Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Issues of Stomach and Electricity

What a night! I woke up around three with what I soon realized was an urgent call to the bathroom.
And no, it was not my delicious supper. This is going around.
Anyway, the storm hit right about then, the outer, real one, and there was great flashes of lightening and thunder and rain and wind outside and there I sat, half asleep, waiting for it all to pass (sorry, but we've all had the stomach bug before, right?) and just as I was getting back to sleep, the electricity went out and has been out all day until just now.
I got up with more tummy problems, aches, chills, and had to call Lily and tell her I couldn't take my boy today and oh, that was so hard. But- first time in over a year and that's not so bad. She worked things out with Mean Aunt Jessie and I'm sure they're having a beautiful day.

I went back to bed for awhile and flew in and out of consciousness, unconsciousness and all areas in-between- LOVELY! and got up again, had some soup and crackers and shared them with Pearl, took some aspirin and went outside for a little very...slow...weeding.

I came back in the house to find the lights on, electricity restored, and thus, normality shall resume.
And here I sit, not moving forward as I was, and the stiller I am, the even-more-still I want to be. As in- asleep again.

I may head that way.

The world is storm-washed and brilliant with life, the air is crisper again and cooler. The cucumbers and squash are up, the potato-rows filled in completely. The chickens are laying in the fern. I watched Elvis run like a demon to check on one of the hens who had probably just laid an egg and was cackling on the porch. What a rooster! What a husband! What a MAN!
I love Elvis. I love my hens.

I think I'm sort of half-woozy. Like in the drunken I-love-everybody sort of way.
It's not a bad place to be.

And if I have one piece of advice to offer today it would be this- do not eat jalapenos in mass quantity right before you come down the stomach flu. It's just a very, very bad idea.

Faithfully and Truly Yours...Ms. Moon


  1. Jalapenos? You poor thing.

    Get well quickly. Rest if you need to. I love you.

  2. oh no jalapenos! take care of your tummy mary moon. xo

  3. We woozily love you, too!
    I was just writing about this sort of ailment the other day and it was not fun, even from the distance of 20 years =o[.
    Feel better!
    x0 N2

  4. Love the image of Elvis running like a demon. So sorry you are sick. Tummy stuff is awful. Get your rest.

  5. Sympathies! Suddenly your yummy picture below looks a bit less yummy. Hope you're over it now.
    That Elvis is a very fine rooster.

  6. oh dear, please feel better fast, poor thing.
    Have a told you yet how much I love your writing?

  7. Oh youch, hope you are feeling better!

    Sarah xxx

  8. this too shall pass



    get some rest


  9. feel better, dear mary. sleep a bit. i'm kind of woozy over here too. we can keep each other company.

  10. Be well, be fine, rest; I wish you peaceful dreams. I'm sure you're processing a lot more than Mexican food...

    wv: curoa. Must be a special dish for convalescing.

  11. Dear Mary, hope you're feeling better. How lovely to have some great sleep. Thinking of you xx

  12. Ouch--it hurts just to think about stomach flu and jalapenos. Just hum along to Ring of Fire and all will be okay.

  13. Ouch on the jalapenos.

    (Giggle on the Ring of Fire though - that was funny.)


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