Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yes. I Am Too Prolific. Do Not Bother To Read

So I thought I'd lost a book I started writing about three years ago. A memoir with recipes and I was so low that I just thought, "Oh fucking well," and then all of a sudden, Owen was in my office for real and his daddy, too."
"Owen!" I said, "What are you doing here?"
But I knew. Owen's mama has bad tooth pain. Turns out that Lily's root canal didn't take and she's in worse pain than ever. Between me and the neighbors we had drugs to help her and Jason had come out to get them so that she can be at least somewhat comforted before she can get to the dentist and Owen had led his papa right to where I was, even though he hardly ever sees me in my office.

I was so delighted to see those boys and so happy that I had something to offer my daughter in the way of medication to help her and Owen was ready to go about all of his business here, from book-reading to chicken-feeding to egg-searching-for. Poor thing. We had to put him off and set him back in his car seat to go take Mama the drugs and he cried bitterly and then I found my document and started writing on it and added a few pages, a few recipes and then Jessie and Mr. Moon came home.

They still love me. And they had a grand time.

Jessie left to go home and do school work and Mr. Moon helped me work out some ya-ya's and then we did a walk-around.

Dogs and chickens. My life. Shitfire.
Goats playing and turkey prancing next door.

Mr. Moon gave his turkey call and Mr. Peep got all excited. This turkey has looked to be on the brink of death for seven years. How long do turkeys live? Are they like parrots? Can they live to be a hundred? I have no idea. But "Peep" is definitely one of Owen's words.

I told you I did a good job of planting those potatoes.

Oak leaf hydrangea in the setting sun.

Luna. Alive and well and batshit crazy.

Phew. Tomorrow's Monday. You have no idea how happy I am about that. Owen will be back and we'll do all the things we didn't get to do today. Read books, feed critters, kick bamboo, hug Pearl.

I'm about back to normal.
I'm thinking that I might make it.

I hope Lily does too. I hope she gets an appointment with that damn dentist because she's about to go off with her husband to celebrate her anniversary and she deserves not to be in pain.
One time Mr. Moon and I went on a premarital honeymoon to the Bahamas and he was in dental pain the entire time. It sucked.

If you have pain in your mouth, there is no way to ignore it. Or in your head, either.

Get those teeth fixed. Get those ya-ya's out.

Write a few pages. Go heat up some leftovers.

We may have survived another Sunday. I thought we would.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I was thinking what SJ said.
    Those last lines about surviving another Sunday. Yeah, barely, here. But yes, I suppose we did.

  2. SJ- Happy Almost Birthday, darling. I love you, too.

    Bethany- Sundays. We struggle. We persevere. Right now I can hear the Chuck-Widow's Will in the far distance. It gives me reason to keep on. I hope for you, too.

  3. Your potatoes look great. Glad that your Sunday was good walking around the homestead.

  4. Hmmm. How long DO turkeys live?

    "Luna. Alive and well and batsh%@ crazy."

    Spit out the coffee. Again.

  5. Happy to see Luna is still alive.
    Loved the goats and Mr. Peep too. How long does a turkey live? I looked it up and the average is 2-3 years but some have lived 10-15 years. I think he could kick over anytime now.

    Hoping Lily finds some relief tonight and they can get her fixed tomorrow. Sometimes things can just flare up and be treated with antibiotics. Toothaches can drive a person mad.

  6. I have no idea what getting your ya-yas out means.

    Why is it toothache seems to want to come on holiday all the time? They always flare up at such bad times. Sorry for Lily, that sounds hellish.

  7. Yes for Ya Ya's! So glad the dark moments of your Sunday bloomed into Owen and family time, the recognition of your creative powers (in garden and story) and love. x0 N2

  8. teeth....trouble coming in, trouble going'd have thought the designer could have ironed out that fault before manufacture....!!

  9. I hope Lily is okay. Poor dear. Tooth pain sucks ass.

    Luna is very pretty.



  10. I love how prolific you are. I live out my fantasy farmstead life vicariously through you, and this requires regular chicken shots. Love that I can come visit often, and odds are good you'll have fresh new words/observations/pictures for my delectation.

  11. Oh, I read them all. Little literary life filled gifts in my day. I often fail to comment, as you spawn so many thoughts in my head I'm struck mute. But I'm here, sharing it all with you, marveling at everything, so glad you survived another Sunday, glad you write it all out to make sense of it and help us make sense of things in the process.
    Thanks for all the pictures and the love and the magic this week.

  12. Syd- I'm proud of those potatoes. Now if the ants just don't get 'em. We've got SO many ants this year.

    gradydoctor- I'm going to have to send you some coffee.

    Mel's Way- Lily started some "borrowed" amox yesterday and felt much better this morning. HUGE relief. She said that was the worst pain she'd ever had. She's at the dentist right now.

    Jo- Getting your ya-ya's out? It just means...doing whatever it takes to unkink your tail. Did that help?

    N2- It evolved okay. It sure did.

    Young At Heart- Yeah. Intelligent Design as a theory has a lot of holes in it.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Thanks, darling. I think Lily will live. She said she wondered if she could pull her own tooth- that's how bad it hurt. Luna is FAT! She's the fattest feral cat in the world.

    Amna- Well, that's the truth.

    Mel- Those words were a GIFT to me. Thanks.

  13. Dear Mary, you've reminded me I must book the dentist tomorrow. I have finally mowed the lawn, but now the rest of the garden looks shit so I have to deal with it!

    I love seeing your animals. I will go to Hackney City Farm on my way to the bank today to pat a few things. Much love to you xx

    PS. Love the jumping goat pic


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