Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Day

Oh my. It's been SUCH a good day. Such a very full day. From the moment we got up and I washed my face with Dr. Bronner's and said, "Owen, smell my face," and he did and said, "Nie!" to right now, when he is asleep in his bed in our room with the stars and moon shining over the ceiling above him. A few weeks ago I bought Owen a ladybug nightlight that has holes punched in her shell which, when the light in it is turned on, project stars and a moon on the ceiling. I got the same sort of thing a long time ago for my nephew and niece, only they were turtles, and I swear, they are just enchanting.
I sort of want one myself. You can get them at Target.
Damn Target. I hate to love them so much.

I don't know. I could list all the things we did and all the sweet things that happened today but really- it's too much and I'm tired and so what?
I learned a lot about my grandson. I will tell you that. Waylon came over to play and I watched them together and I saw Owen share his toys and run to give Waylon his juice when he was scared because of the dogs barking and I had so many sweet things to see, to have happen to me, to think about.

It was just pure happiness to have Billy and Waylon here. To watch Billy be the sort of daddy I knew he would be.

To see Waylon growing up. He's so smart and he's so full of life and joy.

Here he is, discovering the joys of kicking bamboo. He immediately started attacking his daddy with it, just like a jousting knight.

Here are the boys having a snack of string cheese, peanut butter crackers, grapes and tomatoes. Very yummy indeed.

It took awhile for them to feel comfortable playing together, but it happened and here they are on the back porch, Owen on his toy cell phone, Waylon with the dust mop. It turns out that Waylon likes to clean too.

And here they are, high-fiving:

Really. That's what they were doing.

By the time Billy and Waylon left, Waylon had kissed me and Owen, and Owen had kissed Waylon and Billy, and everyone had kissed Pearl.

And shared cookies with her.

It was a good day for Pearl.

I've finally realized that the thing which makes her happiest right now is canned dog food. So we bought a case of the stuff and she's getting a can in the morning and a can at night.
She'll never die now. Ever. She has fifteen and a half years of not getting canned dog food to make up for.

Let's see how many cases we end up buying before she trips on that Rainbow To Jesus.

Anyway, that's the short story. Throw in a heavenly nap with the boy, Kathleen dropping off cherry tomatoes for Owen and steaks for his grandparents because Mr. Moon helped her with a dead battery today and watching Owen and Bop in the boat together, Owen pretending to steer, and oh, I don't know...tuna casserole and Owen asking for Bop to come help him get to bed and singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow to him and giving him a bath and watching him be happy in this world and well, it's just been a grand, grand day.

I've had other things on my mind, too, but hopeful things. Good things.
And now it's time to go to bed and I know that at some point Owen will wake up and I'll bring him into bed with me and Mr. Moon and we'll all snuggle up and Owen will say, "Zeke?" and yes, Zeke will be there too.

Lily and Jason are having a wonderful time and they'll be home tomorrow. Owen will be so glad to see them but he's been happy. Whenever they've called, he's barely had time to shout, "A-lah!" at them on the phone before he was off doing something else.

Yes. A good day.

And off in the distance the Chuck-Widow's-Will is chipping his night-song which takes me straight back to my childhood in Roseland and a baby boy is sleeping in my bedroom and it's cool and the chickens are asleep on the roost and the dishes are washed and the coffee is set and if this is a dream, don't wake up me up.

At least until morning when it's time to wash my face with Dr. Bronner's and my grandson will be there, cheerful and bright and shining in his morning glory and I'll offer my face to him and he'll smell of it and say, "Nie!"

And it will all continue, this cycle of everything and still, even with the morning sun shining, it will all be a dream I've never known I had.

Night-Night, y'all.
Sweetest dreams to you, too.

So much love...Ms. Moon


  1. The boys are so stinkin' cute ~

    Glad your day was good~

  2. Those boys are too cute. So glad you are having the time of your lives together.
    .. a dream I've never known I had.
    I don't know why that line gave me a lump in my throat, but it did.
    Such happiness in the little things, yes? And I'm smiling for dear old Pearl, loving her canned food and hanging in like she is.
    Amen to all of it.


  3. Those boys look like they had a blast! I always wonder about the conversation those kids are having in their own kid language.

  4. Oh I love this ramble and the photos. I am a little maudlin in my missing of small boys underfoot. Guess I need to find some. The one with Waylon and the mop and Owen on his phone made me laugh out loud. Dang. So darn cute.

    And "this cycle of everything" does continue, just keeps rolling along and around. Thank you, Goddess.

  5. and you didn't even mention all the hen business that was going on on the front has been a lovely day and i hope that these boys are the best friends ever. lord knows they've got the being cute together part down pat.

  6. Seeing the kindness of children--especially to each other--never fails to leave me misty.

    And there is nothing better than a cherry tomato.

  7. Thanks for sharing your Very Good G'maw Day with us, Mary. I am hoping to have more of these in my life in the future. For now, I'm making do with smiles from yours. So glad the boy settled in with you and that Lily is have a good getaway. x0 N2

  8. What a perfect day! Thanks for the PEARL! update. She will live forever with cookies and canned dog food.

    Love you!


  9. A glory-filled day ~ hope today is just as good!

  10. I love a day of yes and joy and high fives!

  11. Wow, I really enjoyed this, watching those boys warm up to each other and play. The funnies thing is the way Owen is talking on the cell phone, it's so modern, that's how people talk on smart phones, using speaker, not holding it to their ear. 5 years ago you'd never see a kid pretending to talk on the phone by holding it that way.
    Thanks for sharing all these delights.

  12. Dearest Mary, I'm so glad you've had a good day. The boys are gorgeous. Can you send Waylon round here to do some cleaning please? I pay good rates. My lady is in Poland. I'm going to have to get the vacuum out tomorrow at this rate.

    Pearl must be loving her new diet! Love you xx

  13. Nice for Owen to share with his friend Waylon.


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