Monday, April 18, 2011

A Review!

Freddy's film, As I Am, which is posted here got a review from Associated Content of Yahoo, whatever that is, and oooh...I'm so happy.

Not only does it refer to Freddy as "Florida wunderkind Fred Rabbath", but it also has some nice things to say about me. And oh yeah, all the other actors. And the music.
Dang. I think the woman liked it.

Go here for the link. If you want to. It's short.

Wow. A review.


  1. Bravo! What a great review. I thought you said so much with your eyes too! Hope you make many more movies with the Florida Wunderkind!

  2. Woohoo -- very nice.

    (and as an aside -- Elvis is one fine lookin' rooster.)

  3. Wow, and they spelled your name correctly! I'm telling you - Hollywood wants you!
    Speaking of roosters - I like the way Elvis' red thing at the top of his head, what's it called? You sure can tell I'm a city girl - matches the flowers behind him.

  4. Mel- Oh, I hope I get to as well. I do like working with that wunderkind.

    Stephanie- Elvis knows he's good looking, too.

    Lucy- Hollywood? Hell, I can barely manage to get my ass to Tallahassee. But thanks.
    That would be Elvis's comb. That's what that thing on top of his head is. A comb. Like a "coxcomb."

  5. On my way to read the review. ~

  6. How joyous, Ms Moon to receive a 'rave' review. You and your friend Rabbath deserve it. I enjoy his films immensely and your wonderful acting, not that I've seen much of it, goes without saying.

  7. Well done! I love seeing you. Hope you do more. Love you xx

  8. "beautiful and grounding" -- that's you!


  9. Rebecca- That's nice. Thank-you.

    Elisabeth- It's so odd. I never thought I'd be doing anything like that at this point in my life.

    Christina- I hope I do more too! Love you, you pretty woman.

    Elizabeth- I wonder exactly what "grounding" means. Does it have anything to do with hamburger? I hope not.

  10. Good for Freddie and for you. A good review is not easy to get.

  11. Syd- Freddy is a genius with that camera.

  12. Congratulations! What a great thing for the reviewer to say. You were singled out, babe. Wowsa.

    Love you.


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