It is great. Nothing like real wicker. Sounds like a great evening. What could be better than wicker, your love, screwing chickens, a martini, and jasmine scent?

  11. Dumplings and brownies do show love, as does bringing home wicker chairs. I love to read about the two of you!

  12. Glad Mr. M is home safe and sound. The chairs are great!

    Love you.

  13. Sounds like the right ingredients: comfy wicker to sit upon, enjoying life by relaxing together, fixing some comfort food of chicken n' dumplings as well as brownies...yep I would say having your man home with all that sounds just like heaven.

  14. Rebecca- We need more chairs!

    Christina- Well, if we can't sit by the Caribbean, it's nice to have chickens and sprinklers.

    Mel- I wish we could get a little bit of your rain. Just enough for a good soaking.

    gretchen- Orange blossoms...ah. I used to live in Central Florida and I do miss that smell.
    Sorry about the traffic and gangs!

    Terena- Pretty darn close. Until the mosquitoes come out.

    x-ray Iris- Work hard, play hard. Works for us.

    Birdie- The problem is, that out of the five hens, only three get his manly attentions regularly. They look worn out.

    Mel's Way- Of course!

    Elisabeth- I know. It's like I made it up. Except for the dog poop.

    Syd- Not much in my book!

    Lora- I love writing about us, too.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Come and see!

    Ellen- My version of it, anyway.

  15. I must try a martini sometime. Never had one.

  16. Mwa- Maybe it's best not to. Who needs one more way to enjoy alcohol?

  17. That grey cat is the spittin' image of my beloved POPO...

    I'm starting to think we may be doppelgangers...

  18. @Ms Moon - Me!!! Besides, I need a new way to enjoy alcohol right now because I'm finally shedding the baby weight and am staying away from the gin and tonics. (Slimline tonic is SO not for me.)

  19. We have jasmine in our tiny backyard, and I just love how it smells each evening.


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